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Policeman and Producer.

Podcaster and Protector.

Vlogger and Viral Sensation. 

HAIX had a chance to chat with Officer Nick Perez—manager and content creator behind the social media phenom “Nick Off Duty”.


Officer Nick Perez began his career in law enforcement 16 years ago, a career choice influenced by a familiar name. “Ever since I was little, I always had it in me to be a protector”, Nick says. “I strongly feel watching GI Joe as I was in my diaper days strongly influenced that decision.” He chose Miami as the city to serve—for the agency’s long history, the various opportunities within the department and their amazing baseball team, which competed in the Police Olympics.

And he loves police work.

“There is nothing better than helping another human being out” he told us. It’s probably no surprise that he named his favorite part as finding and arresting dangerous criminals. As part of the Tactical Robbery Team, he and his fellow officers proactively sought out perpetrators who were terrorizing citizens with guns and violence. “There was no better feeling knowing that when we made an arrest—that the person going to jail would no longer have the opportunity to be a danger to our streets.” And in a plug for our beloved boots, Nick offered his take. “In a profession that is highly demanding on your feet. HAIX checks all the boxes when it comes to comfort, durability, style, and protection! My personal faves are the black eagle loooowww.” Not sure I could have said that better myself, and it’s quite literally my job.


In addition to serving in the Miami Police Department, Nick is also a professional magician.

Figuratively. What I mean is, Officer Perez seems to stretch time, producing ideas and content out of thin air in that classic white-rabbit-stovepipe-hat style. Yes, he’s a police officer by day. He also maintains a vlog documenting a day in the life of some of the nation’s more interesting police departments. Then there is The Donut Shop podcast, where he and Officer Justin Yarborough discuss everything from mental health of police officers to the challenge of training cats. His Instagram, Facebook and TikTok accounts have thousands of followers, and he has gone viral multiple times. He even speaks at events about managing a successful social media account. This man understands what the people want. “My favorite part of Content Creation would be being able to come up with an idea, and then see that idea come to life through a lens” Nick explains. “It’s an awesome process in which I then find myself watching the video over and over in amazement knowing that this image once lived in my brain!”

After 8 years successfully creating and managing content across multiple social channels, Nick hasn’t lost his passion for creating. “My inspiration comes from being able to create something that when a viewer watches it, they may have a chance to be entertained, laugh, or maybe just feel a little better moving forward in their day” Nick states.

As a big fan of cinema, he bought a camera shortly after earning his first pay as an officer. Nick creates to entertain. He creates to master the art of film making. But he also creates for a greater purpose. “My mission has always been to show police officers/police work in a different light other than what the media, many movies, and even sometimes politicians portray them to be” Nick explains. “I do that by educating with facts and introducing the audience to the person behind the badge and let the viewer take away an opinion after that experience. My plan is to continue the mission hopefully growing my platforms and one day take my content to a major network.”


The obvious question for a man like Officer Nick Perez is, quite simply, ARE you ever actually “off duty”? And his reply was so earnest and full of conviction, I understand why he’s able to produce content that is so authentic and engaging. He compared balancing all his responsibilities and social media management and podcasts and vlogs—oh and police work—to a juggler, spinning multiple plates (see: professional magician claim above). “You must be aware of the speed of each plate because if one slows down it could fall. But no matter what happens, that family one always has to be spinning” he says. “In my case I've got quite a few [other spinning plates], however I never lose track of that family one, if that one goes down it knocks everything else to the ground!”

I’d call that answer honest.

I’d call that imagery entertaining.

I’d call that message profound.

And I’d call that "Nick Off Duty" in a nutshell.


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