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HAIX Honors Law Enforcement Hero of the Month

Is Your Local Law Enforcement Officer a Hero in Your Community?

HAIX®, the world's leading manufacturers of duty footwear, is launching a contest to honor the law enforcement "Hero of the Month".

The HAIX® Hero of the Month program will be a feature on the Facebook Page of POLICE Magazine. Fellow officers, supervisors, community members in the jurisdiction the officer serves, and friends can nominate officers to be honored. A panel of judges will then consider each entry and nominate three officers to compete for HAIX® Hero of the Month honors. Each officer selected will have his or her story featured on Police Magazine's Facebook page where people who come to the page can register "Likes." Each officer's story will be featured on the page for one week. At the end of the third week, the officer with the most "Likes" will be named HAIX® Hero of the Month.

HAIX® will award a pair of boots to the HAIX® Hero of the Month.

Readers can use this form to submit the stories of officers they want to see honored as "Hero of the Month."

HAIX® is honoring "a deserving officer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty. Someone who either has demonstrated courage in a difficult situation, has provided exemplary service throughout their law enforcement career, or who has a true dedication to community service and to the community they serve."

HAIX® is spotlighting the "heroes in our communities that don’t always get the recognition they deserve for putting their lives on the line every day."

"In our eyes, every law officer is a hero, as they put their lives on the line every day protecting our families and our communities,” said HAIX® President and CEO Ewald Haimerl. "There are so many deserving stories to be told, and this is our small way to let some of these stories be heard and to honor all those that serve."


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