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This is How They Tested: Workwear 100 Pair Weartest

This past fall, HAIX® North America conducted a weartest with various professionals such as Landscapers, Arborists, Construction workers and others throughout the United States and Canada. Many signed up for the chance to weartest a pair of the new HAIX® AIRPOWER® XR26 safety boots, but only 100 would be able to get the opportunity to test a pair for themselves. Weartesters were to wear the boots on the job, testing the boots in multiple scenarios, and then provide their feedback. The survey included questions which focused on items such as comfort of the boot and the toe cap, quality, waterproofness, and foot temperature.

When the surveys came in and were tallied, the AIRPOWER® XR26 received high marks for not only overall comfort, but was a certified favorite for the comfort of the toe cap. An important consideration when many of the survey respondents subject their feet to long hours on the job. One tester commented that about the toe cap “I didn’t notice it, so it must be comfortable.” Another respondent commented that the AIRPOWER® XR26 “feels more like sneakers with ankle guards.” The AIRPOWER® XR26 also features a GORE-TEX® waterproof inner liner to keep the water out.

Since many respondents have jobs that expose them to the elements, dry boots rate near the top of their priority list. The boot’s waterproofness received one of the highest marks, with a 98% excellent approval rating! Weartesters also certainly praised the quality of the boots, as a full 98% of respondents rated the quality as excellent! One respondent stated, “Obviously the personnel at HAIX® strive to make a well-constructed boot. And it shows!” Investing in a pair of HAIX® will ensure that wearers not only have a high-quality boot that will outlast their other boots, but will provide all day comfort too.

The HAIX® goal is no less than offering our loyal customers the best shoes on the market today! More than 1,700 committed employees contribute to the success of HAIX®. HAIX® production takes place in the most modern shoe production facilities located exclusively in Europe. All HAIX® boots are German Engineered and Made in Europe – Guaranteed.

XR26 Weartest

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