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Airpower P7 High, FS

The top choice tactical boot for everyday use

$129.00 * FACTORY SECONDS! $225.00 * (42.67% Saved)

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Comfort and durability should be at the top of the list when looking for footwear. Of course you... more
Product information "Airpower P7 High, FS"
Product type Factory seconds
Waterproof Yes
Upper material Smooth leather
Inner liner CROSSTECH®
Safety toe No safety toe
Leg height in inches 9 inches
Color Black

Comfort and durability should be at the top of the list when looking for footwear. Of course you want comfort, as that makes your job easier, but you also don’t want a boot you have to replace every 4-6 months. You want a boot that will cushion your feet when walking on cement all day, keep your feet dry while directing traffic in the pouring rain, and to protect your feet from potential biohazards encountered on a crime or accident scene. HAIX® Airpower P7 High boots provide all of those thing and more.

HAIX® Airpower P7 High Boot Gives Hours of Tactical Support

For those who must be on their feet all day, comfort is important in a duty boot. The black Airpower P7 High Boot is the perfect footwear to keep SWAT and police officers as well as other first responders on their toes. This quality footwear is made with European craftsmanship and reliable materials along with HAIX® technology to keep your feet safe, comfortable, and cool while on the job. Feel light on your toes as you pound the pavement or having to stand in place. 

The HAIX® Airpower P7 High Boot Quality Difference

Water resistant and breathable leather gives these boots the difference you need. A roomy toe front gives your toes some wiggle rooms as well as helping to prevent blisters, while built in arch support makes sure every bone in your foot is properly supported. Two zone lacing gives you the chance to fit your boot to your personal taste for a more custom fit while also providing ankle support where you need it. Shock absorption, hot and cool insulation, and anatomically formed layers in the sole combine to bring you a practical solution to your work gear wardrobe.

Upper Material For Police Protection

Keeping first responders safe and comfortable is important, which is why the Airpower P7 High is made from water resistant and breathable upper leather and quality inner materials. The HAIX® Sun Reflect leather directs sunlight away from your feet to keep them cooler and ensures your boots look great for a long time. Your feet will stay cool longer, reducing sweat and moisture that can lead to bacteria or blisters. The boots are built to be antistatic so you have a more comfortable experience whatever the floor surface.

Insole, Lining and Footbed Are Ready For Duty

You will find your HAIX® Airpower P7 High Boot to be very breathable. The Climate System along with the CROSSTECH® inner liner your feet stay dry and comfortable; neither too hot or too cold no matter the weather outside. The CROSSTECH® liner also protects you against chemical, bacterial, and blood borne pathogens, and important factor to consider in the line of duty. For arch support you can trust, this footwear has the HAIX® Arch Support System which keeps your arches in their natural position and supported all day long. The insole of the boot is made to fit your foot in an anatomically correct manner, so that your foot has optimal support and comfort. The machine washable insert contains moisture absorption and quick dry technology and is easy to remove. Under the insole, TEXON fleece footbed supports the ankle and is formed to follow the natural lines of your foot.

Your SWAT Team Sole

These boots have a sole made of rubber compound outsole material and PU wedge. The sole is fuel, oil, and skid resistant. It is also non-marking and self-cleaning with an antistatic tread for excellent grip and minimal shock.

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Leather tactical footwear for police on duty
  • NTOA Member tested and recommended
  • Arch Support Footbed
  • Separate leg and foot lacing
  • Highly breathable for the best climate comfort

HAIX® offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Factory Seconds are boots which may have minor blemishes or imperfections. Factory Seconds boots are sold "as is" with no manufacturer warranty and are not eligible for warranty repair or replacement under any circumstances.
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Customer reviews for "Airpower P7 High, FS"
5 Feb 2017

Great boots - hard insoles

These are my second pair of Haix. I work 12 hour shifts and the construction of these boots have the best overall support compared to anything else I've worn in law enforcement. However, I have two complaints:
1.) the boots are no longer Gortex-lined
2.) the insoles are hard as concrete and I'm having a hard time finding a replacement that is as wide as my 11 extra wide boots.

14 Nov 2016

Awesome Boot

I rate these boots a solid 8, based on the excellence of the Airpower R2's I own as well. If I wasn't using those as a "benchmark" I'd probably rate them as a 10. I work in EMS, and work 24hr. Shifts. Comfortable, light weight, and very solid German build quality. Wish they were side zip for obvious reasons. Not as solid as the R2's....as those are like a ww2 Tiger Tank, but the weight savings is obvious. Obviously Haix are way more "obsessed" over in every matter than any other boot I've worn. Magnum, Danner, Rocky, etc. Compared to a Haix product, those others almost feel disposable. They're quite a bit more expensive... but you get what you pay for. Thanks!

Admin 14 Nov 2016

Hi Matthew,

We appreciate your feedback.   Often times our customers do prefer one boot or one fit over another.  It's personal preference but we are happy to hear that both boots have served you well.  Thank you for being such a loyal customer and we hope that will continue in the future.

24 Aug 2016

This boots more than fullfill my expectation

This booths are my every day work boots , also wear them as well when I drive my motorbike and they are perfect for that use too. Haix quality is superior comparing to many other boots manufacturer. Thank you!

20 Jul 2016

Fulfilled expectation

First of, sizing I usually wear 11.5 but i went with 12 due to the few reviews on size. They took about 1 day to break in. Confortable and don't get too hot under direct sunlight. As far as the air system goes i don't really feel it working, not saying that it does not. I would have to wear the same boot with out the air system to know the diffeence. Very well built and the double lace system helps. Been wearing them for about a month almost on a daily basis and they are holding up great. Same if not better than danners in quality and confort l.

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