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Innovative Features - MSL System

 When you hear the name HAIX (pronounced hikes), what comes to mind?  HAIX is synonymous with quality, certainly there is no question about that, but HAIX is also an innovator, putting a lot of research and testing into the development of their boots. One of the many innovations featured in HAIX boots, and where HAIX continues to stand alone, is with our MSL (Micro Soft Light) system. You will find this system featured primarily in the HAIX fire boot line.

Unlike other fire boots on the market, HAIX uses a foam injection method with our fire boot soles which completely fills the sole cavity. As seen in the video, foam is injected through an injection hole at the back of the sole through a high-pressure process that allows the foam to fill all nooks and crannies. This allows us to achieve a permanent bond between the sole and the upper that won’t pull apart and fail on the job. It also helps to reduce the overall weight of the boot and, as a further benefit, makes the boot 100% watertight. Since many failures with waterproof boots occur at the point where the sole attaches to the upper, HAIX virtually eliminates this troublesome issue.

In addition, did you know that approximately 70% of the cold you feel comes from the ground through the sole of the boots you wear? Something to think about with winter around the corner. The micro soft light foam in HAIX soles offers excellent cold insulation, and since it is used in most of our fire boots, it is an excellent heat insulator as well. HAIX uses a steel puncture plate in all of their fire boots since it offers the best puncture protection in the industry, nails will not penetrate that! The MSL foam also acts as an insulator between your foot and the steel puncture plate. With a HAIX fire boot, you will never feel any residual cold or heat from the presence of the steel plate. The MSL System works along with our Climate System to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature no matter what the temperature conditions.

Other benefits of the MSL System is that it provides optimal shock absorption throughout the entire sole. An important consideration for an active firefighter. A firefighter already has to carry a lot of excess weight with all his gear, without having to place additional impact shock burdens on their knees and joints. The extra shock absorption protects you when jumping on and off the truck, climbing stairs, or even standing for long periods of time. And you will really appreciate it if having to spend long periods of time on a ladder rung! Other brands of fire boots have what are called air chamber soles which can easily distribute hot and cold into the boot, doesn’t provide much shock absorption, and can collapse over time. This can affect your knees, hips, and spine.

HAIX boots are functionally made to ensure that not only your feet but your knees, hips, and joints stay their healthiest. To learn more about all the innovative boot features in HAIX footwear visit www.haix.com/us.


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