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The Results are in - HAIX Police Weartest Results

The Results Are In! 

This past fall, weartesters from all over the U.S. and Canada got the chance to try out a pair of HAIX Black Eagle Tactical side zip boots, 1000 to be exact! Over 7000 Law Enforcement professionals applied for an opportunity to weartest the boot of their choice and to provide us with their honest feedback. Chosen weartesters wore the boots on the job, testing them out in multiple scenarios. All we asked was that they give us their feedback on a number of different features such as comfort, quality, boot weight and durability. 

Weartesters had two models to choose from, the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid Side Zip 6 inch boot, or the same boot in an 8 inch version. Choice was pretty evenly divided between the two models. 

Based on weartester’s feedback, both boots ranked extremely high in all areas. Weartesters particularly liked the slip resistance, waterproofness, and quality of the boots. One weartester commented “I needed to run quickly on wet pavement, and I felt like I was running on dry track.” And with regard to how waterproof they are, another weartester commented, “Tested in rain, puddles, snow, mud. My feet stayed dry and warm, I love that!”. Check out the chart below to see just how both boots scored! 

As law enforcement professionals, you need to be able to depend on your boots to get you through the day. Investing in a pair of HAIX will ensure that you not only have a high quality boot that will outlast all your other boots, they will provide all day comfort and stability too. HAIX is so confident in the quality and durability of these boots that HAIX offers an option to extend the warranty for an additional year, extending the warranty to two full years. More information about the Black Eagle 2 year limited warranty can be found online https://www.haix.com/us/black-eagle-warranty/ 

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