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We Live Sustainability!

HAIX® production sites in Germany and Croatia, including all materials and production processes, are committed to sustainability. We don’t call ourselves “green”, but we do work as environmentally neutral as possible. We focus our attention on worthwhile initiatives with valid outcomes. HAIX® production facilities have also been awarded the ISO 14001 environmental management certificate. This means that HAIX® has committed itself, as a company, to reducing its environmental footprint. HAIX® has put into place policies, processes, plans, practices and records that govern how HAIX® interacts with the environment.

Here are some the ways HAIX® practices sustainability:

  • Optimal use of materials and energy is ensured by solar panels on the roofs of the plants in Germany and Croatia. It is estimated that only 80% of electricity generated is used by HAIX®, the remainder to be fed into the city electricity grid.
  • Heat recovery by ground water pumps. In the winter, excess heat from the manufacturing machines, in combination with elaborate heat recovery devices (cross flow exchangers), allows for no additional heating demands for the facility.
  • A groundwater cooling system is used to cool the facility in summer.  In this system the water is cooled via a “chiller”, run throughout the manufacturing plant, and then returned to the ground water system in drinking water quality.
  • Process water being heated by compressor waste in Croatia. The newest compressor technologies ensure that the need for hot water (in restrooms, etc. for example) is satisfied using the compressor’s excess heat.
  • Compliance with legal requirements through the most modern production facilities in Germany and Croatia (i.e. working 99% solvent-free).
  • Working with selected suppliers that apply the highest production standards, such as Josef Heinen GmbH & Co. KG (“terracare”) and Viviani (“Natural Footprint”).
  • Use of the highest material quality when processing and handling the product. Resources are used efficiently, enabling us to extend the lifespan of our products while also making a greater contribution to protecting the environment (e.g. cutting-edge machinery, efficient transport routes, continuous process optimization).

When it comes to sustainability, HAIX® is constantly pursing our goal of taking personal responsibility, as well as corporate initiative, beyond what is legally required – from a social, environmental, and economic perspective!

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