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HAIX Extended Wear Program

Why retread your boots?

1. Feet friendly. Your favorite boots are already broken in
2. Convenience. Door-to-door in 2 to 4 weeks
3. Remanufacturing. Your local cobbler CANNOT retread HAIX® boots to our rigorous technical standards
4. Materials. Utilizing only HAIX® outsoles that exceed all military and NFPA requirements

Standard Extended Wear Package $75

Law Enforcement, Rescue, Military, Safety, and all other non-Fire HAIX® boots
•  Retread sole with original HAIX® materials
•  Any stitching necessary including replace back heel strip
•  Replace or repair toe cap if necessary
•  Replace zipper tongue assembly and laces if necessary ($30 additional each boot)
•  Replace any missing hardware (eyelets, lace hooks, etc.)
•  New HAIX® insole
•  Clean, shampoo, polish, deodorize

Boots must maintain a certain level of condition in order to be eligible for the retread program at Nushoe.  Instances where they would not be eligible for this program include but are not limited to:
•  Sole Separation
•  Delamination
•  Holes in any portion of the boots
•  Cracked Soles

If your boots have any of the above issues, they may not be able to be retreaded.  We recommend that you check with Nushoe for any questions regarding your footwear and this program.

HAIX® Repair Program

HAIX® offers a One-Year Limited Warranty on all HAIX® footwear. HAIX® reserves the right to inspect any shoe for determination of a no cost repair or replacement. If you should experience any defects in material or workmanship, simply return the product to the retailer where purchased to receive a postage-paid mailing kit to return your shoes to HAIX® for inspection. After inspection, you may be contracted with payment options if your footwear is not covered under the Limited Warranty.

HAIX® warrants only that the Products shall be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year after the date of delivery, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. This warranty shall not apply to any of the following: (a) Products that have been repaired or altered by anyone other than HAIX®; or (c) Products that have been improperly used or maintained, or that have subjected to abnormal conditions of use or maintenance not in conformity with HAIX® written instructions concerning use and mainteneance.

No claims for warranty will be processed if received after the warranty period.