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The Best EMS Work Boots for Women

If you are a woman and work in the EMS field, you are required to face many dangerous situations while you are on duty. That is why it is important to wear heavy-duty boots or shoes that provide you with the proper protection. HAIX® can provide the NFPA-certified EMS boots women need for to have the confidence that their feet are protected properly.

Containing a waterproof CROSSTECH® membrane, HAIX® EMS boots ensure that your feet are protected. They prevent liquids, such as chemicals and blood, from infiltrating into your boot and contacting your skin. Also, they include puncture protective midsole’s that protect you from sharp objects penetrating the sole and into your foot. The rubber outsole also provides fuel and oil resistance for solid traction.

EMS Boots for Women
The Airpower® XR1, Airpower® XR2, and Airpower® R2 are EMS boots women can use for comfort all day long in the fire station. Airpower® XR1 boots may also be worn for wildland firefighting purposes.

Supporting the Joints and Back
Wearing proper footwear is vital when you are working long hours. The health and well-being of employees can be affected by the types of footwear they choose. Our EMS work boots for women provide excellent support for the natural curvature of the midfoot and also optimum comfort as well. In addition, the soles of these boots have shock absorbing capabilities that absorbs the impact of your foot up to your intervertebral discs and joints as you walk.

European Leather
HAIX® EMS work boots are manufactured with high-quality leather that is thick, durable and also hydrophobic. This means it is both water resistant and breathable at the same time. The leather comprising these boots is specially pigmented so that it reflects sunlight, therefore preventing the boots from heating up excessively in the hot sun.

At HAIX®, we offer an array of EMS boots women can wear for excellent functionality and comfort. Review our selection of EMS boots right now or give us a call today at 866.344.4249 for more information about our selection.


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