Who is HAIX?

HAIX makes boots for all people over the world. Our HAIX boots are certified to the highest standards for boots. When you wear HAIX boots, you know that you, will be protected when you need it most.
Few consider the value of superior HAIX boots. Only the best raw materials are used to produce "HAIX boots" and only 100% perfect boots leave our facility. HAIX boots meet the specific demands with a heavy duty design specifically tailored for use day in and day out.
Made from all German or Swiss leather with a GORE-TEX inner liner, "HAIX boots" are waterproof and breathable and provide superior comfort along with superior protection.
With a built in Arch Support System, HAIX boots are designed to provide all day comfort, especially when you are on your feet all day. "HAIX boots" are the boots that hold up to the hardest challenges. "HAIX boots" are quality from Germany.


" I bought these boots about a week ago. When I put them on, they were instantly comfortable. I love the light weight but durable construction and the flexibility. I would recommend these boots to everyone. Thanks the for the awesome boots Haix! "

Morgan Anderson

" I started out with a pair of Haix station boots and I loved them. My structural boots, Pro's, that I had been using for the last 5 years were really beat up and were not going to pass the annual PPE inspection through our Safety Office. Coincidentally, I had attended FDIC in 2010 and intended to replace by boots with some new Pro's. By chance, I saw the Haix booth and the new boot they were launching, the Fire Hero. I took a look, one of the rep's fit me with a pair, I compared them to the other boots they had on display and then bought the Fire Hero's right there. I have been using them for about 10 months now and they are great. They are lighter, fit more true and have been a great investment because: sore feet, legs and backs...suck. They are the best structural boot I have worn. "

Mike Webb

" I have owned these boots for over two years, and they are better now than the day I received them. That is only because they are now broken in. I am a full time firefighter and wear these boots multiple times within a week. I have taken these boots on many wildland fire details and they have held up great. I can not say enough good things about these boots. The only con is that they are a little on the heavy side but once you get use to the boot the weight is not noticeable. I love these boots. "

Edward Vuolo

" I am so thankful my husband found Haix boots. We were constantly purchasing different brands of boots. My husband was never really satisfied with other brands. He spent time in the military and told me all about boots and breaking them in. He says with Haix boots there was no breaking in period. He said Haix are so comfortable, they are like wearing sneakers. They may cost a little more but they are so worth the extra money. They have lasted so far for a few years. He has 2 pairs that he rotates. We have never had them resoled or repaired. These are the best boots. He swears by them. I am glad we can saved money by not having to buy boots all the time. We give them a A plus rating! My husband will only buy Haix boots. - Wife of Sgt. E. White "

Wife of Sgt. E. White

" I am a volunteer firefighter and i love these boots!!! they are a little tight at first but once they break in the most comfortable boot i have worn and i just bought a second pair for wildland fire. "


" I had bought a pair of Airpower R-l boot in which I have used them for about 3 years. These boots are currently back up boots. I had just resoled the approx l year ago. I absolutely wear out lesser boots in less than a year on the average. These boots are some of the most comfortable boots that I have owned. I have gotten a GREAT lifespan out of these boots. I had them refurbished approx a year ago. The refurbished boot however were not up to standard. The resole is not done by Haix, but by a Haix approved company. When they resole boot they of course shave and resole the boots, Replace the toe, & "shampoo" the interior. The toe of these boots is rubber. The toe is an aggressive style in which I like. One problem is that the toe started to separate from the boot. VVhen this happened the boots started to leak. I have also started to see the sole separate from where they were shaved off. I would, & have thoroughly recommended these boots. I know of at least 3 other guys at work, including the one that has recommended the boots to me I know that one of the guys has been wearing these boots for 3 years and still has a bunch of life left in them. The guy that recommended them to me has just now bought another pair. These are AWESOME boots. I will buy another pair in the near future. "

Sean Fenick

" I wanted to submit a testimonial regarding my experiences with Haix footwear. I purchased two pair of Haix boots from an internet dealer. I had never seen nor heard of Haix prior to doing my extensive internet research on the reputation of the company and its products. I read nothing but very good things about the company and its footwear so I decided to take a chance and ordered the 6" duty boot with the leather/cordura mix. I was not disappointed. The boot fit perfectly and was extremely comfortable right out of the box. The craftsmanship was superb. Absolutely no break-in time was needed. I wore them during a horrific winter storm in the northern Virginia area and they were excellent. My feet were warm and dry. After this experience, I ordered the same style of boot only this time in the 8" size. This boot is as excellent as it's smaller model. I am not a public service employee; I bought both of these boots for my own personal use and I would not hesitate to buy any Haix products sight unseen. No more asian imports for me. Thank you Haix. - John M "

John M

" Well I took the shoes to a shoe cobbler so he could attempt to stretch out the shoe a bit. He kept it for about a week, the shoe did stretch but only for about 2 hrs then went back to its original state. Too bad it did not work because the right shoe felt very comfortable. Now I'm trying to find someone to buy the shoes from me. I still recommend these shoes even though I don't have the right fit. "

R Fernandez

" I have had my Haix R2 for 2 years now. Working at a busy service, my former pairs of boots were lucky to survive past 9 months. However, at 2 years old and counting, my Haix boots are still in amazing shape. Not only are these boots durable, but are also extremely comfortable and relatively light as far as EMS boots go. Strongly recommend anyone looking for a new pair of EMS boots to consider the R2s. "


" These are the most comfortable station boot I have ever worn. As a career Firefighter I spend about 60 hours a week wearing these boots and never experience any discomfort. They are also a very rugged boot, i have worn this pair through more than a dozen large wildland fire incidents an they have held extremely well. After two years I can still throw a coat of boot polish on them and they look just like a brand new pair of boots. Bottom line, I will absolutely buy another pair of these boots when they are ready to be retired. "

Nate K

" I purchased these boots and they arrived within the specified time. Great looking boot, appears extremely well made. Materials are great. Tried on an 8.5 reg in store in different model and these fit same. The boots do only come with the standard Haix grey felt insole, which offers no cushioning. I purchased some off the shelf insoles hoping for some relief. Still not much luck. Spoke to Haix and they are shipping out their Blue Comfort Insoles. Will try these out and hope for the best. The outsoles are great and on the motorcycle I have had no slippage when feet are down. I was hoping a week into it the boots would be broken in and feel a little better. Still waiting to see. All the research I did led me to believe how great and comfortable these were. Maybe they just need more break in time. In general walking around and normal activities these boots are great. Feels like there is a little spring in my step. Have only really used them in colder weather so can't comment on the Sun Reflect technology yet, but will update in the spring. The lacing system is also great. It allows for extremely easy on/off with this boot. I also do a lot of standing in one place for extended periods of time and this is where they seem to lack in the comfort department. Time will tell I guess. I gave them an overall of 8 because I do believe these are very high quality boots. Just think my left foot isn't so compatible with them. I will update later. "

Jon Marsh

" I love these boots. I first bought a pair of Airpower Rl station boots and fell in love with how comfortable they are. After that shift I Went out and bought a pair of the Fire Hunter Extreme Structure boots as well. Thanks for making a comfortable boot. you found a loyal customer for life. "


" I love your company. I own a few pairs of your boots and I must say they are awesome. They are very comfortable to wear and they are very durable too.They always keep my feet dry and protected. They are the best boots on the market and they are now my personal favorite to wear. Thank you for everything you do. I appreciate it. "

Allyson C.

" My 2nd pair ordered. First pair have lasted me 3 years. Daily use boot is fine the sole has worn down after 3 years. Kevlar lining offers added protection from broken glass, nails Etc. I love the boots and wouldn't wear anything else. "


" There is a difference when you say; "this is the best boot I've ever worn.", verses; "This is the first boot I forget I have on." You've heard it all, but, I must say again, I totally forget that I have a boot on when wearing the "Black Eagle Athletic 10 High." I just knew I would be taking them back, but I was totally wrong. I can only describe them this way; they literally fit like a glove. You will not believe the comfort and you'll find yourself wanting a second pair as backup, I did, bought a second pair. The "Black Eagle Athletic 10 High" is extremely durable, yet so light weight. I found myself scratching my head time and again over the technology. I personally don't see how anyone will be disappointed with this boot. If you really want to express your appreciation for your Firefighters, present them with a pair of "Black Eagle Athletic 10 High" as an appreciation gift at your next annual appreciation banquet. As volunteer firefighters they all literally were talking about how much they love their gift months after receiving them. HAIX made me look real good, when in reality, they are the people who really deserve the credit. Thanks HAIX for this outstanding product. Stan - Fire Chief - Columbia Lakes VFD, TX "

Stan Wiggins

" Would like to say how awesome the airpower r1 station boot is, I have had a pair for a month now. I have used and abused the boots, you see here in Oklahoma everyday is a new challenge! With the recent storms while responding to tornados and flooding, I have put them through the ringer! Walked many miles through rubble and deep water, while the boots aren't designed for this type of work they didn't have a choice! They have a few cuts a scrapes and don't look new, they are broke in and show signs of memories I can't forget! Thanks for making a great product! At this rate I'm going and the abuse I have put on these boots, I will buy another pair and not be so hard on them! I have recommended them to other guys and will keep doing so! - Micah "


" I have been a faithful HAIX wearer since 2003, starting with the FIRE HUNTER structural boot. I am currently wearing my second pair of US RESCUE at my factory job. These are the most comfortable safety toe boots that I have ever worn. They are light weight and require virtually NO break in period. I also own a pair of the KENTUCKY that I wear for casual dress. Hopefully someday HAIX will release a gym shoe line, and my shoe shopping could all be done through HAIX. - Captain Mark T "

Captain Mark T

" I just placed an order for my second pair of GSG9's. I have worn the 1st pair daily for the last 2 years and they are by far the best boots I have owned. I work in corrections and am on my feet constantly. An average boot would only last about 6 months. These boots are with the extra cost and the quality of the workmanship will be obvious for the minute you open the box. "


" Having previously been a retained Firefighter in a rural British town (and a volunteer police officer some while back), I'm well used to abusing boots, and getting pissed off when they don't live up to the job, us Brits love to moan! So when I became a Paramedic, I decided that I wanted boots that I'd love wearing. Contrary to the previous review, I wanted boots that DIDN'T feel like a chunky, oversized trainer, an excessively built walking boot, or seasoned old workboot. Nor did I want the size and clumsiness of a heavier fire-orientated boot... foot sweeping and stamping round a burning building, walking round a muddy farm or running tools around an RTC scene is one thing, but walking round an elderly person's cramped flat to perform delicate assessments is something else entirely! As a police officer I had an uncomfy, clumpy pair of Magnums, which looked the part, but hurt after 12+ hours. A second pair felt as comfy as a trainer, but gave very little protection, and damaged easily. Other boots on the market seemed to err too far towards comfort, or ultimate solidity. On top of all that, I wanted some sort of zip or quick release system. First, I needed a boot that could be donned in seconds during my final few months as a firefighter, was easy to take off after a long shift, and preferably quick to adjust. I've always struggled doing boots up tight enough, but not so tight that your feet hurt after a few hours, so I find laces a pain to use, if only out of pure laziness! That said, once you're sat down in an ambulance, it's hit and miss as to how long you'll be working until you're free for long enough to answer the call of nature, eat, or adjust boots! The USAR boot solves all of these issues. My pair are comfy when worn for long periods of time, but tough enough to last, and support my feet. They're solid enough to crawl about in, stumble down ditches, across muddy playing fields and over fences, but compact and delicate enough to walk round a tiny home full of ornaments and prized possessions. They're easy to clean when they get dirty, easy to take off after a long shift, they feel as if they're designed for me, not over engineered for someone else. The lacing system does take a while to get used to, and you have to pay particular attention to adjusting the lacing system to fit your foot. Perhaps my feet are a strange shape, but I needed to experiment with adjusting the ankle and lower foot laces to avoid compressing the top of my foot, lower shin, or (as I can in some ways relate to the previous reviewer) the uppermost part of the foot/ankle at the joint. Once fully adjusted though, the system is fantastic! It takes seconds to don the boot, and only a few more to re-adjust it as needed. I do find that the lacing system slips slightly throughout the day, but given that it takes such a short time to tighten them up, I really don't care. I also swear that getting the boots "just right" with a nice tight fit results in the lacing system adjusting to your foot over the day, and providing the perfect fit, but that could just be because I'm used to other boots getting uncomfy! Donning is helped significantly by the large loop at the back, and more importantly the grab handle on the tongue section.... absolute genius, and it makes them easy to carry too. Some other boots have enough room in the rear loop for one finger, possibly two if you're really lucky, as if it's there to look good more than function well. Aesthetically, they're smart looking, professional, they shine well, and that's all I need! They look world's away from the standard service issue boot that makes even the smallest UK 4 size seem large and chunky, whilst providing minimal protection and zero protection from "fluids"... the first time someone vomits all over your boots, you're thankfully they're waterproof. The first time someone vomits blood and faeces simultaneously on your boots (I honestly never quite thought it was possible to vomit faeces, but aparrently it is) you'll never go back to a non-crosstech boot, no matter how infrequently it happens! And at the end of the day, I've no issue washing the boots down, and disinfecting them when I get home. I noticed on my training course that everyone's issue boots looked shiny and smart, the leather toe section does have a professional edge to it... however, after 30 minutes of CPR on concrete, not one boot in the class had an unscuffed toe. By the end of the first week they were all beyond polish, and had a permanent scar along the toe. My boots however, looked like new thanks to the tough rubber toe cap. Initially, I wasn't so keen on the look of an external rubber toe, and a number of people asked why the toe had raised sections. I now know exactly why, because kneeling is heavy on the toe! Highly recommended for the type of Paramedic who wouldn't wear anything less than a boot on shift, simply because if someone is in a bad way, fences are there to be climbed, and ditches there to be descended. Besides, patients are never courteous enough to collapse in highly convenient, accessible locations, bless them! "


" So far (about 3-4 months or actual use) these new boots are doing great. The 8 rating is due to the way the string tie spot at the top of the boot kind of clumps up a little. Perhaps a little too much foam or fabric in the tie area (at least for me). I have utilized these boots only a handful of times but so far they are doing great. would like to do an update in another 6 months or so! "


" Extremely well made high quality boots. I am a Correctional Officer and the boots took me about two weeks to break in completely. I have worn Danner boots for over twenty five years. The Airpower P7 high boots run a little narrow in the heel and a half size smaller then Danner Boots. "

David Baldwin

" my poor boots are well worn and beat to hell every day.... couldn't imagine wearing another pair!! worth every penny and I will always buy Haix from now on!! "


" I like my German Made boots. I haven't been able to find a comparable American Pair. Good Job Haix! Easy to put on and take off, waterproof (after 3 months) I love em so far. I am going to try to get the electrical rated volt version next time if we can afford it. "


" This is such a great idea to intergrate a station boot and a wildland boot, someone definitely put some thought into it! Eliminates one more piece of gear and changing step when responding to a brush fire. Very well built and thoroughly comfortable boot, and fairly light weight. The true test will be on my first brush fire, but I'm impressed so far! "

Barry Betha

" Awesome comfortable boots from day 1. I work many hours on my feet and these boots are something that I do not have to worry about. They keep my feet protected and are comfortable. "

Mark Wyckoff

" I'm not typically one that will put up a review on a product but these boots deserve to be recognized. I've been wearing the Haix Fire Hero bunkers for a year now, but had another brand for my EMS/Wildland station boots. A couple weeks ago, after increasing discomfort from my other boots, I decided to give these a try. I'm very glad I did! I have a difficult foot to fit (13.5 narrow) and from the moment I slid them on I knew these were light years beyond my previous boots in quality and comfort. The zippers work flawlessly, the lining feels comfortable and secure around my entire foot. Walking and standing for long periods of time in these is a pleasure! I couldn't be happier. Thank you Haix! "


" Haix , i wanted to send you folks a testimonial about my haix boots i own. i was given a pair of the 504204 special fighter extreme boots for x mas back in 2008 and i started wearing them in september of 09 and i cant say enough good about these boots the quality of these boots out does all other they are the most comfortable boots i have ever had the support my ankles and the have not failed me one time. I am still wearing my first pair and the souls are just now starting to show wear two yrs later no other boot that i have ever had has done this. I can normaly wear out a pair in a yr but not haix there german made and the germans make great stuff. I will always haix no matter what they are worth every penny you pay for them. I have bought a second pair to put when these do weat out. "

firefighter in georgia…

" I have had many other station/tactical boots over the years and have yet to have anything even come close to Haix boots! All other boots I was lucky to go 6 months to a year out of but these probably have 3 years and are hands down the most comfortable and best fit boots i have ever owned!!! I count on these boots every day to keep my feet safe whether at a construction site or working a fire scene and would highly recommend these boots to anyone looking for comfort, protection, and durability! "

Mike Medley

" I received the boots (Missoula) last Thursday. I tried them on and they fit well. I decided to give them a good test run yesterday. I went on a hike in an area that burned in northern NM in 2011. I walked a total of about 8-1/2 miles and I must say that I was amazed at how well the boots performed. First of all, they were extremely comfortable. I was walking on surfaces ranging from wet streams to rock outcropings to general forested areas. The boots performed extremely well and I will definitely be recommending them to friends and coworkers. The typical wildland boot (White’s) take quite some time to break in and what I found surprising about the Missoula was how well it fit my foot and never once did I feel uncomfortable, regardless of the terrain. I will continue to provide feedback to you as I continue to wear the Missoula. It is truly a great product!!!!! Danny Montoya Director of Engineering Southwest Region, US Forest Service Albuquerque, NM "

Danny Montoya (Director of Engineering)

" An amazing boot. I use this boot for urban EMS 50+ hours a week and also for my side job (construction safety) 16 hours a week. It's stood up well and kept me comfortable all along the way, even after 2 years. Highly recommended. I'm going to pick up another pair very soon. "


" This is a review for 2 days of wearing the shoe, will comment more once I've had them a while longer. So in two days I can saw the shoes feel comfortable and would recommend as of now. I feel support near my arch, I'm flat foot and pronate so the sole helps out. The problem I have is that these shoes DO NOT come in wide. My left foot is a little weird which some times requires me to wear wide shoes, depending on the manufacturer. Well in this case I need wide so i'm not 100% happy with the product. My right shoes fits very well and like I said comfortable. I'm trying to make the left shoe wide my sticking items inside the shoe to expand it, hopefully that works. So... to HAIX, please make more WIDE SHOES. I would consider buying the Black Eagle 20's not sure if low, mid or high at this time. But I would not purchase them if not in WIDE. If I can't get this shoe to stretch out I might have to see if someone might want to buy them off me. SO again. please make Black Eagle's in wide. "

R Fernandez

" These are the best more comfortable pair of boots I have been able to find that seem to last. I am going to order another pair. I am glad I found this company at Police Week!! "


" Very nice boot no problems they are seriously bad ass boots "


" I have three pairs of HAIX boots - Fire Hunter AF's, Fire Hikers, and a pair of Airpower R7's. I have been extremely pleased with all three styles. I originally bought the Fire Hunters because I have a narrow foot and the regular rubber boots were killing me. Especially on auto accidents when you might be standing in one location for a couple of hours handling traffic. The Fire Hikers performed amazingly last winter when I spent six hours in the rain clearing roads and removing downed trees during a bad storm. I had just gotten the boots and really hadn't had a chance to break them in properly. They kept my feet perfectly dry, were extremely comfortable, and not one blister! I use the Airpowers to respond to medical calls. They too are very comfortable. I highly recommend HAIX boots, especially if you have a narrow foot like I do. - Michael S "

Michael S

" The boots did finally break in after two weeks or so. I did receive the "Blue Comfort Insoles" from Haix at no charge! The boots did have a squeak/popping coming from the left boot and a little from the right boot. I thought this was possibly from breaking the boots in. It never went away. Recently mailed back the boots under the warranty(postage was paid by Haix). They were found to be defective and I should have my new boots tomorrow. Must say that customer service with this company is excellent. Everyone I spoke to has been great and very helpful!! I'll have to break in the new boots now. Hopefully there was just an issue with the other pair, as far as my left foot goes. Also, the boots seem to work well in both near freezing conditions and very warm conditions here in Florida. So, to wrap it up... Quality seems to be great. Materials seem to be top notch. Foot support in the heal/arch is terrific. Outsole seems to have good grip in wet/oil surfaces. If you happen to get a pair with a defect, no worries, their customer service is great. Comfort is good, but with any boot after 4-6 hours of constant standing I guess comfort can become an issue. I would recommend this boot for police work. I do wonder if the higher priced models offer any increased cushioning in the insole? "

Jon M.

" Please accept this email as a testimonial from me regarding the fit, quality, & comfort of my new Haix Fire Flash Xtreme Boots. When I first started in the volunteer fire service, I wore the rubber bunker boots that were issued to me. They were heavy, hot, & uncomfortable. Not long afterwards, I discovered that leather firefighting boots were lighter, fit better, and out performed rubber boots by far. I‘ve owned different brands of leather lace up, pull on, & zip up firefighting boots. None have come close to the fit, quality, & comfort of the Haix Fire Flash Xtreme boots I recently purchased. Their TRE Fast Fix lacing system allows for a truly custom-fit boot which I‘ve found is difficult to obtain for firefighters, like me, who have short, wide feet and large calves. In my opinion, the Haix Fire Flash Xtreme is simply the best leather zip-up structural firefighting boot available on the market today. Sincerely, Mike Bitney, firefighter Spooner Fire District Spooner, WI "

Mike Bitney

" THANK YOU! I've now had my Haix Airpower R2 boots for one week. My feet have never felt so comfortable inside a boot. There was practically ZERO "break in" time as I immediately began wearing them on 24 hour shifts without any discomfort or pain that I'd typically get from a new boot. This was my first experience with Haix boots, which I opted to purchase on the recommendation of a co-worker. I can say with 100% certainty that I'll never search for another brand of boot, as my feet have found their home in Haix. Thank you for creating a boot that is comfortable and supports those of us in the field so well. I look forward to shopping for a lower cut boot come summer time. "

Justin Rogers EMT

" Just received my Missoula's and can't say on life expectancy yet but as far as comfort they are great and look to be very well built. I wear an 11 1/2 with insoles I always put in every boot (Spenco) and they fit great. I will try to put an update on here after 2014 fire season. "

Leland Bass

" The Haix Special Fighter Xtreme boot is amazing. I only wear very high quality boots and am incredibly picky when it comes to work footwear as a professional firefighter. Working for a department that runs a wide range of calls from structural firefighting, high volume EMS, HAZMAT, and large wildland fires, these boots offer features that make them perform at a top level. The only reason I'm rating these at an 8 and not a 10 is because I had high expectations for the Climate System. My feet tend to sweat a good amount and at the end of a long shift I can be a bit uncomfortable because of this. I was hoping the climate system would alleviate that, maybe not 100% but some, and I personally don't feel like it makes much difference. I haven't particularly noticed any difference wearing a boot with a "climate system" as Haix advertises it so that was a bit dissapointing as it was a big selling point for me. I wear this boot as a daily station boot and on all calls ran with the exception of structural fire fighting. My department issues Globe tech boots for our tech work and wildland fires. Once my Haix boots were broke in I used them on a decent sized brush fire and felt they were far more comfortable. I even find myself wearing them a good amount at home on my days off, so much in fact that I'm considering buying a second pair just to use for personal use outside of firefighting. Thank you Haix for making such an incredible boot and please do not ever stop making the Haix Special Fighter Xtreme as they are currently are. I recommend them all the time to everyone and plan on wearing them the rest of my career as long as Haix makes them the way they are made today. "


" I purchased my Haix boots at Ems Confrence Austin in Nov 2010. I will be purchasing a pair of fire boots this year. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned!! I love my Haix and will never buy anything other than Haix. - Karen R "

Karen R

" I have been wearing Haix firefighting boots for at least 8 years, and I don't want to think about what fighting fire without them was like before then. I have 2 pair of Fire Flash zip ups and one other pair that needs to be sent in to be reconditioned. It is not uncommon for our crew to go to the tower weekly for functional firefighting training and PT. and we do PT IN FULL GEAR. There is absolutely no slip on my heels when doing mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and even burpees. I can't imagine going to vent an icy roof or climbing on a stiff pitch without them. The fit is so good it feels like my running shoes. I do recommend the 10" leg height . ( I was wearing the 8" when bailing out a window when pant leg pulled up and was burned just above the boot). - Aaron G "

Aaron G

" Just wanted to let you know, I LOVE my HAIX boots that I got from you. As you know, with my job, I have to be in hard toed boots while at work. I have worn a lot of hard toed boots over the last 10 years. Of late, I have been wearing 5.11 boots and was doubtful that I could do any better. I also have never liked the front zip boots, because they would get hard to zip after the newness wore off. But I LOVE these. I have been wearing them in and out of the refinery and have been keeping them as my "good" boots. So I turned my "good" pair of 5.11 boots into my nasty work boots. At the end of the day, its heaven to slip my feet into my HAIX. I love the front zip and the way my feet slide in. I have had no problems with the study zippers at all. I also love how easy they are to get out of when I'm at my volunteer department. These are by far the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Thank you so much for suggesting them. "

Tricia T

" love this boot- owned over a year and still as comfortable as the first time I laced them up. Extremely light and waterproof, takes polish well and looks good on the job or off. if you only could add an EH toe to it- that would make it a perfect construction / service boot. "


" Love this boot. It took a week or so to break in but after they are broken in so very comfortable. I would love to get a pair in brown but unfortunitly they dont come in bown. Overall im very pleased with this boot. "


" I have had my Black Eagle Athletic 10 Low for a couple months now, and I love them. Waterproof, lightweight, easy on and off. They are built well. I work at an oil refinery and wanted these to wear in the summer time, at home and at work. They are holding up well. Only reason I am not giving these a 10 is where they are made at. MADE IN VIETNAM. Very disappointing not to see that "made in Germany" tag. "

Will Pilkington

" Dear Haix North America, Inc., This past spring, I received a pair of the new Airpower XR1 Wildland/EMS boots, and agreed to give them a hardy trial run. Prior to my receiving the Airpower XR1, I wore the Airpower R1 boot, and I absolutely swore up and down that they were the BEST boots I had ever owned. I liked the boots so much that I would not only wear them while on the job, but also while off duty. They were simply the most comfortable footwear that I had ever worn; by that I don’t mean just the most comfortable boots, but truly the most comfortable of ANY footwear. With the Airpower XR1, the Airpower R1 now has competition! After a very short “break-in” period, in comparison to most work boots, the Airpower XR1 literally molded itself to the shape of my feet. Not only did it mold to my feet, but it also did an outstanding job of supporting my arches, while maintaining a soft, cushioned padding for the rest of my sole. The mid-boot hugged snuggly to my ankles and low-leg, never to tight, never to loose, offering incredible support to those joints. I have wide feet and the sides of my feet never once rubbed uncomfortably against the sides of the boot. The higher ankle of the Airpower XR1, offered better support and added protection from outside elements. Durability of these boots is second to none. I tend to wear boots out very quickly, leaving me with little ankle support, sore soles, and tattered footwear. Such is not the case with the Airpower XR1 boots. I have put hundreds and hundreds of miles on these boots, and yet they still look and feel just as great as when I first got them. Boots that will hold up to the constant wear and tear of the fire service is no small “feet”. And with the “Recruit to Retirement” boot restoration program, these boots will always be part of my daily PPE. Thank you for making a product of such high quality. Comfort, durability and longevity are nearly impossible to find in a single boot, but Haix has done it again with the Airpower XR1. Sincerely, Casey T. Vorwaller Park City Fire Service District "

Casey T. Vorwaller

" I have been working in the corrections field for the last nine years and i go thru about two pairs of boots a year and am never satisfied with the boot i am wearing. I bought the tactical mid 20 and i can honestly say hands down this is the best boot i have worn. So happy that i decided to buy this boot. I couldn't ask for a lighter, and more comfortable boot. "


" I bought these boots (factory Seconds) & put them in service Aug 2013. I work in the oilfield as a Equipment operator for Baker Hughes Inc. I wear them 12 to 20 hours a day 6 days a week. I work in mud & water ankle deep at times. also exposure to mineral spirits, Hydrochloric Acid & other chemicals from time to time. They haven't leaked yet & are as comfortable as the day I got them. I used to get the Worx boot by Red Wing for $160 to $180 & could only get 6 months out of them because the waterproof liner would wear out in the heel. these have a superior design with a strip of leather in the heel to prevent that type of wear. They're easy to clean & the toe cap is very durable also unlike other leather boots ive seen . i'm about to buy a second pair so when I need repair i won't be without them. Love them Love them Love them. "

Michael S

" Dear Haix, I would like to thank you for the excellent customer service. I ordered a pair of Haix’s Airpower P7 last year online from Haix that just didn’t fit right. I returned them with no hassle and chose a pair of GSG9’s. These boots are very comfortable and durable. I work in an area with hot summer’s and cold winters. The boots are comfortable in all seasons. I have had the boots for over six months with hard daily use and they show little wear and tear. - Patrol Officer "

Patrol Officer

" As retired military and now a commercial diver, I am picky about my footwear. After seeing Haix on some of my German friends (GSG9) and later at the AUSA Meeting in D.C. years ago, I bought a pair and have found them better than anything else I have ever owned, including my beloved Corcoran jump boots. The quality is, or at least, has been, outstanding. I have a very high instep, but the lace and zipper arrangement on the EMS works fine. Constantly going through airport security, the zippers are a big help for on/off. Comfort, durability, value. All top drawer. Note that the sizes are a bit unusual and some buddies of mine have not been able to get the fit they want. Highly recommended. "

Col. JJ Stives