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How to Choose a Safety Work Boot for Your Job

Many hard-working men and women in various service industries rely on safety work boots to keep them protected on the job. Hazards like fire, water, chemicals, dangerous contaminants, heavy equipment, rough terrain, and much more can all negatively impact your capabilities and safety working on the jobsite. To best address the common needs of every industry, HAIX® North America has robust lines of safety work boots for firefighters, EMS, law enforcement, loggers, arborists, and military. Each pair of HAIX® boots comes with a set of features designed to best suit the everyday demands of your job and provide optimal protection for various hazards on the jobsite. Not to mention the comfort and support for long days on your feet. To help you make the best decision possible, here is a breakdown of the key-features offered in each of our safety work boots.

Firefighter Work Boots

  • GORE-CROSSTECH® liner for waterproofing and resistance to dangerous chemicals and contaminants
  • Sun Reflect technology to keep leather and foot cool and comfortable
  • Various models for wildland, structural, USAR, and HAZMAT applications
  • Steel or composite toe caps
  • Fire and heat resistance

EMS Work Boots

  • GORE-CROSSTECH® liner for waterproofing and resistance to dangerous chemicals and contaminants
  • Certified NFPA
  • Slip resistance
  • Composite safety toe cap with raised rubber toe

Law Enforcement

  • Available with GORE-TEX® waterproof liner
  • Anti-static and slip resistance for tactical boots
  • Lightweight materials ideal for staying agile on feet
  • Supreme comfort and durability—built to withstand years on the job

Forestry Boots

  • GORE-TEX® waterproofing
  • Steel or composite toe caps
  • Cut protection rated at European Class 1 (20 m/s) and European Class 2 (24 m/s)
  • Grippy Vibram® and HAIX® soles for optimal performance on tough terrain
  • HAIX® Climate Control System for all-day comfort


  • Every boot meets or exceeds meets AR 670-1 requirements
  • Anti-static
  • HAIX® Climate Control System for temperature balance no matter the conditions
  • Excellent grip on uneven terrain, even on wet or cold surfaces
  • 2-zone lacing system for optimal fit and ankle support


  • Ideal for Landscaping, construction, and outdoor use
  • GORE-TEX® waterproofing
  • ASTM certified
  • Anatomically formed steel or composite toe cap
  • All these features are available on the new Airpower® XR26

Safety Shoes

  • Ideal option for great protection, with less bulk
  • GORE-TEX® waterproof liner
  • Composite toe cap
  • Anti-slip and resistance to electrical hazards
  • New Black Eagle® Safety Low 42.1 offers all above features in our lightest and most flexible shoe yet

No matter the unique demands and conditions of your work environment, we are sure to have the perfect boot for you. Many of our safety work boots have multiple levels of function and can be used in a variety of scenarios beyond just one specific profession. When selecting a work boot for your job, always consider the key features first!

HAIX® North America is proud to craft a variety of work boots built for optimal performance and protection. Comfort, quality, support, and safety are at the core of every boot we make. Features like bull-hide leather, robust inner and outer soles, and two-zone lacing give our boots comfort and longevity that is unmatched by other brands. Interested in learning more? Call us today at 866-344-4249, or browse our impressive inventory today!

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