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How to Choose the Right Fire Fighter Boots

The most important investment a firefighter must make are in the boots he or she wears on the job. Firefighters cannot afford to be distracted by unnecessary discomfort and pain as they try to save the lives and property of others. Firefighting boots can be classified as Structural, USAR, Wildland, HAZMAT, or any combination of these mentioned. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) establishes standards for safety in fire fighter boots. At HAIX®, we meet the standard with the selection of fire fighter boots we offer.

NFPA Certified Boots

It is important to make sure your boots are NFPA certified, not simply compliant with the NFPA. When firefighting boots are NFPA certified, they have been placed through stringent testing according to NFPA standards by an independent third party. NFPA compliant simply means an estimate has been made that the boots will pass the NFPA standard, but they have not actually been tested. The firefighting boots we offer at HAIX® have all been tested and we are proud to be able to say that they are NFPA certified. These include our selection of structural firefighting and leather firefighting boots.

Fire Fighting Boots and Station Boots for Exceptional Performance

Fire fighter boots and station boots are included in our HAIX® boot lines. Challenges related to active duty are handled well by firefighting boots. For duties in and around the station, (non-firefighting activities) station boots are ideal.

We offer a range of choices that comes to fire fighting boots, allowing our customers to enjoy the features and benefits of these boots, including the capability to safely traverse rough in challenging environments in and around fires. The leather firefighting boots and structure fire boots we offer provide exceptional protection to firefighters in the field. These boots are designed for exceptional performance and are provided at competitive prices, to enhance the value to the customer.

At HAIX®, we offer a selection of fire fighter boots, designed and manufactured to give you the functionality, durability, and comfort you need in the field. Check out our selection of fire fighter boot options right now. Give us a call today at 866.344.4249 to learn more about how to choose the right firefighting work boots.

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