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NEBRASKA HAIX Secura Liner: Footwear inner liner which will never pull out or wrinkle... more
Product information "Nebraska"
Product type Factory firsts, Clearance
Waterproof Yes
Upper material Oiled nubuck leather
Inner liner GORE-TEX®
Fastener Lace up
Safety toe No safety toe
Leg height in inches 8 inches
Color Brown


HAIX Secura Liner:
Footwear inner liner which will never pull out or wrinkle up over time; lining is firmly secured and sealed along with the upper leather beneath the sole.

HAIX Climate System:
Permits air circulation with every step – moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot.

HAIX CT System:
Comfort Tongue System for a form fitting tongue structure, “high tech” development of a multifunctional shoe tongue with exceptional climate comfort and anatomical fit.

HAIX MSL System:
Micro Soft Light: PU foam injected throughout the sole for greater shock absorption and cold/heat insulation; extremely low weight.

Upper Material:
Oiled Nubuck leather, waterproof, hydrophobic, and breathable.

Moisture Barrier:
4 layer GORE-TEX footwear waterproof and breathable, and chemical resistant. Highly abrasion resistant with a fleece mid-layer, optimized climate comfort for all seasons and excessive use.

Rubber/PU walking sole with proven street/terrain tread, wear resistant and non-slip traction on snow and ice; large, beveled contact surface and superior bending comfort. Oil and gasoline resistance with non-marking characteristics.

Anatomically formed, quick change, machine washable insert with excellent moisture absorption and quick drying qualities.

Anatomically formed TEXON (fleece) absorbs moisture and supports ankle

Lacing system with eyelets to permit smooth movement when lacing.

Extended Wear Program:
Out of warranty footwear can be refurbished with original factory parts through a resole package. This package includes any necessary replacement or repair of stitching, profiled rubber toe caps, soles, and insoles. Footwear will be cleaned and deodorized.

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Customer reviews for "Nebraska"
25 Oct 2014


These boots are in my opinion the same boot as the German Army Mountain Troops Light Mountain duty boot. The difference is only the leather (nubuk instead of smooth ) and the color (tan instead of black). In addition, I wear these boots every day to the office and also used it extensively on archery elk hunts in Colorado. In wet conditions, these boots are supposed to be used with gaiters like it is the traditional way.
Lower boots are worn in conjunction with gaiters.They worked flawless on all my hunting and are great to use with a climbing treestand. I will need to get me another spare pair at the discount price.
If someone has orthopedic issues, like one commenter on here, then they should test the boots and if they don't work with their orthopedic insole, send them back. If you have orthopedic issues, then get yourself some custom boots from an orthopedic shoemaker. That is the way it is supposed to be. The height of the boot is perfect. Any higher and it starts to cut of blood flow in your shin if you lace it tight and that can lead to lengthy inflammation issues. The lower height also allows ones foot to turn sideways a bit which leads to better control of ones step in difficult mountain terrain.

20 Sep 2014

Nebraska boot is awesome

These boots are superior to all other boots comfortable, durable ,and good for any type of weather . I have hiked 100's of miles in my first pair and have bought a backup pair for future, they break in quickly no blisters, but why would you discontinue something that works so great what a shame plus the 8" height is perfect, don't take anyone's negative comments on these

Admin 22 Sep 2014

Hello Larry and thanks for the great feedback.  While it's true that we've discontinued this boot... We have something new on the way!  Be sure to watch our Facebook page for updates.  https://www.facebook.com/HaixNorthAmerica

22 May 2014


Very nice boot no problems they are seriously bad ass boots

15 Dec 2013

Not quite great

This boot has 2 major issues that make it a fail for the serious hunter:

1.) It has no arch support. It has a good height flow from heal to forefoot, and really, if you can perfectly mate this design to custom arch supports, this might be a better setup than adding insoles w/arch support to boots that already have some arch support, because the insoles never really line up and play nice with built in boot arches. Really, Haix should keep this design while offering custom arch support systems. It would set them apart in the industry.
2. ) The boot just isn't tall enough! This is where I deduct all my pts. from this boot. It should be another 1.5 inches taller to be taken seriously in the Eastern or Western Mountains, or in the Northern snow belt for that matter.

Admin 20 Dec 2013

Thank you for your comments, we appreciate your feedback.

You are correct... the Nebraska boot does not offer arch support.  If arch support is important for you, you might be happier with our Airpower line.

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer a boot that is 1.5 inches taller than the Nebraska.  We do however offer the Montana, which is 3.5 inches taller.

I am sorry to hear that you are not happy with the Nebraska.  We do our best to provide the customer with as much information as possible to help them make an informed purchase, including boot height and features for all of our boots on their product page.  If you ever have any questions or concerns that we don't cover on the web site, please feel free to contact our customer service as they would be happy to help you with your purchase.

Thanks again for your review.  We continuously work to develop new boots based on our customer's feedback.

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