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HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 10 High

Athletic styling and comfort with waterproof protection

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    Sold "as-is". Not eligible for manufacturer's warranty.

Versatile Lightweight Shoes for On and Off Duty Use The Black Eagle® Athletic 10 High is the... more
Product information "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 10 High"
Boot height in inches 8.3 inches
Color Black
Fastener 2 zone lacing
Gender Male
Inner liner GORE-TEX®
Primary use Law enforcement
Product type Clearance, Factory firsts
Safety toe No safety toe
Sole BLACK EAGLE® 01 Sole
Upper material Microfiber/textile
Waterproof Yes

Versatile Lightweight Shoes for On and Off Duty Use

The Black Eagle® Athletic 10 High is the perfect lightweight boot that can be worn whether you are on duty or not. Our HAIX men's waterproof tactical boots combine the best running shoe technology with state-of-the-art functionality making it the ideal footwear to wear indoors or outdoors. Once you put them on, you’ll notice all the unique features that these HAIX Black Eagle Athletic boots offer. Anyone who works in an extremely active job, requiring hours on your feet will appreciate the difference.

Light Microfiber Material and HAIX® Climate System

The HAIX® Climate System built in the Black Eagle® Athletic 10 High ensures that your feet are kept at a comfortable temperature at all times with an air circulation process that allows your feet to stay warm under cold conditions and cool under hot conditions. The light microfiber upper material just adds more to the comfort. With the two combined, it makes for the perfect black athletic boots that can be worn anywhere without any worry of it dragging you down.

Shock Absorbent Heel with Pronation and Supination Support

One thing that makes the HAIX Black Eagle® Athletic 10 High so comfortable is its pronation and supination support.  The pronation and supination support work hand in hand to prevent the arch from collapsing inward and ensures an even distribution of weight in your foot thereby helping to protect you from a possible foot injury. The cushioned shock absorbent heel along with the strong spring-back material incorporated into the forefoot area allows for the most efficient use of energy. These men's tactical boots are waterproof and the additional built in stone shield protects your feet from feeling every rock or stone underfoot.

Waterproof GORE-TEX® and 2-Zone Lacing System

You never know what you’ll be needed to do, or under what conditions, when outside on the job The GORE-TEX® laminate could really come in handy since it’s what makes the boots waterproof. And should it get wet on the outside, you don’t have to worry, because with GORETEX®, you’re protected. And you don’t have to worry about the inside of your men's waterproof tactical boots, since the cushiony, moisture-absorbent insole with AIRFLOW channels ensure that your feet are always feeling dry. The 2-Zone lacing allows you to adjust your laces so that it fits snugly to your personal taste. You can adjust the lacing for more support in the ankle, and looser through the forefoot, or tighter in the forefoot with a little more give in the ankle area. Because when you’re working, time counts and the last thing you want to think about are your laces.

Anti-Slip Soles and Comfortable Insoles

The Black Eagle® Athletic 10 High has multi-directional anti-slip soles which lets you run or walk with ease without the worry of slipping. So whether you need to start, stop, and turn quickly, you’ll never slip thanks to this feature. The rubber sole is resistant to oil and gasoline and does not mark up your floor. The tough exterior of this boot is complemented by its comfortable insole which provides the best cushion so your feet don’t hurt even after standing for long periods during the day.

Ankle Shield and Metal Free

The ankle protective side pads ensure that your ankles are protected from shocks and blows. It’s always good to stay protected since your ankle area is the most vulnerable to impact injuries. The HAIX Black Eagle® Athletic 10 High is also metal free. So you don’t have the extra hassle when working around metal detectors or other electromagnetic equipment. Try these men's waterproof tactical boots on, we think you will be happy you did.

  • Athletic work shoes also available in low
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • Waterproof/breathable with GORETEX® Extended
  • Stone shield prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot
  • Cushiony, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial insole with “AIRFLOW” channels
  • Pronation support to prevent arch collapsing inward
  • Supination support with spring back energy return
  • Asymmetrical TPU for stabilizing the heel
  • Cushioning in the heel area for shock absorption
  • Ankle side pads for additional ankle protection from shocks and blows.
  • Metal-free
  • Durable anti-slip sole resistant to oil and gasoline, non-marking
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Our comment on "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 10 High"
IMPORTANT NOTE: This style has been discontinued and is sold "as is" with no manufacturer warranty under any circumstances.
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Customer reviews for "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 10 High"
8 May 2018

Awesome boot. Why discontinue?

Theses boots are amazing. I've ordered 3 pair of them so far. Only because I work so much I wear them out. One pair will last me about a year. The only problem I have had is the shoestrings have broken on every pair so far. But that's a cheap fix. LOVE these boots and wish you would keep them!!!!!

18 Dec 2017

Great buy!!

Absolutely worth every penny!! Very comfortable boots, feet stayed dry in water and no foot fatigue after more than 12 hours in this boot. Looking forward to seeing how they perform in cold weather on an atv. Will follow up this review afterwards.

Admin 19 Dec 2017


Thank you so much for your glowing review of the Black Eagle Athletic 10 High. We are glad that these boots are comfortable even after long hours on your feet and that the waterproof capabilities are holding up. Please follow up with us to let us know if they are still serving you well in the cold. Stay safe out there!

1 Aug 2017

Good Athletic Boot

Solid athletic boot that is comfortable and waterproof. wish it had the safety toe and was all black.

Admin 1 Aug 2017

Hi Jake,

We appreciate your feedback on the Black Eagle Athletic 10 High.  We are pleased that you find this to be a solid athletic boot that is waterproof and comfortable.  This boot is actually on Clearance and will be discontinued once our stock runs out but be sure to check back for our newest offerings which could include some of the features you are wanting in a boot.  Thanks again for your comments and for considering HAIX in the future.

21 Jun 2017

Best boot on market

Most comfortable boot I have owned working in the LE/CJ Field for 22 years. Customer for life, will never own another brand of duty boot. Light weight and comfort design has helped reduce the pain I have experienced in my knees and back due to past injuries.

Admin 21 Jun 2017

Hi Bill,

We really appreciate you taking the time to review the Black Eagle Athletic 10 High.  We are happy to hear that you have found these boots to be comfortable and lightweight on the job and that they are helping reduce pain in your knees and back.  These boots are currently being discontinued and we're only selling what we have left in stock, but we hope you will give our new Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 shoes a try when the time comes.  Thank you for your service and for being such a loyal HAIX customer.

23 May 2017

Nice boot

I like the style and lite-weight of the boot. The only thing I don't like is the blue design on the boot, I think it takes away from the "uniform" look of the boot.

Admin 24 May 2017

Hi Steve,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Black Eagle Athletic 10 High.  We are happy to hear that you  like the style and the boot being lightweight. We understand your concern with the blue/gray design on the boot but we do offer a similar all-black model that you may want to consider the next time if the boots continue to serve you well.  We appreciate your feedback and hope you'll continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future.

5 Apr 2017

Can u say Comfortable

Over my 18 years, I've wore many brands of boots, but the Haix 10" Black Eagle Athletic are extremely comfortable. I have two pairs, looking to buy the leather version, also. Adjustable to portion and separate ankle adjustment, some thought was put into these boots. Brilliant Boot.

Admin 5 Apr 2017

Hi Taj,

Thank you so much for your feedback on the Black Eagle Athletic 10 High.  We are happy to hear that you find them to be extremely comfortable, enough so that you bought two pairs!  We appreciate your loyalty and your service.

21 Feb 2017

Great boots

2 Feb 2017

Nice light boot

I've had these boots now for 3 weeks. I was very impressed with the weight and how comfortable they are. The sole was what sold me on the boot. It's aggressive and I'm hoping that I'll get more than a year out of the tred. I've worn the gortex side zip Bates boots for the last 14 years and they are a good boot but the sole doesn't last long at all. Unfortunately with Haix, I had to choose between the side zip or the Goretex. Not an easy choice. I'm probably going to have to send them back soon. I took the insole out today and found that in multiple spots were my heel rubs that the lining of the boot has a hole in them. I had really high expectations for these boots but I'm finding that I may have to shop around more or upgrade to a different Haix boot.

Admin 3 Feb 2017

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Black Eagle Athletic 10 High.  We are happy to hear that you found them to be comfortable and lightweight out of the box.  We apologize that the lining wore out so quickly.  We believe it may have been a manufacturing defect on that specific pair of boots.  Customer Service has been in contact with you and we believe that this matter has been resolved to your satisfaction.  

28 Nov 2016

Own them all, high, mid & low

I own all the Haix Black Eagle Athletic's. Low, mid (2 pair) and high. Each pair has its use that I wear them for. Quality and comfort is why I buy them.

Admin 28 Nov 2016

Hi Mike,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us.  We are happy to hear that the Black Eagle Athletic line has served your needs and that you find them to be comfortable and of high quality.  We appreciate your loyalty and support.

5 Aug 2016

Great Boot

This is the best station boot that I have tried. They fit wonderful, very little break in time. They do have a little noise to them as Phil G states, and I believe that is from the liner/materials itself around the foot moving separately, if this was secured a little bit better the sound would not occur, but may null the waterproofing of the boot with holes. Other than that, great boot to wear.

Admin 10 Aug 2016

Thanks for the feedback!  Applying some silicone based polish on the boots may help with the noise that comes from the movement of the leather.

25 Jul 2016

Amazingly comfortable... but

I've had these boots now for about 8 months. They are by far the most comfortable boots I have ever had. However, they are anything but waterproof. My feet get wet constantly, even walking through wet grass. Also, the soles are starting to separate from the boot in the same spot on both feet.

Admin 27 Jul 2016

Matt, we're very sorry to hear about your issue.  Please contact customer service at [email protected] or 866-344-4249 as they would be happy to help.

5 Jul 2016

Very nice boot and fits like a glove. Would recommend this boot to firefighters as a station wear or utility boot.

15 Mar 2016

Best boot I've ever worn

These boots are the best thing since sliced bread. I bought a pair of the HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 10 High boots in Nov 2014 at a Trade Show put on for Ground Search & Rescue. They are very comfortable and amazingly lightweight yet provide the flexibility and support I need when on a search . My only regret is that the toe cap on both boots has ripped at the outer side seam. I still wear them however they are no longer waterproof. They are only a little over 15 Months old and the rest of the boot is still in amazing shape. Is their a warranty against such a defect on these boots?

Admin 15 Mar 2016

Hello John,

Thanks for takiing the time to write a review and share you experience with us.  We're glad to hear that the boots are working out so well for you.  Our Black Eagle series carry a 2 year warranty.  Please call customer service at 866-344-4249 as they would be happy to assist you with the toe cap issue.

23 Nov 2015

black eagle 10

The boots are very light weight and comfortable. The only problem I have is that they are noisy. I walked into court the other day and everyones head turned and looked at me. It sounded like I had flip flops on. This can be a problem when I am out sneaking around in the neighborhoods. But other then that very comfortable.

Admin 7 Dec 2015

Hi Phil,

Thanks for taking the time to write a review, we appreciate your feedback.  We are sorry to hear that your boots are noisy.   Please contact Tricia in customer service about your issue as she would be happy to help resolve this.  Please call Tricia in Customer Service at 1-866-344-4249

10 May 2015

Almost perfect

I've worn just about every boot brand in the past, and these are the lightest, most comfortable boots I've ever worn. If this boot had a side zipper and was all black (basically a model 11 with Gortex), it would be the perfect tactical boot.

4 May 2015

Excellent boot

I've worn this boot for 8 years straight as a first responder in the desert heat. It's a heavy boot but superior quality. 8 years! I'm only replacing now because I've worn the sole out. Guys replace their other boots in less than a year. I recommend these boots to everyone.

23 Jan 2015

Great boot/athletic shoe

So far they are excellent,very comfortable and LIGHT.. I own 5 pairs of Haix mostly for work(firefighting ) and most of the boots I have are a little on the heavy side...Not these..love them but need to see how they hold up while deer or pheasant hunting..Now if they would just offer the safety toe version in the USA...??

5 Sep 2014

Greatest boot EVER!!!

I'm a corrections officer which means I'm on my feet more than I'm not. I would prefer to run in these boots more than I would in my sneakers!!!! The only thing I have a gripe about is the color scheme.......many of us are required to wear all black shoes.....I was so impressed with how these boots felt I colored the blue over with black marker. It would be nice if Haix would offer a different color scheme in all black.

Either way Haix you have a new life long customer!!!

Admin 5 Sep 2014

Hey Kevin, glad to hear that you are enjoying your new Haix boots.  We have another model that is all black (except for logo on tongue of boot), the Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  The image looks like the side may have gray, but it is only a light reflection during photography.  Other differences from this boot and the Athletic 10 High are the side zip and no GORTEX on the 11.


5 Jun 2014

Fits like a glove..., a boot you will Love.

There is a difference when you say; "this is the best boot I've ever worn.", verses; "This is the first boot I forget I have on." You've heard it all, but, I must say again, I totally forget that I have a boot on when wearing the "Black Eagle Athletic 10 High." I just knew I would be taking them back, but I was totally wrong. I can only describe them this way; they literally fit like a glove. You will not believe the comfort and you'll find yourself wanting a second pair as backup, I did, bought a second pair. The "Black Eagle Athletic 10 High" is extremely durable, yet so light weight. I found myself scratching my head time and again over the technology. I personally don't see how anyone will be disappointed with this boot. If you really want to express your appreciation for your Firefighters, present them with a pair of "Black Eagle Athletic 10 High" as an appreciation gift at your next annual appreciation banquet. As volunteer firefighters they all literally were talking about how much they love their gift months after receiving them. HAIX made me look real good, when in reality, they are the people who really deserve the credit. Thanks HAIX for this outstanding product. Stan - Fire Chief - Columbia Lakes VFD, TX

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