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The Importance of Good Fire Boots

We all know that firefighting boots need to protect you from the inherent hazards you encounter on the job, we have minimum NFPA standards that all firefighting boots have to meet to ensure that happens. But so much more can go into a fire boot that can take it beyond just the minimum.

As a firefighter, you want to do your job to the best of your ability, and not be hampered by your gear. Not only do you want to protect yourself from heat and fire and punctures from nails and debris, you want lightweight comfort and better agility in order to perform your job better. When you think about it, your feet have to bear not only your entire body weight, but probably an additional 70-90 pounds with all your gear on.  If you don’t have the right fire boots, you put a lot of added stress on your entire body and your joints, including the knees, hips, and spine. This can affect your general well-being, and your ability to perform over time. A good quality boot that fits correctly leads to less exertion on the job and ultimately keeps you performing to the best of your ability.

All manufacturer’s boots will fit a bit differently because they all develop their own foot form lasts. Foot lasts actually determine the final shape and form of the boot and how it fits to your foot. HAIX develops our foot lasts so that they follow the anatomical curves of the foot. This gives you a more naturally comfortable fit, and keeps your feet supported in its ideal position. You don’t want your foot to slide around in your boots every time you take a step, imagine if you would have to run! A high-quality firefighting boot is going to support your feet so they are not aching after you have been out on a fire run, especially a long one.

A good boot is also going to support your ankles. The HAIX Ankle Flex System, not only gives you the flexibility you need to kneel, crawl, and drive the truck, it offers added ankle support. Ankle injuries from jumping off the fire truck are a frequently seen injury. A boot that is not snug around the ankle, with no ankle support, is not going to protect you from wrenching your ankle when running, especially with equipment, or keep you steady on a ladder or a steep roof.  It may take a few seconds longer to get your boots off at the end of a run, but it is going to save you the potential for big trouble later. There can be a lot of missed work from ankle injuries.

Firefighting boots today are getting lighter in weight and more comfortable, but that should never be at the sacrifice of durability and protection. Modern, quality materials along with new technologies at HAIX are making that possible. HAIX fire boots are not your grandfather’s, or even your father’s, fire boots. HAIX uses only the highest quality materials and the highest quality craftmanship in every boot we make. The result is a fire boot that is unparalleled anywhere in the world. Take the time to invest in your feet, they will thank you in the long run.

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