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HAIX: Taking Safety to the Next Level with NATS

Safety, Family, Integrity, Quality and Positivity… these are the core values at the heart of North American Training Solutions (NATS). These values are why HAIX® is proud of its partnership with the world’s largest team of certified, expert instructors who provide superior tree industry related training and education. NATS specializes in practical training, educational seminars and certification for arborists and other high angle industries.

Founded in 2005, North American Training Solutions has a team of more than 65 experienced safety professionals all across the country, who together, have a combined 600+ years of experience as professional arborists, foresters, fire fighters, emergency medical providers, instructors and administrators. Many of those team members lend their experience and expertise in the development and guidance of standards for OSHA, ANSI, ASTM and the National Safety Council in the respective industries they serve.

As part of our partnership, NATS provides HAIX® with U.S. forestry and tree care regulatory updates and advises HAIX® on industry trends in forestry footwear protection. They also supply us with tree care industry expertise and technical knowledge as it pertains to our current line of forestry boots and future product developments for the forestry industry. What made this alliance a no-brainer was NATS’ affinity for HAIX® boots, not only for the chainsaw and safety toe protection they provide, but also for the comfort they provide. Team members are huge fans of the Protector Ultra in both signal red and lime green and also the Protector Prime orange. Senior Instructor, Ed Carpenter, raves about HAIX® boots, saying they are the best and safest boots out there for climbing, rigging, aerial rescue, and chainsaw work.

NATS team members travel to events across the country for customized safety trainings and to offer hands-on experience in proper safety techniques. Once participants have demonstrated the ability to perform high-risk tasks safely though skills testing, they receive their certification. Events are filled with theoretical and first-hand coaching, discussions about new developments and advancements in the field, as well as guidance on the minimal specification requirements for protective arborist gear. This includes promoting the safety features of HAIX® logger boots like the Protector Ultra and Protector Prime, that don’t just meet the minimum requirements, but exceeds them!

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