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The Best Safety Toe Work Boots You Can Buy

At HAIX®, we offer a great line of safety toe work boots and shoes to deliver unparalleled protection. Our safety-toe options consist of an anatomically formed protective steel or composite toe that protects from impact and also prevents the front portion of your foot from crushing, impacts, and punctures. This ensures your feet receive the necessary protection, while also enjoying comfort while you are standing, walking, sitting, or crawling.

Models for Different Industries
We offer various lightweight safety toe shoe models that are designed for use in various professions. Regardless of whether you are firefighter, logger, emergency responder, or construction worker, a safety toe work boot is available to match your requirements. Our safety toe work boots and lightweight steel toe shoes are in a variety of models:

Black Eagle® Safety 52 Mid Brown: This general-purpose safety toe boot It is constructed of waterproof leather and consists of a composite toe that prevents your foot from becoming wet. It has the added safety feature of a special GORETEX® inner lining that offers resistance to water. It also provides superior insulation. This work boot is also rated for use around electrical hazards. It is categorized as a lightweight boot, enabling you to wear it on the go with minimal fatigue.

The Airpower® XR1 or Airpower® XR2: These boots may be the best option if you are a paramedic or firefighter. They allow your feet to move sufficiently without becoming cramped or pinched.  They have the added safety feature of a special CROSSTECH® inner lining that offers resistance chemicals and bloodborne pathogens and are also waterproof. A puncture plate in the boots provides added protection.

Composite Toe Work Boots
You can also opt for ASTM-certified composite toe work boots that are resistant to oil, heat, slip, and fuel due to a rubber sole in its design that gives you optimal mobility and helps prevent tripping and falling. This line of safety toe shoes gives you the sophistication and protection for high demanding jobs. The ASTM certification indicates that they meet specific safety qualifications required for lightweight safety toe work boots

At HAIX®, we offer a wide range of high quality safety work boots that provide you with the protection, comfort and functionality you need. Review our selection of safety shoes right now, or call us today at 866.344.4249 for more information about our selection.

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