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Airpower P3

$179.00 * CLEARANCE! $204.00 * (12.25% Saved)

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AIRPOWER P3 HAIX Secura Liner: Footwear inner liner which will never pull out or... more
Product information "Airpower P3"
Waterproof Yes
Product type Factory firsts, Clearance
Fastener Lace-up
Upper material Leather/textile
Inner liner CROSSTECH
Leg height in inches 9 inches
Safety toe No safety toe
Color Black


HAIX Secura Liner:
Footwear inner liner which will never pull out or wrinkle up over time; lining is firmly secured and sealed along with the upper leather beneath the sole. GORE-TEX footwear, 3 layers with inner Cambrelle lining, abrasion resistant, softly padded with breathable foam.

HAIX Sun Reflect Leather:
Reduces the heating effect of the upper leather by direct sunlight. Sunlight is reflected by the leather, keeping the leather and the feet cooler.

HAIX Climate System:
Permits air circulation with every step – moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot.

HAIX AS System:
Supports the arch of the foot in its natural, ideal position

Upper Material:
A combination of soft and supple waterproof leather, hydrophobic, breathable, and nylon fabric

Moisture Barrier:
GORE-TEX XCR footwear waterproof, breathable, bacteria and chemical resistant

Rubber compound outsole with PU wedge which is fuel, oil, and skid resistant, with a non-marking, self-cleaning, antistatic tread. Excellent insulation against heat and cold.

Anatomically formed, quick change, machine washable insert with excellent moisture absorption and quick drying qualities.

Anatomically formed TEXON (fleece) absorbs moisture and supports ankle

Anatomically formed and softly padded tongue, extremely lightweight, high quality quick lacing eyelets, highly breathable nylon fabric, and reinforcement in the toe and heel area.

HAIX® offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details

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Customer reviews for "Airpower P3"
11 Dec 2016

Best boot Ive owned

Ive been an officer for 13 years and work in a very rugged area where I am exposed to varying environments. I am still wearing the P3s after 5 years. Although they are still very functional, I am thinking about ordering a new pair. I absolutely love the comfort, the light weight and most importantly the hook lacing system. I was considering trying a new style of Haix but I don't think there are any others that have the hook lacing system. The soles on these boots still have plenty of life left, where others have worn out in half the time. I am glad I gave Haix a try. I am very hard on my boots and am very pleased with how long they have held up. I promote Haix every chance I get when a colleague is considering a new boot.

Admin 12 Dec 2016


We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.  We are so happy to hear that the Airpower P3 boots have served you well over the past five years and we hope to continue to serve your needs in the future.  Thank you for your loyalty and recommendations to others!

1 Jul 2016

Great Boots

These boots are awesome. I won my P6's in a raffle in 2008. Started wearing them in 2009 on the streets and still wearing them today!!
Going order a pair of P3's now and get my 6's resoled!!

8 Oct 2015

Most Comfortable Boots

These have proven to be my favorite boots; loooonnng hours on my feet ,lots of dynamic use and still super comfortable.

Had a sole failure and Haix replaced them, unfortunately they no longer had my size in the P3 and went with a different boot...not the same level of comfort.

Really wish the continued this model, they were perfect for me.

22 Mar 2015

Best Tac Boot EVER

I was a Danner boot disciple for years about 8 years. Most Police Officers are. Once I was accepted to our SWAT team I did the traditional "buy Oakley Standard Issue tac boots in black and tan" move and prepared to buy boots once a year for the rest of my SWAT career. We know Danner boots are great patrol boots but they are way to heavy for the constant movement required on a tac team. We also know the Oakley boots are really comfortable stay cool...and tend to last like they are made out of paper.

And then I found my P6s. (Yes...this boot is the P3 but the P6 is quite similar)

Imagine combining the gore-tex "waterproofness" and Danner-like durability with the lightness and comfort of the Oakley SI Assault boots.

I have worn these things on 20 hour call outs, 10 hour range days in the pouring rain, ran o-courses and competitions in them....and not once have I had a sore, wet or blistered foot. They are incredible boots. AND YOU CAN RESOLE THE P6 BOOTS!

They are the only brand of boot I will every buy.

2 Mar 2015

Getting another pair

I work in Law Enforcement in the desert and these boots are awesome! I do a lot of desert walking and mountain climbing and these boots have stood up to the test!
Great ventilation and comfort! I highly recommend these boots if you work in an arid climate and do a lot of walking/climbing/and spurts of running.
I'm getting another pair! Thank you for producing an excellent boot!

23 Sep 2014


These boots are awesome! The fit and finish is excellent as is the comfort. These boots fit just right around my feet and are very supportive. I plan to take good care of them so they will last. I really will not be considering another brand of boot to purchase, they are that good! HAIX from now on!!!! Great boot for everyday LE work.

18 Jul 2014

Best LE boots!

29 Apr 2014

Love these Boots!!

These are the best more comfortable pair of boots I have been able to find that seem to last. I am going to order another pair. I am glad I found this company at Police Week!!

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