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Top 5 questions

How do I find a nearby HAIX® dealer?

Contact Customer support at 866-344-4249 or live chat with us and we can help you find one in your area.

Why are HAIX® boots expensive?

All HAIX® boots are manufactured in Europe using only the highest quality materials and highly trained shoe technicians. Quality crafted HAIX® boots offer longer lasting durability and comfort.

Investing a little more up front will lead to greater cost savings over the long term.


How do your boots fit?

For specific fit questions and recommendations, please call 866-344-4249 and speak with customer service, or look for our live chat feature to speak online with a representative. You can also refer to this helpful video.

What sizing suggestions do you have for your boots?

Look for the helpful tool tip on each product's detail page near the size menu. Keep in mind this is only a suggestion, accurate fit for every foot type cannot be guaranteed. As always, if you require a different size due to fit, you can take advantage of our free returns policy.

How do your free boot returns work?

Product Returns

Return shipping is free and only provided through UPS®. Purchases may be returned in 4 easy steps:

  1. Click the UPS Tracking Number link from your order history or visit UPS.com and enter your UPS Package Tracking number in the "TRACK" search window
  2. Click "Return This Package" from the tracking results page
  3. Select the reason for your return and enter any additional comments
  4. Select your label option: "Print Label", "Email Link", or "Get Mobile Code" which may be used at any convenient The UPS Store location (find here)

If you decide to use a carrier other than UPS, you are responsible for all return fees. Return fees are non-refundable.

If alternate carriers are used (other than UPS), lost shipments are not the responsibility of HAIX® North America.

Free returns are available on boot purchases only.

Please note that free returns are not available to residents of Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico, certain rural areas not covered by UPS and any purchases shipped through the United States Postal Service (USPS). We apologize for this inconvenience.


New questions

How do I know if my boot is the right size for my foot?

Some issues regarding width may be corrected with a different HAIX insole. A "wide" insole can create more room in your boot, while a "narrow" insole can create less space. If the length looks correct based on the illustration below and you're still not comfortable with the fit of your boot, contact customer service.

Find the right size

My tracking ID says that my shipment was delivered, but why didn’t I receive my package?

Please contact our Customer Service Team. We will contact our shipping service provider for you.

Hours: Monday through Friday 8am - 5pm EST
Phone: 859-281-0111 - Toll Free: 866-344-HAIX (4249)
Email: [email protected]
Live chat (during business hours)

What NFPA certifications do your boots have?

Most of our Fire and EMS boots have NFPA certifications. Some boots are certified to more than one NFPA standard. Please click "download features" on a boot's product page to determine the full certifications for that boot.

What is Sun Reflect Leather?

Sun Reflect leather is the result of a chemical treatment during the tanning of the boot. It allows the leather to reflect more light and heat than standard leather would, so our boots are comparably cooler to the touch and cooler inside, after sitting in the sun. Sun Reflect only applies to black leather boots. Watch video here.

What about cleaning napped leather, like the Protector Series or Missoula?

If you don't want your napped leather to look oiled, you can forego the polish. The nap can be fluffed up again after washing and drying using a soft brush.

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