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NRC – Train to Live

National Rescue Consultants, or NRC, has been around for over a decade and was founded as an all-encompassing mobile Special Operations and Urban Search and Rescue training and consulting company. Their motto is simple: Train to Live. HAIX®has been a proud partner of NRC for years. Recently, we sat down with Greg Rogers, co-founder and Vice President of NRC, to find out a little more about him and about his passion for making NRC "the best possible product through well trained, dedicated, competent, humble and safety-conscious professionals."

Safety From The Ground Up

June is National Safety Month! HAIX® prides itself on keeping first responders and essential workers safe no matter the conditions. Whether you are on an emergency call or keeping manufacturing operations running smoothly, we have a line of dedicated safety shoes that aim to please.
According to data from the U.S. National Park Service, nearly 9 out of 10 wildfires are caused by humans. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association reports that wildfires caused an estimated $98.9 billion in damage from 2017-2023, which is over 8 times more than the $12 billion in damages from 2010-2016. Those statistics are chilling. There are various reasons for the significant increase in wildfire activity since 2017, often cited as increased drought and soaring temperatures combined with high winds. There is a silver lining. Since most wildfires are the result of human behavior, we are better poised to make a positive difference, no matter the weather! This wildfire season, we have collected some simple wildfire prevention tips you can implement today to help prevent these devastating events.

A Matter of Pride: Heroes Hockey Game

For 50 years, the NYPD hockey team and the FDNY hockey team have faced off in the last game of the season. For 50 years, this rivalry has sparked joy for fans and raised thousands of dollars for charity. For 50 years, this matchup has been a way to see the first responders of New York City in a different light. The HEROES Hockey Game is an unrivaled rivalry, played with the same grit and courage these men bring to their jobs each and every day.
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HAIX® loves to highlight heroes. This week, we interviewed Tyler Zuniga, a Safety and Training Specialist for North American Training Solutions (NATS). Tyler has nearly two decades of experience as an arborist and his list of credentials, certifications and qualifications is as long as one of his technical tree climbing ropes! We talked trees, training, how he came to work for NATS and tips for tree care and wildfire mitigation. If you have ever used electricity, live in a wildfire-prone area, or if you’re interested in safe and expert tree care practices, you’re going to want to read this.

Humble High-Wire Rescue: Bryce Carden

Spend more than a few minutes talking to Louisville Metro Firefighter Bryce Carden and you’ll understand why you would gladly welcome his arrival if you find yourself in need of technical rescue. He is full of life, full of gratitude and chocked full of humility. But if you call him a hero, he’ll just shrug and say “I wouldn’t wanna do anything else”.

A Cut Above

Leather. Most of us own leather goods—shoes, purses, wallets, belts—and most of us have some knowledge of how it’s made. Leather is a natural material with properties that make it ideal for footwear. Unfortunately, this dream material can come at a huge cost to humans, animals and the environment when improperly handled. However, at HAIX® we handle things differently.

The American Dream

Twenty years of HAIX® in the United States – and Elfriede Elfinger has been in charge of the American adventure for most of it. The company’s path to Lexington, Kentucky was not always smooth. Obstacles such as time zones, long journeys, culture shock, and a challenging market have steeled HAIX® North America and turned it into a superhero.

Stuffed with Love: Meet Blue Line Bears

There is an Irish proverb that states “You’ll never plough a field by turning it over in your mind.” Megan O’Grady may have heard that proverb growing up. Perhaps she even referenced it on July 7th, 2016, in the aftermath of the tragic murder of 5 Dallas police officers. Either way, then 14-year-old Megan acted out those very words when she decided to honor the fallen officers and care for the loved ones. As a daughter of a police officer, she knew the children and the families had now realized the fears of every Law Enforcement family—these men and women put their lives at risk every time the go to work, and there is always a chance they won’t come home safe.

So, from that day forward, she ploughed. HAIX® is proud to highlight Blue Line Bears, a nonprofit organization that provides a personalized, handmade keepsake for the children and families of fallen officers as a reminder of their heroism and bravery.

Fire Hunter Pro: Built by Legacy

The late Ewald Haimerl, son of HAIX® founder Xaver Haimerl, had the heart of a first responder and the hands of a cobbler. He didn’t just make boots. He made boots for his brothers and sisters in the fire service. HAIX® structural fire boots were born out of his desire to get all firefighters out of rubber boots and into safer, more durable leather boots.

His legacy lives on in our new Fire Hunter® Pro.

Meet the budget-friendly boot that is loaded with features. It’s a boot that makes switching from rubber to leather an easy choice—designed for professional and volunteer departments alike.

Get the Right (and Left) Socks for the Job

When we develop HAIX® boots, we spend hours ensuring the best fit, function and features on the market. From waterproofing to top-quality leather and our proprietary climate system, our boots keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

Why would our socks be any different?

HAIX® wool blend socks make a great pair of boots even better. Here’s how.

That's a Wrap!

What a year it’s been. Birthday Block Party and new Boots, oh my!

As we near the end of 2023, we reflect on a year filled with innovations and celebrations, and our plans for continuing our tradition of excellence in the footwear market for another 75 years.
Despite one of the warmest summers on record, winter will still arrive for all of us. Emergency response call outs do not stop for any weather—rain or shine, sun, or snow. Safety is important on every level for firefighters and first responders. When it comes to inclement winter weather, the rubber will quite literally hit the road, and good boot tread may be the only difference between an injury and returning to the station safely.

Nicholasville Firefighters Toy Drive

Firefighters and other first responders give selflessly all year round...and the holidays are no different! This year, HAIX is partnering with the Nicholasville Fire Department, which has been making the holidays brighter for children in their small town for over 20 years.

Brian Edwards

You can’t spell “firefighter” without the word “fit”. And you can’t spell “Brian Edwards” without the word “earn”. He knows that respect, professional competency, and conditioning are not given, but are a gift we can give ourselves. And he willingly spreads the gospel of good health everywhere—and to everyone—he meets.

Four Rounds with Rudy Reyes

The lights dim. A spotlight hits the tunnel. The crowd roars. A man in a hooded satin robe trots down the ramp, punching the air. This is life’s main event. And that man is Rudy Reyes—former Recon Marine turned television host—a fighter whose work is never finished. Through self-discipline, and a lot of love, Rudy isn’t just battling his demons; he’s on pace for a TKO.

You may recognize him as the host for FOX’s show “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.” Or perhaps you’ve seen him on the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill.” He has been in commercials, on podcasts, on survival shows and in feature films. Often, he’s playing himself—his large- than-life personality is more suited to the screen than he ever thought possible. Rudy Reyes has a list of awards and accolades that he could stack to the ceiling, climb up and look down upon people he meets.
A little over 5 years ago, former Fire Chief and president/owner of HAIX—Ewald Haimerl—took on a project that had “hold my beer” written all over it. The result? A boot that must be worn to be believed.

Volcanoes: Earth’s Heart

Climbing mountains isn’t enough for Ulla Lohmann. This daring adventurer ventures inside. She is deeply fascinated by volcanoes and the people living around them. Her travels regularly involve spectacular displays of nature, curious cults, and very close calls.
Most of us have heard the adage “All dogs go to heaven”.
No argument here.

Many other goodest boys and bestest girls bring a touch of heaven to earth.
I agree.

Then there are SOME dogs that bring goodness and hope and light to the men and women that regularly stare directly into hell—both personal and professional—just to keep us safe and protected.

These dogs are First Responder Therapy Dogs. And this is a story about Kerith, a Golden Retriever who loved so hard and so well, she started a movement.


Policeman and Producer.
Podcaster and Protector.
Vlogger and Viral Sensation.

HAIX had a chance to chat with Officer Nick Perez—manager and content creator behind the social media phenom “Nick Off Duty”.

The GOAT in Wildfire Prevention

Whether you’ve watched the clips, read the articles or stepped outside into a haze of well-traveled smoke, you can’t miss the historic wildfires burning in Western Canada. And if you’ve tuned in to news media lately, you may have also heard of Tim Arrowsmith.

Arrowsmith is the owner/founder of the Red Bluff, CA company “Western Grazers”. Their “grazers” are goats, which happily eat brush and other wildfire fuels. Lately, goat herding has been a hot topic around California—leading some to believe that, unlike the threat of wildfires, Tim and his fellow goat herders might be diminishing in the coming months.

Celebrating 75 Years with 75 Fun Facts

This July, HAIX® is celebrating our 75th Birthday! So, we collected 75 fascinating facts about our company, and general footwear, that are sure to pique your curiosity and hopefully grow your appreciation for where we have been and where we are heading in the coming years!

Hero in a Half-Pipe

What do you get when you mix one part law enforcement officer, one part skater, one part jiu-jitsu instructor, one part community ambassador, one part trombone player and one part cold-plunge advocate? You get Officer Craig Hanaumi.

This fall, Craig will celebrate his 20th year in law enforcement. Over those 20 years, he has dedicated himself to the communities in which he serves, engaging his neighbors through his long list of talents and seemingly endless energy. Trying to pin him down into one category is as fruitless as a carnivore’s diet. But through a combination of social media research and Officer Craig’s own words, HAIX attempted to unlock the secret of his aloha spirit.
Ewald Haimerl shaped HAIX. When he joined the company in 1987, the family-run business had 15 employees and manufactured shoes for other brands.
The LeBeau family has been harvesting timber in the highlands of British Columbia for more than 80 years. But it wasn’t until 2021, inspired by the love of truck shows and managing social media accounts, that brothers Brent and Craig LeBeau invited television viewers inside their forwarders, harvesters, skidders, and feller bunchers for their show “Mud Mountain Haulers”. HAIX® had the chance to chat with the LeBeau brothers during filming of the third season.

The Future Looks Right at FDIC

Some things should never change within the fire, rescue, and emergency medical services.
Some things must. Situated firmly at the intersection of the past and the future of this industry, FDIC is “more than your traditional trade show”. FDIC celebrates continuing education, the latest innovation and professional dedication, drawing strength from yesterday to have the courage to face tomorrow. But how does honoring the past address needs in the future of fire and rescue?

Two Teams, One Goal

When asked about the NYPD vs FDNY hockey game, Wayne Gretzky—arguably the greatest player in the history of the sport—simply said, “This game is a full-on war and I’m glad I’m not playing in it.”

Bunker Boots Built for Battle

When someone says they are a firefighter, most of us can conjure up an image of the turnout coats, helmets, and firehoses. However, there is a vast difference in training and gear when responding to a burning house in a cul-de-sac and a fifth-floor walkup apartment in a densely populated city. HAIX® knows that many jobs within the fire industry have unique demands that require specialized features. The job is always tough, so we created this simple feature review of our most tried and trusted boots. Safe, comfortable, and thoughtfully designed—these are the HAIX® hallmarks.
As Hurricane Ian was approaching Florida’s west coast, Ohio-Task Force 1 was ready and waiting.

Considered the deadliest hurricane to hit Florida since 1935, Hurricane Ian made landfall on September 28, 2022. Search and Rescue teams from around the country were deployed to the area, and OH-TF1 was among the first to arrive.
March 8th is International Women’s Day, and our HAIX® Connect archives are rich with stories of incredible women blazing trails. Today, we feature Lumberjill Martha King, Florida Firefighter Julie Dudley, Officer Gina Ibarra and Outdoorswoman Careena Landriault, also known as Alexis Outdoors.

Queen of the Raptors

I’m Olivia, I am 26 years old, I grew up in Germany, and I have two great passions in life. My first passion is aviation. After getting my degree in business and mechanical engineering in Munich, I decided to move to the U.S. and become a helicopter pilot, which is what I do for a living now.  But my spare time is almost entirely consumed by my second passion: falconry. Falconry is the ancient art of hunting wild quarry in its natural state and habitat by means of a trained raptor.

Training to Survive

The "Horizons" logo of the German space mission is stuck to the front of the training helicopter. Below that is Alexander Gerst's autograph in white letters. In February last year, the prominent German astronaut was here for training. "A great guy," says Thorsten. The trainer at the RelyOn Nutec Center in Bremerhaven had the honor to train the astronaut and scientist in Helicopter Underwater Escape.
This past fall, weartesters from all over the U.S. and Canada got the chance to try out a pair of HAIX Black Eagle Tactical side zip boots, 1000 to be exact! Over 7000 Law Enforcement professionals applied for an opportunity to weartest the boot of their choice and to provide us with their honest feedback. Chosen weartesters wore the boots on the job, testing them out in multiple scenarios. All we asked was that they give us their feedback on a number of different features such as comfort, quality, boot weight and durability.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Firefighting is a challenging and high-risk profession that requires courage and dedication from those who choose to take on the role.

The World's Most Peaceful Police Force

Iceland has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Its 700 police officers serve a population of less than 370,000. But Heiðrún Huld, a K-9 officer in training, is never bored. Her police dog, Buster, keeps her busy around the clock.
Firefighters, EMTs and Law Enforcement professionals can be exposed to blood, bodily fluids, and viruses while on the job. Many first responders wonder what they should do if their boots get exposed to blood or bodily fluids, especially those of a potentially infectious patient. While nothing can 100% guarantee non-transmission of different pathogens, or the 100% elimination of viruses from your footwear, this article can provide guidance on keeping yourself protected regarding your footwear.
This past spring, HAIX North America conducted a weartest with tree care professionals throughout the United States and Canada. With a huge pool of applicants to pick from, 100 participants were chosen to wear test either the Protector Prime or Airpower XR200. Weartesters were to wear the boots on the job, putting the boots through their paces, and then provide their feedback. The survey included questions which focused on items such as comfort, quality, waterproofness, and slip resistance.
12 German athletes, 12 pairs of HAIX boots and several bags filled with competition clothing made their way to Calgary in Canada at the beginning of September to take part in the FireFit World Championships there. In Spruce Meadows, the largest equestrian facility in the world, the red and yellow competition arena, including a 12 meter high tower, was set up and was centrally located, surrounded by the various equestrian arenas. In addition to the athletes, international guests were able to get a feel for the firefighting sport and watch the competitions from the edge of the course.
Every year, the anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks serves as a point to remember those whom we have lost. Over 3,000 people died that day; 441 of those deaths were first responders who ran into fire and smoke as the building crumbled in order to save others. In the two decades since the attack, nearly 4,000 more first responders have lost their battle with cancer and other illnesses stemming from Ground Zero. Every year, Americans gather to honor the brave men and women who gave their lives to save others and to raise money for ongoing healthcare for our first responders.
Energy sustainability is an issue which HAIX has been quietly pursuing in the background for many years. The company’s engagement in this area is manifested by using efficient construction methods, carbon-neutral heating and clean energy production. Electricity is taken from the sun, and wood is used to provide warmth. Insulation is integrated into the facades of the company’s buildings, while HAIX has also been using electric vehicle technology to cover all shorter distances since as far back as 2017.
Slipping around in your boots, developing blisters and banging into the toe box is unmistakably miserable for everyone. For military, logging and forestry personnel who regularly traverse up and down rugged terrain, it’s also downright dangerous.

HAIX® North America’s innovative 2-zone lacing system for work boots locks between the lower and upper boot sections—delivering ultimate surefooted comfort and control.
As a law enforcement officer in Chicago, working in the position she’d always wanted with a canine partner, Officer Gina Ibarra also found a certain measure of social media fame. Officer Ibarra says the journey to be where she is today wasn’t always easy, but was worth it, because she’s made meaningful lifelong connections.
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Our feet are an intricate network of bones, ligaments, tendons and muscles, working together to keep us upright and moving.

All that support, though, doesn’t come without a cost. Our feet are prone to stress, pain and injury—especially when wearing poor-quality shoes while standing or walking for long periods, two signature characteristics of law enforcement.
When most people think of loggers, they envision a burly man swinging an axe to chop wood, but one woman is changing what it means to be a lumberjack athlete. Martha King doesn’t resemble the stereotypical bearded man in flannel, but her skills with axes and saws have brought her to the top of the lumberjack sports world.
A unique sound filled Interschutz this year. The mournful call of bagpipes spread throughout the trade show, calling visitors to gather at the HAIX booth. Wide-eyed listeners were drawn in by a pipe and drum band made up of Americans playing an instrument that many at the German trade show had never heard before.

The Many Uses of GORE-TEX Boots

Test the water, get your feet wet: Taking it slow when trying new things is so common as to be cliche. Doing either, literally, in the wrong footwear, though, can really stink. Smelly feet—known medically as bromodosis—is caused by moisture interacting with bacteria and other microorganisms naturally found on our skin. Potential problems don’t end there. Wet feet can cause outbreaks of nail fungus, athlete’s foot and, in extreme cases, trench foot—a serious condition causing numbness, blisters, and painful cracks or ulcers to develop. Waterproof yet breathable boots are your answer.
Do you work a physically demanding job? Are safety and performance a key requirement for your everyday responsibilities? If you answered yes to the last two questions, then HAIX performance footwear is the smart choice for your next pair of workplace boots. Specially designed for the needs of firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, forestry personnel, military, and more – our boots feature the specific performance, safety, and support features demanded by working professionals across the globe.

What to Consider When Buying Logger Boots

There is nothing easy about the job of a logger. Committed to long days working outdoors, logging professionals must perform their job in whatever conditions mother nature throws at them – whether that’s extreme heat, cold, rain, snow, ice, or wind. Facing elemental and workplace hazards daily, it is important to prepare yourself with the best possible equipment to meet your job site demands. That is where HAIX footwear can help.
First responders are often viewed as the strongest and bravest among us, but many people forget that first responders need support too. 

While many people run from dangerous and traumatic situations, police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel are run towards them, which, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, puts them at a higher risk of trauma. Because first responders are considered the bravest and strongest among us, some first responders say the struggles first responders have with mental health often goes unnoticed. This issue of untreated mental health, which firefighter Blake Stinnet says is often overlooked, can have devastating effects. 
Officer Carl Farrington’s doctor says he’s lucky to still have his foot. 

In August of 2020, the officer from Lawrence, Massachusetts says he was sent to an apartment building for a report of a break in. That’s when one of the suspects fled and hit him with a car. Farrington sustained serious injuries during the attack, including a brain bleed and broken bones. He says he also almost lost his foot, but it was saved by his HAIX Airpower XR1.
Tags: safety month, xr1
The job is dangerous – your footwear should keep you safe. HAIX boots are designed with the toughest materials and innovative safety features to make sure you make it home each day.

More Than Just a Game: FDNY vs. NYPD

The NYPD and FDNY hockey teams play many games throughout a season, but the game where the two face off seems to be more important than the rest. This year, the annual rivalry game between the two was held on April 30 at UBS Arena in Elmont, New York. This was the first time the foes met in brand new UBS Arena, which opened its doors in late 2021.

In Technical Rescue, Readiness is Key

In Technical Rescue, readiness is key. You train to be put to the test, to use your skills for, in some cases, the unthinkable. Tech Rescue can be highly risky, but has a relatively low frequency of need. So, you must be prepared because you could be called out in a moment’s notice. So, you prepare. With your training and with your gear. Equipping yourself with the best equipment is tantamount to a successful operation. This includes your PPE, which can be all that is between you and the hazards you encounter on an operation. Choosing the right footwear can make all the difference, especially on a rescue that requires you to be on your feet for hours. Personal safety is paramount, but should you have to sacrifice comfort as well?
On Monday, April 18, an emergency call was sent out for two canoers in central Kentucky who didn’t return before dark as they said they would. After hours of teamwork, multiple agencies searched for the duo and found them the next morning, approximately six miles from where they had intended to return.
Properly caring for your fire equipment will help preserve both its longevity and performance. This includes how you routinely treat the equipment, and how frequently you clean it. HAIX North America offers advanced leather firefighter boots that are designed for years of hard use. Even with our above-average build quality, material choices, and performance features, there are some easy-care tips you can incorporate to maximize the life of our leather fire boots.
You work hard, and your HAIX® boots do too. After a while, your favorite pair could become worn down; however, you might not have to give them up. Instead of purchasing a new pair, your boots can be given new life through the HAIX® Extended Wear Program. This program is designed for products that are no longer covered by warranty; this means there’s a way to care for your boots even after the warranty period is up.

Are You Prepared for Wildfire Season?

With wildfire season just around the corner, we caught up with Jason Brooks, a 54 year old NYC DEC Wildland Firefighter and Trainer with North American Training Solutions in vegetation management safety. He has also served as an Assistant Instructor on several S level classes for the purpose of federal wild land certification. Currently he is working on a project in California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains directly in the shadow of the Dixie fire that consumed almost one million acres last season. When he is not out west, he makes his home in Northern NY in the offseason.

Carving a Name for Himself

We got a chance to catch up with Chad Gainey, a 42 year old professional chainsaw sculpture artist from the Panama City, FL area. His sculptures are spread throughout the United States and Canada, with even a few in Europe. He is also a global ambassador for Husqvarna where he can showcase his skill, professionalism, and knowledge of Husqvarna chainsaws. He has been able to carve a career for himself in this physically demanding medium, using his imagination to create art from a large chunk of wood.
This past fall, HAIX® North America conducted a weartest with various professionals such as Landscapers, Arborists, Construction workers and others throughout the United States and Canada. Many signed up for the chance to weartest a pair of the new HAIX® AIRPOWER® XR26 safety boots, but only 100 would be able to get the opportunity to test a pair for themselves. Weartesters were to wear the boots on the job, testing the boots in multiple scenarios, and then provide their feedback. The survey included questions which focused on items such as comfort of the boot and the toe cap, quality, waterproofness, and foot temperature.

Shaping Nature

Almost any tree can be turned into a bonsai, which is probably the reason why there is such widespread fascination for the time-consuming art form. A passion that Johannes Fischer has cultivated in his own garden for more than 20 years. In HEROES WORLD, he reveals the methods he has developed for bonsai trees.

Made in Europe Begins in the Pasture

Leather is a natural product and an ideal material to make comfortable and high-quality shoes. Unfortunately, from time to time, images of unspeakable conditions in Asian tanneries put this natural raw material into a questionable light. Not with us! Never at HAIX!
Just under two and a half minutes of sheer determination and total commitment – that’s the time in which firefighter May Tømmervold runs the entire FCC course with SCBA on her back. At the Firefighter Combat Challenge World Championships in November 2021, the Norwegian won four times. But 14 days prior to the event, her participation was on the line.
Many hard-working men and women in various service industries rely on safety work boots to keep them protected on the job. Hazards like fire, water, chemicals, dangerous contaminants, heavy equipment, rough terrain, and much more can all negatively impact your capabilities and safety working on the jobsite. To best address the common needs of every industry, HAIX® North America has robust lines of safety work boots for firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, loggers, arborists, and military.

Why is it Important to Wear Safety Shoes?

Without a question, safety should always be the top-priority for any job that involves physical labor. Whether you are an fire fighter, a forestry professional, or an industrial plant engineer—having the proper pair of boots or shoes designed for application-specific performance and safety is essential.
A shoe or boot’s primary function is to provide protection for our feet as we go about our daily lives. Most times you just need something that can take you from point A to point B with a certain level of comfort. And in the case of a stiletto heel, maybe not so much comfort!

Shoes and boots can also provide a high level of protection from hazards like fire and chemicals, or can protect your toes from getting crushed, or provide any number of other protective features. But shoes can also be a function of decoration and fashion, a way to show your personality.

For a little fun leading into the holiday season, we decided to gather some fun and interesting tidbits from shoe history to share.

Holiday Toy Program

Tis the season for giving, whether it be to family, friends or even a stranger. It can come in the form of a kind act, a warm meal, or even a tangible gift for someone. As the holiday approaches, no matter how you celebrate – Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa – the holiday is also about giving to others. And we don’t want to forget about the children; there is nothing better than seeing the excitement of a child during the holidays.

From Concept to Fire Boot

As with every HAIX boot, the development of a firefighter boot requires real teamwork: a collaboration between artisan shoemakers, design experts and quality specialists in an intensive exchange across departments. And the boot can only meet HAIX's high standards when these collaborators work meticulously with the production, sales, and marketing teams as well.

Mission PINK

Vendelin wears pink and talks about breasts. Did that attract your attention? That is exactly his goal. The pink firefighter speaks openly about breast cancer, wants to educate people, and work on prevention. Having started as a lone fighter, it was not long before he was no longer alone on his mission.

Farm to Table

One thing that can be said about Woodworker, Will Ney, is that he does take the road less traveled. He is “carving” a name for himself one table at a time. Born and raised in Kentucky as Will says, “in a small town between two other small towns”, Will never even used a hammer until he was 30. Having graduated from Transylvania University with a philosophy and political science degree his first career was a librarian. He kind of tumbled upon woodworking when he decided to build a doghouse for his new dog. After much trial and error, he ended up discovering a love of working with his hands. A new hobby was born which eventually developed into a full-blown career.

The Importance of Proper Fire Boots

Few people are brave enough to do the job of a fire fighter. Putting their lives on the line to help others who cannot help themselves makes it one of the most selfless service jobs around. If you are one of these impressive men and women helping fight fires around the United States, selecting the best possible fire fighter boots is an investment in your future safety and performance. At HAIX® North America, we specialize in crafting some of the most sought after leather fire boots for years of impressive performance and protection.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boot

Purpose-built footwear is essential for many work and recreational activities. HAIX North America offers high-quality law enforcement boots, fire fighter boots, logger work boots, safety toe work boots, and leather hiking boots, each designed with various features and advantages specific to their intended applications. If you are in the market for a new performance boot or shoe that will last, it is important to choose a model with the exact performance and comfort features you need. Since our founding in 1948, HAIX North America has offered an expansive selection of professional-grade footwear to a number of safety and service professionals. Still not sure which model is right for you? Consider the following tips to help you narrow down your search.

Honoring the 343

This past September 11th, HAIX got the honor to participate in Southport Fire Department’s remembrance ceremony that honored the 343 firefighters that were lost on 9/11, twenty years before. The sacrifices of the first responders were commemorated by an impactful display and ceremony. 343 pairs of HAIX boots were on display in orderly lines in front of the firehouse, each with its own small U.S. flag. The department also honored the memory of the 23 officers with NYPD and 37 officers of the Port Authority PD that were lost that day. Sixty Thin Blue Line flags were placed in the grassy area between the Fire Department and the Police Department. The eight Emergency Medical Technicians that were lost were also represented with eight Stars of Life on display.

Bravest vs Finest

Each year, the friendly rivalry between New York’s finest, FDNY, and New York’s bravest, NYPD, takes to the ice to shoot it out for bragging rights. And although both teams play in other tournaments throughout the year, this is the game that means the most. As Team Manager Derek Kern mentioned, “This is our Stanley Cup.”
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Why GORE-TEX Boots are Highly Recommended

Inspired by fashion, performance, and support—boots are a staple in the wardrobe of men and women around the world. Due to their robust construction, many boots are designed to perform best in adverse conditions, such as mud, water, sand, snow, and ice. One of the most popular proprietary technologies utilized across many of the top-footwear brands is GORE-TEX® waterproofing. This technology has been tested and proven for many years, and can add immediate value to any boot. HAIX® has over 70 years of experience developing some of the best work and recreation boots in the global market. Recognizing the value in GORE-TEX® technology, we build it into many of our products. Here are some of the key factors that make them so highly recommended.
The job of a law enforcement officer is unpredictable. You may spend hours behind the wheel, then out of nowhere are forced to jump from your seat and sprint full speed after a potential suspect. Quick reaction times are critical in police work, and having the right pair of law enforcement footwear for the job can help you move as quickly and confidently as possible. HAIX North America specializes in crafting some of the highest quality law enforcement shoes available, helping the brave men and women serving our communities stay as safe and prepared as possible. Here are some of the key features you should look for when selecting a pair of law enforcement footwear.
With all the discussion regarding climate change and global warming, impacts in the United States are already being felt. Rising sea levels, higher temperatures, and more precipitation are being seen throughout the U.S. and a more active hurricane season is predicted again in 2021. As a result, more and more cities, even those not on a coast, are finding themselves dealing with dangerous flooding scenarios. River flooding, coastal flooding, flash floods, and urban flooding, as experienced by NYC in early June, are all on the rise. And even though citizens in flood-prone areas are constantly reminded to be cautious when they see flooded roadways, they may not always err on the side of caution. It only takes a foot of water to stall a vehicle and drag it away, and half that depth for a person on foot.

Putting Fitness to the Test

Sean Sullivan is a retired Captain with Frankfort Fire & EMS in Frankfort, KY Department and currently is a Master Sergeant Assistant Chief 445th air Force Reserves out of Ohio. He has been a firefighter for 26 years and started in the Combat Challenge back in 2007. A buddy in the department talked him into doing it and they thought it would be fun. Turned out it was a double-edged sword.

Digging Into Landscaping

All of us enjoy spending time in outdoor spaces. For many, it can be a welcome retreat from a hectic and stressful workday, a peaceful oasis in which to unwind. Many of our most memorable experiences, even on vacations, often take place out of doors. In the ever-increasing business of everyday life, having access to the outdoors and nature, including planned green spaces, are becoming more important than ever. But how many of us really pay attention to our own outdoor spaces? How do you even begin to create an outdoor space that can very well be your sanctuary after a demanding day? Turning to a professional landscape architect can be the solution. They understand how to create a space that integrates nature with man-made structures.
Temperatures over 95 degrees, firefighting equipment weighing around 90 pounds and a hose package that weighs a whopping 42 pounds. So much for the key stats of the FireFit European Championship, which was held during Interschutz Community Days 2021 in Hanover, Germany. The only way to cool down on these hotter than hot days: water from the fire hose. And that was certainly made use of every single day. Whether tandem, relay, or individual run - the men and women firefighters demonstrated just what this firefighting competition is all about at the Hanover exhibition center.

Julie Dudley: Always Up For A Challenge

Florida Firefighter, Julie Dudley, is living proof that you are only as old as you feel. Hailing from Jupiter, Florida, Julie is a 21-year veteran career firefighter with Palm Beach Gardens Fire Rescue. You would never guess it, but this elite athlete is the mother of two grown children and a grandmother as well. Graduating from the fire academy in 1997, Julie put herself through EMT, Paramedic, and the academy while a single mother raising her children. She was able to start her career while still in medic school and can proudly say she has been with the same department for her entire career.

The Evolution of Wildland Firefighting Boots

Wildland firefighting has always faced many challenges, but the challenges have increased as wildland fires have grown in size and magnitude over the last 25 years. During a fire, wildland firefighters face long hours dealing with challenging and changing conditions. Wildland firefighters spend the majority of their time on their feet, walking over rugged and steep terrain, in hot temperatures, all while carrying the gear they need for extended time out on the fire line.
“One step in the green, one step in the burned,” says Operating Commander Marco Marques. Such a statement is not just lip service. His wildfire fighters are elite troops who belong to the Portuguese National Republican Guard (GNR) and fight daily on the borderline. The GNR can only successfully fight forest fires from the very front line. They complete over 4,000 deployments a year, setting out in helicopters or emergency vehicles to tackle smoldering fires before they have a chance to flare up seriously. The minimum objective is to damp down any blazes so that they can be quickly dealt with by fire units on the ground.

The Benefits of Wool Blend Socks

A good pair of high tech socks, in a quality wool blend, is the first line of defense for dry, comfortable and, most importantly, blister free feet. High tech socks can be a big improvement over cotton socks.
The summer of 2020 was a different summer – also with regard to firefighting competitions. The Interschutz trade show has been postponed to 2022, many other competitions have also been rescheduled or cancelled. Apart from the physical slowdown, it is the friendships and the fire competition family that athletes are missing most. May Tømmervold, a Norway firefighter and an athlete that is part of Team HAIX® in Europe, also tells this story...

To Hell and Back

At the Scott County Fire Department, the final day of recruit training is the recruit’s longest day, appropriately nicknamed Hell Day. The recruits have a 24-hour shift where they run through a series of real-life scenarios in order to give them an idea of what being a firefighter is really like. It takes place at the Scott County Fire Department Training Grounds, where 2 primary trainers and a number of assisting trainers put them through mock drills made to simulate real life situations. The recruits will do everything from mock medical runs, mock 10-46’s, structure fires, and search and rescue scenarios.

Making Your HAIX Boots "Like New" Again

Do you have a favorite pair of HAIX® boots that are just so comfortable you hate to give them up? With the HAIX® Extended Wear Program, you might not have to. The HAIX® Extended Wear Program allows you to extend the life of your “broken in” boots. You can choose to get your boots retreaded or even opt to get a full refurb to make them almost like new. Bear in mind, the extended wear program is an option after your HAIX® boots are out of the HAIX® warranty period.
Today’s firefighting boots need to do more than just keep your feet dry, they need to keep you protected in many other ways. Firefighting boots have come a long way from those clunky rubber boots of old. Even though leather boots have been around for years, many fire departments opt to purchase rubber boots over leather boots. Many times, the decision frankly comes down to cost. While rubber boots are cheaper, cost should not be the only factor that comes into play.

Get to Know Alexis Outdoors

We met up with Careena Landriault, better known as Alexis Outdoors. As an avid outdoorswoman in Ontario, she has a mission to educate others about the great outdoors, especially women and young people, and a passion to teach the necessary skills to get people more comfortable with the outdoors. She started a youtube channel where she showcases her adventures out in the wild so others, who may not have access, can enjoy what nature has to offer. We asked her to tell us a little about herself and why she does what she does.
This past fall, HAIX North America conducted a weartest with law enforcement professionals throughout the United States and Canada. When the call went out for participants, nearly 8,000 respondents applied for the chance to test a pair of Black Eagle Tactical boots of their choice. 1,000 participants were chosen to wear test either the Black Eagle® Tactical GTX High Side Zip or the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 FL boots.

Foot Protection - Put Your Feet First

Safety boots have come a long way in the last few years, and the availability of choices in safety footwear is staggering. Safety boots can vary widely in quality and features. When considering safety footwear, certainly you want to consider the level of protection your boots are going to provide given your work environment, but you also want to take into consideration the features they offer with regard to comfort and overall foot health.

Stroke Unit Down Under

Daniel Kogler, a Paramedic with the Vienna Ambulance Service, has been traveling the world to experience how emergency rescue workers operate in different countries. He completed a 4-week internship in Australia where he spent time with different ambulance services.

The Importance of Good Fire Boots

We all know that firefighting boots need to protect you from the inherent hazards you encounter on the job, we have minimum NFPA standards that all firefighting boots have to meet to ensure that happens. But so much more can go into a fire boot that can take it beyond just the minimum.
For all the resilient men and women that work in the forestry industry, there needs to be a pair of logger work boots that are up to the task of handling all the tough terrain and hazardous materials they are faced with.
If you are one of the many brave men and women that perform the duties of a firefighter, then you know how vital it is that every article of clothing you put on keeps you protected. While this of course includes your helmet, coat, facemask, and gloves, one of the most important pieces of equipment is your firefighter boots.

HAIX Nordic Experience

Back in the summer, HAIX corporate had a competition where one lucky winner, and a friend, would get to go to north of the Arctic Circle for a 3-day adventure. Anna, a police inspector from Mettman, is about to embark on the HAIX Nordic Summer Experience. Joining her is best buddy, Judith, from Wuppertal.

Goretex vs Crosstech

What HAIX puts inside their boots is just as important as what’s on the outside. Sure, you want your boots to look good, but you also want boots that keep your feet dry and comfortable day in and day out. And for some of you, you also need to keep your feet protected from some of the nasty stuff you can come in contact with on the job.

Interview with Chief Miller

Chief Joel Miller, also more commonly known as Chief Miller, is a well-known fixture in the social media realm which caters to firefighters. He has many irons in the fire that keeps his days pretty full. He is an active duty Fire Chief in the great state of Louisiana, runs the largest fire Instagram page in the world, is a Fire Department social media consultant, and owns Chief Miller apparel where you can get can get some cool firefighter t-shirts, hats and other apparel.

Innovative Features - MSL System

When you hear the name HAIX (pronounced hikes), what comes to mind? HAIX is synonymous with quality, certainly there is no question about that, but HAIX is also an innovator, putting a lot of research and testing into the development of their boots. One of the many innovations featured in HAIX boots, and where HAIX continues to stand alone, is with our MSL (Micro Soft Light) system. You will find this system featured primarily in the HAIX fire boot line.
Unlike other fire boots on the market, HAIX uses a foam injection method with our fire boot soles which completely fills the sole cavity. As seen in the video, foam is injected through an injection hole at the back of the sole through a high-pressure process that allows the foam to fill all nooks and crannies. This allows us to achieve a permanent bond between the sole and the upper that won’t pull apart and fail on the job. It also helps to reduce the overall weight of the boot and, as a further benefit, makes the boot 100% watertight. Since many failures with waterproof boots occur at the point where the sole attaches to the upper, HAIX virtually eliminates this troublesome issue.
For the safety of yourself and your coworkers, many utility workers, factory workers, linemen, parcel services, and construction workers rely on slip resistant shoes. You may have just been hired on to one of these positions and are wondering what is up with this. Here are a variety of reasons why you should wear slip resistant shoes on the job...

What Makes For a Great Hiking Boot?

When you get out on the trail, the most important piece of gear you can pack will not go in your backpack; they will be on your feet. When optimized properly, both synthetic and leather hiking boots offer the protection and enhanced capability you need to take on almost any trail. While traditional running or casual shoes may do just fine on the flat, even terrains, you never know when a large hill, muddy lowland, or rocky surface will come up, leaving you ill-prepared or stranded and forced to turn around. When looking for hiking boots, there are a few things to consider for choosing the best option possible.

The power of women when seconds count

HAIX® celebrated International Women’s Day by raffling off an intensive training course whereby the winners would get to take part in a course focusing on rescue operations at accident sites. And there was something different about this group of rescue trainees – yes, everyone was from a fire department or technical aid organization, but they were also all women! A group of 12 women, who came from all over Germany, were chosen to take part in the training. The group consisted of breathing apparatus specialists, section leaders and machine operators from small volunteer agencies and major city departments.
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Quality that Rises Above

Quality describes "the quality of all properties of an object". And all the individual parts together make the whole. If any of these individual parts are not up to standard or, worse, are of poor quality, it will affect the overall whole. If, for example, the leather that is used in a boot is not ok, the boot can tear or have leaks.
Only when a boot is of high quality can it perform its tasks and ensure the safety and comfort of the wearer in extreme situations. This is why HAIX relies on high-quality materials for its "Made in Europe" boots and subjects all parts of the whole to strict quality controls.

HAIX Oldtimer Fleet

The noticeable hum of the engine seems to announce some special vehicles are on their way and they are quite a sight to behold! Wherever they are on display, these vintage cars and trucks stand out and attract people to come over and take a look. There are a total of six collector’s vehicles in the HAIX® Oldtimer Fleet with over 300 years of experience that tell the stories of previous owners and countless adventures!

HAIX® Brings Authenticity to HANNA

The second season of the critically acclaimed Amazon Prime series, HANNA, is streaming now and picks right up where season one left off. This international thriller follows, Hanna, a teenager who was raised and trained by her father in a remote forest in Romania, before she is forced to flee, after finding out she is being targeted by the CIA. Her escape takes her all across Europe, as she tries to elude CIA agents while also learning the truth about herself, her parents, and her involvement in the secret U.S. military project, UTRAX, which breeds children to be assassins.
The new Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 FL was put to the test and the results are in! Last spring, HAIX® launched a weartest contest where 200 lucky winners were chosen to test out the new Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 FL and give us their honest impressions of our new boot.

When to Refurbish and When to Retire

We all have our favorite pair of HAIX boots that fit just like a glove. They’re broken in and feel great, but there always comes a time when you need to look at either refurbishing them or give them the boot. HAIX does have an Extended Wear Program where you can refurb your boots once they are out of warranty, but there can be a point of no return for refurbishment too. So, what do you need to look for to decide whether to refurbish that favorite pair or just spring for a new pair?

Capturing the Flames

Tod Sudmeier is a retired firefighter and photojournalist from Redlands, California specializing in fire and emergency service photography. His photos have appeared in several publications including The Firemen’s Grapevine, Southern California Fire Journal, 911 Magazine, and Wildland Firefighter. His work has also been used as part of San Bernardino County Fire’s Annual Report and many training presentations. We spoke with Tod about his passion and how he is able to bring fire scenes to life through his photography!
Information about COVID-19 is changing rapidly that’s why it is important that first responders (including firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics) are prepared as they encounter new cases and try to keep the general public and themselves safe. This may mean they have to adjust their regular operations and standards in order to effectively allocate resources in the face of overwhelming demand due to the pandemic. We talked with several departments across the country about how they are combating the spread of the Coronavirus, as restrictions ease in many states across the country.

Stay fit with the HAIX Workout Family

With many gyms and sports clubs closed due to COVID-19, most of our daily lives are largely contained to our own four walls. For many, the only physical activity now is in the home, but with the proximity of the fridge and couch, falling into bad habits is tempting. This is not necessarily good for your health, so our HAIX® workout family has put together a few exercises that you can easily do at home. Most of the training equipment that our athletes use can be found in every household: a yoga mat, chair, backpack and a water bottle. These athletes show you how you can train at home with little effort and without equipment – so you can live the motto: "Stay Home - Stay Strong!"
Special Forces for Medical Emergencies employs conventional and unconventional techniques to provide care and treatment. Bernd S. is a specialized instructor of elite forces for medical deployments. The men and women that he trains will later put their own lives on the line, in order to save lives, by carrying out rescues in extreme emergencies. HAIX® was invited to the training center near Frankfurt, Germany where scenarios of all kinds are practiced. Bernd coaches experienced emergency workers in the physical and psychological aspects of such “special situations”. The conditions presented during training are as close as possible to the reality of special forces operations.

Real Innovation with Added Value

Clever minds are working on innovations for more safety and comfort at HAIX®

Literally translated, innovation means "reform" or "change". Producing a shoe in a new color is not an innovation. Rather, it is about further developing a product so that it offers the user real added value. With innovative features, HAIX ensures that shoes are not only safe but also comfortable.
With so much uncertainty in the world today as a result of COVID-19, and the way things keep changing every day, HAIX® has been closely monitoring directives from local, state and federal governmental entities and public health officials in order to adapt our daily operations and how we do business. As a manufacturer/distributor of personal protective footwear to law enforcement, public safety personnel, and first responders, HAIX® falls under the Department of Homeland Security definition of essential critical infrastructure workforce.
AGO stands for “Another Great Opportunity” – a great chance. That was probably his first thought, when the Italian, Francesco Rampichini, discovered a new adhesive in 1911. With AGO adhesive, leather could be glued to leather for the first time, which revolutionized shoe manufacturing. Of course, Rampichini's adhesive has been further developed over the decades and is now a high-tech product that is also used at HAIX's headquarters in Bavaria, Germany.

Wildfire Prevention Tips

Did you know, forests and woodlands cover almost a third of the Earth's land, including over 700 million acres in the United States alone? That’s about the same size as 529 million football fields!

We Live Sustainability!

At HAIX®, we are committed to our corporate responsibility of sustainability through the efficient use of materials and energy. We value the use of low-pollutant substances for our products. Through optimized transport routes, waste minimization and the use of photovoltaic systems, our production sites are committed to conserving resources!

Protect Your Feet with Chainsaw Safety Boots

Chainsaw safety boots are designed to handle some of the most intense conditions possible. The goal of these boots is twofold:

• Protect your feet from the elements and the risks you face on the job.
• Support your feet to ensure you can keep working without any limitations.

Though not all products are the same, there are some key aspects you can expect in the best products.
Tradition and high-tech - do they go together? Yes, they fit like a glove! Or like HAIX shoes on the feet of heroes. It all started very small. Over 70 years ago, company founder Xaver Haimerl added the X of his first name to the first three letters of his last name and began to manufacture hiking and work boots in the Bavarian town of Mainburg. In 1992, his son, Ewald Haimerl, developed the first leather firefighting boot. The rest is history ...
Picking a reliable pair of safety toe work boots is an important decision, so you need to be aware of all of the factors that determine what boot will be the best for you. There is much more to the process than just buying boots in your size, although size is important. You also need to take into consideration the structure, materials, and features that are built into safety toe work boots to ensure you get the best end result.

Surviving Winter - 5 Tips for Cops

Winter is upon us, and regardless of what region of the country you live, the temperatures are getting colder. This creates new challenges for first responders who have to work out in the elements, especially police officers. Here are some cold weather tips and preparedness advice to keep you safe both off and on-duty.

What Composite Toe Work Boots Can Do for You

As a worker in the field, anticipated and unanticipated dangerous situations can arise that will the safety of your feet and toes. Composite toe work boots contain nonmetallic toe caps, making them particularly lightweight and comfortable to wear. The composite toe boots we offer at HAIX® are designed specifically to protect your toes from getting pierced or crushed by sharp or heavy objects.
Last Fall, HAIX® held a giveaway in which 1,000 police officers were selected to weartest the company's Black Eagle® Side Zip boots. Selected officers received a free pair of one of two models of their choice, the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip with GORE-TEX® or the Black Eagle® Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip without GORE-TEX®. Those chosen were given the complimentary boots in order to experience the quality of HAIX® footwear, including ultimate comfort and long-lasting durability. All HAIX® asked of each of the participants was to put the boots through their paces and then provide feedback after four weeks as to how the boots performed. Here’s a recap of the results of the HAIX® 1000 Pair Weartest Giveaway from Police Magazine.

How to Choose the Right Fire Fighter Boots

The most important investment a firefighter must make are in the boots he or she wears on the job. Firefighters cannot afford to be distracted by unnecessary discomfort and pain as they try to save the lives and property of others. Firefighting boots can be classified as Structural, USAR, Wildland, HAZMAT, or any combination of these mentioned. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) establishes standards for safety in fire fighter boots. At HAIX®, we meet the standard with the selection of fire fighter boots we offer.

Supporting Shop with a Cop

HAIX® is proud to support the Shop with a Cop initiative this holiday season! This can be a tough time of year for some families, so giving children the opportunity to purchase gifts for their loved ones with the help of local law enforcement is a very rewarding experience for all those involved. It also gives police officers the ability to interact with kids in a positive environment while also spreading Christmas cheer!

Supporting Toys for Tots

Established in 1947, Toys for Tots is the U.S. Marine Corps' premier community action program and America's most popular Children's Christmas time charity. Every year an average of 18 million toys are distributed to seven million under privileged children through the program. This year HAIX® has partnered with Toys for Tots to help bring a Merry Christmas to America’s less fortunate children.

In Search of Abandoned Places

Nic is a Paramedic, Adventurer, and Urban Explorer. In his free time, he visits abandoned places that you don't see in everyday life - uninhabited villas, empty nuclear shelters and exclusion zones near nuclear power plants. Sometimes it takes him months to find the right location. In his blog, Nic regularly reports about his experiences, accompanied by impressive photographs of his adventures.
PA-HART (Pennsylvania Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team) is a joint partnership between the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA), along with civilian rescue technicians or civilian trained swift water rescue specialists. This highly specialized aerial search and rescue team provides an air asset for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the United States as a whole. The team is assigned missions, at a state level, through the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency. They use unique rescue hoisting capabilities with the use of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter to provide life-saving search and rescue missions. Scott Grahn is a Senior Strike Team leader for PA-HART and has been involved with the team since its inception in 2007. HAIX® sat down with Scott to talk about his experiences.
Few people deserve to be celebrated more than the heroic men and women who risk their lives every day to keep us safe – we’re talking about firefighters! It’s important that we show our appreciation for their service and sacrifice, not just on September 11th, but all year long. Here are just some of the ways HAIX® is supporting firefighters throughout the year.

FDNY Fleet Services

The Fire Department of New York (FNDY) has around 430 vehicles in service at any given time, including fire trucks, aerials, tower ladders, equipment vehicles, chief and staff cars. In addition, there are hundreds of rescue and back-up vehicles. The Fleet Services team is in charge of the maintenance and repair of all vehicles in all 221 fire stations in New York City, and all work takes place at the FDNY Repair Center in Queens. HAIX® got exclusive access into the huge workshop to get a first-hand look at the facility that is keeping the nation’s largest fire department in service.

The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System

MABAS is an organization that jumps into action in the event of a major incident where the local fire department would be unable to cope on its own. The Mutual Aid Box Alarm System coordinates the response to large fires, train accidents, hazardous material incidents, airplane crashes, earthquakes and other emergencies with large numbers of causalities, providing intelligent and effective standardized rescue methods. It can mobilize 38,000 of the 40,000 firefighters in Illinois, and also assists fire departments in Iowa, Indiana and Wisconsin, while also providing equipment. The system is funded by its member organizations and no one is charged for its services. MABAS Plans Chief Tom Lovejoy gave us a first-hand look at their facility.

FDNY Academy: Training at the Rock

Near the Triboro Bridge in New York City, where the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx meet, FDNY has a 66-acre site known among firefighters as "The Rock". There on Randall’s Island, the department runs its Fire Academy where aspiring and experienced firefighters from each of the districts hone their rescue skills. The training is seen as one of the toughest courses in the world. And, that is why they call it "The Rock!"
Our guide, Rajendra, began to furrow his brow for the first time as we finally arrived at our destination. He expressed worry that the Thorong La Pass could be cut off if the thunderstorms we'd been pushing through turned into snow. We had planned to cross it on the ninth day of our Annapurna trek in Nepal. If the rain did in fact turn to snow, there would be no alternative but to turn around and go back the way we came.
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Real Action at Rescue 5 on Staten Island

Our four-part series on FDNY continues as we take an in-depth look at some of the unique divisions of the world’s most famous Fire Department. In series one, we focused on the legendary team from Rescue 1 in Manhattan, which responded to the 9/11 attacks. For series two, HAIX® got up close and personal with the team at Rescue 5 on Staten Island.
Safety, Family, Integrity, Quality and Positivity… these are the core values at the heart of North American Training Solutions (NATS). These values are why HAIX® is proud of its partnership with the world’s largest team of certified, expert instructors who provide superior tree industry related training and education. NATS specializes in practical training, educational seminars and certification for arborists and other high angle industries.
New York is known as the city that never sleeps, and no one knows this better than the more than 11,000 firefighters of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY). Seconds after an explosion, dark smoke rose from a narrow brick building on 2nd Avenue in Manhattan’s trendy East Village. Four houses were on fire and one building had already collapsed. It was later revealed that the explosion was caused by work on the water and gas mains. The first fire engine arrived on the scene, followed by ambulances and police cars.

Detroit's Heroes Wear HAIX!

There is a new sense of optimism in Detroit as the city starts to recover from hardships in recent years. Fire stations were being shut down and firefighters were forced to use poor gear, but now the city is investing money again. Rescue and emergency services is high on the list of government priorities and impressive progress is being made. Mike Nevin, the President of the Detroit Firefighter Association, believes HAIX® is the number one option to keep his colleagues safe on the job and he is excited they will be outfitted in HAIX® boots in the future.

HAIX® World Grand Opening!

Did you know that HAIX® has its own retail stores in Germany? In fact, there are now three shops throughout the country that are solely dedicated to selling HAIX® footwear, clothing and accessories. Last month, our newest and biggest store yet opened its doors to customers for the first time! The Grand Opening of HAIX® World went off with a flurry of excitement! More than 8,000 HAIX fans from around Germany and Europe came out to the new location to check out the large-scale festivities!

100% Made in Europe – Guaranteed!

As an innovative high-tech manufacturer, HAIX® meets the highest demands worldwide for functionality, quality and design. Our customers entrust us with safety in their jobs every day, 24 hours a day if necessary. That’s why our claim is no less than to offer the best shoes in the world.

Smoke Jumper Boots You Will Like Wearing

When your feet need protection from intense heat, water, and rough terrain, smoke jumper boots are a valuable investment. These boots are designed to provide you with exceptional support, and protect your feet from a range of hazards. At HAIX®, we offer a full line of these boots to protect your feet in wildland fires and other dangerous environments.

The Best EMS Work Boots for Women

If you are a woman and work in the EMS field, you are required to face many dangerous situations while you are on duty. That is why it is important to wear heavy-duty boots or shoes that provide you with the proper protection. HAIX® can provide the NFPA-certified EMS boots women need for to have the confidence that their feet are protected properly.

The Best Safety Toe Work Boots You Can Buy

At HAIX®, we offer a great line of safety toe work boots and shoes to deliver unparalleled protection. Our safety-toe options consist of an anatomically formed protective steel or composite toe that protects from impact and also prevents the front portion of your foot from crushing, impacts, and punctures. This ensures your feet receive the necessary protection, while also enjoying comfort while you are standing, walking, sitting, or crawling.
Hockey fans converged on Madison Square Garden in late March for the 46th Annual FDNY/NYPD Charity Hockey Game. Those lucky enough to get tickets saw the puck drop just before noon in front of a sold-out crowd of more than 18,000, as New York’s Bravest (FDNY) in the white jerseys, and New York’s Finest (NYPD) in blue, went head to head.
Logger boots are specific type of work boot designed to offer comfort and protection when traversing the demanding environments experienced by loggers. This means that they are also a great fit for many other professions and activities that have a need for similar capabilities. For those who spend all day on their feet in need comfortable, yet sturdy footwear, these boots can easily meet such requirements. When it comes to men’s logger boots, maneuverability, traction, and comfort are important features. At HAIX®, we offer a range of high-quality logger boots that are perfect for the most demanding outdoor activities.
At HAIX®, we offer a selection of SWAT tactical law enforcement boots that consist of a number of features that are essential for police and law enforcement professionals conducting dangerous tactical operations. These law enforcement boots are designed to assist the officer with quick, athletic movements. In addition, they enable silent and swift, stealth-like capabilities. They are also waterproof and durable.

Black Police Boots for Traction and Comfort

Police shoes and boots must be able to withstand a wide-range of weather and surface conditions, including rain, moisture, ice, and extreme heat. The high quality black police boots we offer at HAIX® are strong and durable in cold, warm, dry, and wet weather conditions. Specifically, the duty and tactical collections we offer provide outstanding characteristics that help law enforcement professionals perform their duties with comfort and confidence.
Specially developed for firefighters who combat structural fires, our line of structural firefighting boots from HAIX® can protect you when you are in the midst of battle with a dangerous conflagration. Whether you are charging up a flight of stairs inside a burning building or carrying a victim out of a dangerous situation to safety, you need boots that will provide you with the comfort and support necessary to make your job easier.
If you want to stay at the top of your game as a law enforcement officer, lightweight police boots by HAIX® are just what you need. They provide durability and comfort all day long. These heavy-duty, yet lightweight, black boots are a great option for police officers, tactical teams, or anyone else working on the force to protect our citizens.
Composite toe work boots, offered by HAIX®, are designed especially to protect your toes from piercing and crushing hazards from heavy or sharp objects. Your feet are one of your greatest assets, regardless of whether you are working or not. On the job, you may never know what dangers are coming on a given day. These composite toe safety shoes are constructed of nonmetal material which enhances the boot’s comfort and lightweight feel.
The wildfires in California have cost may people their homes and some even their lives over the past several years. One of those homes was the retirement community of former police officer and HAIX® consultant Jim Gerien and his wife. Their son, Scott, describes the situation of his parents after the dramatic evacuation...

New Shoppable Experience from Instagram!

Our new Instagram shoppable experience is now up and running! This service offers users the convenience of exploring products and purchasing items right from our Instagram gallery while socializing with other customers. These pictures show the boots in use, including challenges customers are tackling in their HAIX® footwear. All you have to do is click on a photo of a boot you like. Once you click on the product, you will be directed to an online shopping page where you can learn more about the features of our boots and even make a purchase.

Did You Know? | Interesting HAIX Facts

Last year HAIX® processed about 394,000 square meters of leather. This is approximately the size of 56 soccer fields! Tied together, the shoelaces for our shoes would stretch between New York and San Francisco! HAIX® produces approximately 6,000 pairs of boots each day (about 1.2 million pair per year!) Click to learn more...

HAIX Triple Threat is HERE!

We are excited to announce the addition of the Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip, fully manufactured and designed by HAIX® in Europe. The Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip is built with trail running technology so they are perfect for running down a suspect or for just taking a walk in the park.
Working in the logging industry can be full of adventure. For those who work out in the field cutting down large trees, having the best protection you can get is vital. It is very important to make sure your feet are protected and stable during the long hours you spend on your feet performing logging work. Our high-quality men’s logger boots will provide you with the traction, support, and safety you need for your feet. The boots we offer at HAIX are made from the best materials available, and are recommended for the most challenging logging environments.
When it comes time to choose the right boots for a long day of cutting, consider the boots on your feet. Chainsaws today can be very powerful, and include high-powered motors, with very sharp and heavy chains. While these machines are very good at cutting timber they can also pose a threat to the operator and bystanders if used improperly. There are steps you need to take to protect yourself, but you cannot overlook the importance of choosing the right chainsaw safety boots for your needs. Selecting the right boot is critical to keeping your feet protected on the job.
Did you know we have several how-to videos and product features on the HAIX® North America YouTube page? One of our most popular videos is how to lace, replace and adjust the HAIX® Fast Lacing Fit System on our EMS/Station zipper boots including the Airpower® XR1, Airpower® XR2, and the Airpower® R2. You can check out our easy step-by-step instructional video, as well as others, on the HAIX® North America YouTube page.

Here's Johnny!

NATS Instructor, Conservationist and Thrill Seeker Johnny Korthuis (@johnnykorthuis) recently traveled to the Canadian Rockies as part of The Nature Conservancy. Johnny and his team climbed to the top of healthy white bark pine trees, caging their pine cones with screens to protect them from being eaten by passing wildlife. This allows the cones to reach maturity, when their seeds can be harvested and later replanted. The white bark pine is an endangered species, and the population has dropped significantly in recent years.

HAIX World!

Progress is being made on the construction site for the new HAIX® WORLD in Mainburg, Germany! Apart from shopping in the store area, fans of the HAIX® brand will soon have the option to visit HAIX® WORLD and to watch how HAIX® boots are produced.
Congratulations to Ptl. Travis Goodson of the Albany (GA) Police Department for being named the POLICE Magazine’s HAIX® Hero of the Month for July! Goodson was nominated by his supervisor who says, “Ptl. Travis Goodson is very passionate about the City of Albany becoming one community." Goodson has organized and coordinated a number of community initiatives during his four years on the force.

Key Features of Tactical Police Boots

Tactical police boots need to provide the very best work environment for your feet. They must be able to handle the long hours, intense work, and the ever-changing climate. When choosing boots, there are a few key features capable of helping to reduce the amount of wear and tear on your feet each day. Not all brands can offer the same level of comfort and performance. At HAIX®, our cutting-edge products stand out. They will give you the look and feel you desire even on those very long days.
The toes are an especially vulnerable part of the foot. No matter what type of work you do, something could fall on your foot. If this happens, a strong safety toe can help to minimize the risk of damage and help to protect your feet. One of the best ways to protect your feet is to invest in composite toe work boots. Designed specifically for the tough work you do, these boots can give you the protection you need even in tough circumstances.The toes are an especially vulnerable part of the foot. No matter what type of work you do, something could fall on your foot. If this happens, a strong safety toe can help to minimize the risk of damage and help to protect your feet. One of the best ways to protect your feet is to invest in composite toe work boots. Designed specifically for the tough work you do, these boots can give you the protection you need even in tough circumstances.
The heat and intensity of fire create an incredibly harsh environment. If your job is to help fight fires, or you inspect recently burned buildings, you need to have ample protection on your feet to reduce the risk of burns, or other damage. Our eather fire boots are available in various styles to accommodate even the most difficult of environments.

Top Features of Police Tactical Boots

Law enforcement is a difficult job. It takes long hours, a lot of patience, and you have to be ready spring into action at a moment’s notice. For this to happen, you need to have the best equipment at your disposal. Perhaps one of the most important, yet overlooked, policing equipment is footwear. After all, when you are on your feet all day, you can’t afford to have boots that will cause your feet to become tired or stressed.

What Structural Firefighting Boots Provide

Structural firefighting boots need to provide you with exceptional support in some of the most extreme of conditions. These boots, designed by HAIX®, constructed with features meant for those who regularly fight structural fires. The intensity of the heat in such fires is extreme. You need a pair of boots you can rely on to help you get in and out of the space quickly, and as safely as possible.
HAIX®, the world's leading manufacturers of duty footwear, is launching a contest to honor the law enforcement "Hero of the Month". HAIX®, the world's leading manufacturers of duty footwear, is launching a contest to honor the law enforcement "Hero of the Month". The HAIX® Hero of the Month program will be a feature on the Facebook Page of POLICE Magazine. Fellow officers, supervisors, community members in the jurisdiction the officer serves, and friends can nominate officers to be honored.

What Sets Our Composite Toe Work Boots Apart?

There are many composite toe work boots on the market to choose from. Unfortunately, not all of these boots offer top-of-the-line features and functionalities. The very best composite toe work boots offer new technology designed to ensure your needs are always met no matter how challenging the environment is.

Why Our Men's Logger Boots Stand Out

Are all men's logger boots the same? You may think that this technology is even across the board, and that one brand offers the same features that others do. However, our team has spent years developing boots that are comprehensively better than the competition.

The Safety Toe Work Boots You Want

It is time to invest in safety toe work boots. There is no doubt that there are plenty of products on the market that are labeled as this type of boot, but do they really fill the need? At HAIX®, we do our best to always provide you with access to the most innovative and feature-filled boots you need.

Where to Go For Lightweight Police Boots

Law enforcement boots need to be versatile, lightweight, durable and comfortable. Learn the features essential for police boots and where to find them at HAIX.

Logger Work Boots You Will Love Putting On

As a forestry worker, take a moment to consider your job. The terrain is rough. You never know if there will be snow, mud, or other conditions that make it difficult for you to get a strong footing. You are using high powered machines, and you are moving at a fast pace. These are just a few of the reasons why you need to upgrade your boots so you can match the challenges of your job.
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is the gold standard for protective gear worn by firefighters in extreme conditions. NFPA certification is strict. A manufacturer’s products, such as leather firefighter boots, need to be rigorously tested under specific conditions before they receive NFPA certification.

Why Invest in Composite Toe Work Boots?

Composite toe work boots help to provide your feet with a high-level of protection. This type of boot is sought after because it provides ample toe protection.
"Pride and Joy!" - this is how HAIX® CEO Ewald Haimerl feels about the new Logistics Center in the heart of our international headquarters in Bavaria, Germany. Each year, HAIX® will send 1.2 million pairs of shoes out into the world from this location.
The job of a patrol officer, beat cop, or any other law enforcement position changes every day. You never know where you will go, what you will come in contact with, or who will interact with.

Sherri and Chase Love HAIX

As far back as I can remember, I have wanted to be K9 handler. After graduating high school, I was offered a job at the local fire department as a firefighter/EMT, which is how I first learned about HAIX.
HAIX® has selected three tactical law enforcement teams for its Police Magazine wear test. The selected teams are: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania SERT, San Francisco SWAT, and Seattle SWAT.
When you need to protect your feet from heat, water, and rough terrain, investing in the right smoke jumper boots is a great place to start.

Upping Your Game with Police Duty Boots

Every day you spend on the street, you encounter another set of unique circumstances. You spend a great deal of time moving through the city, encountering challenging situations, and oftentimes less-than-ideal terrain.

The Best in Shock Protection!

Several of our safety toe boots have high-voltage resistance in accordance with ASTM F 2413-2011 and CAN/CSA Z 195-2014 to protect your feet from shocks.

Facts About Walking

During an average day of walking, the total forces on your feet can total hundreds of tons, equivalent to an average of a fully loaded cement truck.
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Are You Deployment Ready?

Specialized missions, like technical rescue, call for specialized gear. HAIX® is here to get you deployment ready with footwear you can count on to keep you safe, protected, and comfortable during the most extreme conditions.

GORE-TEX® - Protection You Can Rely On

The durably waterproof and breathable GORE-TEX® liner used in many of our boot models keeps feet dry and provides optimized climate comfort for all seasons.

Lacing HAIX® Zipper Boots

Our EMS zipper boots including the Airpower® XR1, Airpower® XR2, Airpower® R2, and the Airpower® R8 are some of our most popular boots. Here are few things to keep in mind when lacing your boots...

The History of Footwear

Did you know that shoes have been around for as long as recorded history? While they likely began as wrappings, they became more fitted and more substantial as time went on.
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The Vibram® Difference

The uniquely designed Vibram® rubber sole provides extra grip and slip resistance for long-lasting durability on even the toughest terrain.

Calling All SWAT Teams!

HAIX® is looking for SWAT officers to wear test its line of tactical boots. Applicants must be active SWAT team officers from a police department.
American feet are getting bigger! The best-selling shoe size for men is 10.5 and for women it is 8.5. That is a full size larger than 30 years ago, according to the National Shoe Retailer's Association.