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Breathe New Life Into Your Favorite HAIX Boots

You work hard, and your HAIX® boots do too. After a while, your favorite pair could become worn down; however, you might not have to give them up. Instead of purchasing a new pair, your boots can be given new life through the HAIX® Extended Wear Program. This program is designed for products that are no longer covered by warranty; this means there’s a way to care for your boots even after the safety boot warranty period is up.

A common problem with rundown boots is they become slick – this is solved by retreading. HAIX® boots are retreaded, not resoled. When a boot is resoled, it is taken apart and an entirely new sole is added to the boot. This process could compromise the upper part of the boot and its original quality, so instead, HAIX® boots are retreaded. When HAIX® boots are retreaded, the soles are buffed to remove the remaining tread, then a new HAIX® tread is applied and bonded to the sole. Your boots will have the same tread as the original with the same features and benefits.

While most HAIX® boots are eligible for retread, they must maintain a certain level of condition. Boots are ineligible if there’s sole separation, delamination, holes in any part of the boots, and cracked soles. Also, there are certain boots that can’t be retreaded, like those with Vibram® soles and older, discontinued Black Eagle® styles. To be retreaded, boots should have some tread left (the soles shouldn’t be completely smooth) so the new HAIX® tread has something to adhere to.

If your boots need a little more help, full boot refurbishment, which combines multiple services, is available. Refurbishment packages include sole retread, stitching repair, toe cap replacement or repair, missing hardware replacement, and insole and lace replacement. Boots will also be cleaned, shampooed, polished, and deodorized.

Many of the repairs included in full boot refurbishment packages are available as single services. Other single services available include boot calf stretching and adding a gusset for more room in the calf area.

Refurbishment won’t affect the quality of your HAIX® boot. All replacement parts are HAIX® factory originals and our authorized repair centers have passed HAIX®’s rigorous standards – this means the excellent workmanship you expect from HAIX® is guaranteed.

There are two authorized service centers for the HAIX® Extended Wear Program in North America. In the United States, services are provided by NuShoe, and Canadian customers are serviced by Quick Cobbler. All repairs and refurbishment packages must be purchased through the service centers. When you purchase a service, a shipping label will be provided. You should expect it to take four to six weeks to get refurbished boots back from repair, including shipping time.

At this point, your boots will be ready to work again. Boots refurbished by NuShoe or Quick Cobbler come with a one-year warranty, meaning your boots are protected for an entire year if any manufacturing defects arise as a result of the repair work.

You can find more information on the HAIX® Extended Wear Program on the HAIX® website, the HAIX YouTube channel, or by reaching out to NuShoe or Quick Cobbler directly.

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  • I have used this on a couple of pairs of boots over the 15 years I’ve been wearing Haix boots. GREAT SERVICE!!