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Special Fighter Xtreme

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SPECIAL FIGHTER XTREME HAIX Secura Liner: Footwear inner liner which will never pull... more
Product information "Special Fighter Xtreme"
Product type Factory firsts, Clearance
Gender Male
Certification NFPA 1977-2011, ASTM F 2413-2005, CAN/CSA-Z195-2009
Waterproof Yes
Upper material Smooth leather
Inner liner CROSSTECH®
Sole FIRE 011 Sole
Fastener Zipper, Lace up
Safety toe Steel toe
Leg height in inches 8 inches
Color Black


HAIX Secura Liner:
Footwear inner liner which will never pull out or wrinkle up over time; lining is firmly secured and sealed along with the upper leather beneath the sole.

HAIX Sun Reflect Leather:
Reduces the heating effect of the upper leather by direct sunlight. Sunlight is reflected by the leather, keeping the leather and the feet cooler.

HAIX Climate System:
Permits air circulation with every step – moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot.

HAIX MSL System:
Micro Soft Light: PU foam injected throughout the sole for greater shock absorption and cold/heat insulation; extremely low weight.

Protective Toe Cap:
Anatomically formed and well-padded steel protective toe cap to meet ASTM 2413-05 and CAN/CSA Z195-2009 standard for personal protection – protective footwear.

Protective Flexible Midsole:
Flexible protective stainless steel, cast into the sole, to meet ASTM F2413-05 and CAN/CSA Z195-2009 standard for personal protection – protective footwear

Upper Material:
Waterproof leather, hydrophobic, and breathable.

Moisture Barrier:
CROSSTECH footwear, 4 layers, waterproof and breathable, bacteria and chemical resistant, bloodborne pathogen resistant. Highly abrasion resistant and softly padded with breathable foam.

Nitrile rubber shell sole, oil and fuel resistant, self-cleaning tread, high voltage resistant 14 KV.

Anatomically formed, quick change, machine washable insert with excellent moisture absorption and quick drying qualities.

Anatomically formed TEXON (fleece) absorbs moisture and supports ankle.

One boot – two options, Lace and zipper are interchangeable. Patented HAIX Lacing System, HAIX EasyZip for fast entry, pull-on loop at the back, NOMEX laces. Heel flex zone and flex zone construction around tongue, profiles rubber toe cap, and yellow triplestitched seams. Metatarsal protection.

HAIX® offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details

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Customer reviews for "Special Fighter Xtreme"
7 Jul 2015

love those boots

change the laces to leather ones first and foremost, these boots are a bit on the heavy side but for station boots i love them, i would not suggest using these on a wild land fire, the traction on the boot will slip in wet mud. use wildland boots with vibram soles on wild land fires. Ex Hot shot California

20 Mar 2014

Last boot I'll ever buy.

The Haix Special Fighter Xtreme boot is amazing. I only wear very high quality boots and am incredibly picky when it comes to work footwear as a professional firefighter. Working for a department that runs a wide range of calls from structural firefighting, high volume EMS, HAZMAT, and large wildland fires, these boots offer features that make them perform at a top level. The only reason I'm rating these at an 8 and not a 10 is because I had high expectations for the Climate System. My feet tend to sweat a good amount and at the end of a long shift I can be a bit uncomfortable because of this. I was hoping the climate system would alleviate that, maybe not 100% but some, and I personally don't feel like it makes much difference. I haven't particularly noticed any difference wearing a boot with a "climate system" as Haix advertises it so that was a bit dissapointing as it was a big selling point for me. I wear this boot as a daily station boot and on all calls ran with the exception of structural fire fighting. My department issues Globe tech boots for our tech work and wildland fires. Once my Haix boots were broke in I used them on a decent sized brush fire and felt they were far more comfortable. I even find myself wearing them a good amount at home on my days off, so much in fact that I'm considering buying a second pair just to use for personal use outside of firefighting. Thank you Haix for making such an incredible boot and please do not ever stop making the Haix Special Fighter Xtreme as they are currently are. I recommend them all the time to everyone and plan on wearing them the rest of my career as long as Haix makes them the way they are made today.

24 Oct 2013


Haix , i wanted to send you folks a testimonial about my haix boots i own. i was given a pair of the 504204 special fighter extreme boots for x mas back in 2008 and i started wearing them in september of 09 and i cant say enough good about these boots the quality of these boots out does all other they are the most comfortable boots i have ever had the support my ankles and the have not failed me one time. I am still wearing my first pair and the souls are just now starting to show wear two yrs later no other boot that i have ever had has done this. I can normaly wear out a pair in a yr but not haix there german made and the germans make great stuff. I will always haix no matter what they are worth every penny you pay for them. I have bought a second pair to put when these do weat out.

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