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Fire Flash Xtreme

CLEARANCE! $584.00

 What size should I order?

No matter what the emergency, Fire Flash Xtreme has you covered. NFPA quad-certified, Fire Flash Xtreme is a Structural, Wildland, HAZMAT, and USAR puncture resistant fire boot. Fire Flash Xtreme is a great alternative for those hard to fit guys who have trouble stepping into pull on bunker boots. These leather structural fire boots can accommodate wider calves and/or ankles with its adjustable built in lacing system. With the easy run lace/zip system, you can be assured that you can step quickly in and out, especially with the added pull tab at the back. Have a prior ankle of foot injury that needs extra support? Fire Flash HAIX wildland boots are the perfect choice since you can adjust each boot individually for a custom fit; cinch lacing tighter for additional support. With the HAIX® Lacing System you can adjust your boots easily and quickly - similar to a zipper boot with the fit of a lace up type of footwear. Flex zone construction around the tongue ensures you will still have the flexibility to perform the job at hand. The Fire Flash Xtreme offers European craftsmanship and HAIX® technological designs and specialized materials, which keep your feet dry and protected from blood borne pathogens, chemicals, and more. Lots of flexibility in the ankles and secure hold in the heels means your feet can get where they need to go without straining your foot muscles or suffering ankle roll. The HAIX® Secura Liner keeps your boot lining in place. It will not wrinkle or pull out of your leather structural fire boots. Upper Material To Make a Firefighter and EMS Responder Proud First responders will be proud to wear these HAIX structural boots which are constructed of quality, solid leather. The leather is waterproof and comes with Sun Reflect technology to keep the sun on the outside of the boot rather than warming feet on the inside. Para-aramid cut protection provides an added level of protection to feet on duty. A steel protective toe cap with exterior profiled rubber toe cap not only keeps your feet safe and protected but keeps your boots looking great. It also provides abrasion resistance when crawling. Insole, Lining and Footbed With CROSSTECH® CROSSTECH® liner keeps your feet dry and comfortable. It also provides chemical protection and blood borne pathogen resistance. Absorbent insoles makes the footbed drier and more comfortable. They are washable and replaceable. Sole For the Firefighter The HAIX® MSL System (Micro Soft Light) designed sole offers a PU foam injection throughout the sole for maximum comfort and great shock absorption. The MSL System is also excellent at insulating feet from the heat or cold. The steel puncture protective sole contains a flexible, stainless steel layer to keep feet safe from sharp objects while still allowing some freedom of movement when driving a truck or performing your duties. The outer sole is made from heat resistant rubber which is also slip resistant. A ladder shank on the inside gives extra support on ladder rungs; an important feature you will love to have if spend any period of time standing on a ladder rung. Engineered in Germany Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time HAIX® Sun Reflect leather helps keep feet cooler in direct sunlight HAIX® MSL System (Micro Soft Light) PU foam is injected throughout the sole for greater shock absorption and cold/heat insulation HAIX® Lacing System offers the optimal adjustment option, easy entry and exit of a zipper boot with the personal fit of a lace up boot HAIX® Climate System keeps your feet temperature regulated and more comfortable Steel protective toe cap Exterior profiled rubber toe cap for added abrasion resistance when crawling Steel puncture protective sole Ladder shank for extra support on ladder rungs Waterproof/breathable with CROSSTECH® Increased chemical protection and bloodborne pathogen resistance Additional para-aramid cut protection Slip resistant and highly heat resistant rubber sole HAIX offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details

Fire Flash Xtreme

Men's model


You save lives and property from fire's harm. We make sure you stay safe with our NFPA quad-certified Fire Flash Xtreme.

CLEARANCE! $584.00


 What size should I order?

CLEARANCE! $584.00

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Maximum safety for First Responders no matter what the situation

You focus on what matters. Saving lives and fighting fires. Fire Flash Xtreme ensures you come home safely at the end of the day.

Maximum protection certified for Structural and Wildland Firefighting as well as Urban Search and Rescue

Your safety is our top priority. The Fire Flash Xtreme safeguards you from heat and flames, provides superior puncture resistance, shields your toes and delicate metatarsal area, and protects you from hazardous fluids encountered on the job.

Protect your toes with our steel toe cap

The integrity of your feet, and especially your toes, is important. The Fire Flash Xtreme's built-in steel toe will offer maximum space in the toe box while keeping your toes protected to the highest safety requirements.

Keep yourself safe from dangerous fluids thanks to CROSSTECH® technology

Your job can expose you to hazardous situations. The CROSSTECH® technology in the Fire Flash Xtreme's inner lining ensures your boots are waterproof while also protecting you from potentially dangerous fluids such as blood, bodily fluids, and chemicals. Your feet stay dry, and you stay safe.

Stay on your feet with our durably slip-resistant sole

The Fire Flash Xtreme sole has a long-standing record of safety and durability. The Micro Soft Light foam injected into the sole of the Fire Flash Xtreme offers optimal shock absorption while also insulating you from hot and cold temperature extremes. A well insulated steel puncture plate offers the highest level of protection from any nasty surprises. The slip-resistant and highly heat-resistant sole will keep you safe and secure all day, every day.

Reliable comfort to endure the longest hours no matter what the scenario

You spend long hours on your feet performing one of the most physically demanding jobs in the world. Make sure your feet don't feel like it.

Proven comfort for those who are hard to fit

Fire Flash Xtreme is a great alternative for firefighters who have trouble stepping in and out of pull on bunker boots. These boots can accommodate wider calves or ankles with it's adjustable lacing system. Adjust the lacing for an individual fit that will support your ankles and feet, especially if you have a prior injury that needs extra support.

Flex Zone contruction for multiple uses

Fire Flash Xtreme features flex zone construction around the tongue to ensure you will still have the flexibility to perform no matter what job is at hand. Allows more freedom of movement when working rubble piles, crawling through a burning structure, or operating machinery.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your boots fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even under the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The microfiber design is lightweight, breathable and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your boots fresh and comfortable.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Fire Flash Xtreme ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable by utilizing special foams that absorb moisture from your feet between the inner lining and the leather. With each step, moist air is expelled, and fresh air enters through the vent holes at the top of the boot. This Climate System functions like an air conditioning system for your feet.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Fire Flash Xtreme

Item no. 506005

Sun Reflect Leather
Chemical/bloodborne pathogen protection
Climate system
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Steel Toe
Profiled exterior rubber toe cap
Steel puncture protection
Heat & flame resistant sole
Electrical hazard to 14kv
Micro Soft Light foam sole insulation
Certified for structural firefighting, wildland, USAR, and liquid splash
Laced in front zipper system
Upper material:
Smooth leather
Boot height in inches:
13 inches
FIRE 011 Sole
Inner liner:
ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195, NFPA 1951, NFPA 1971, NFPA 1977, NFPA 1990 (1992)
Lace up, Zipper
Product type:
Clearance, Factory firsts
Primary use:
Structural fire
Steel ladder shank
Electrical hazard

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Yes, you can buy replacement parts for the Fire Flash Xtreme such as insoles, laces, and zippers. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Fire Flash Xtreme boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program page.
With the CROSSTECH inner liner, the Fire Flash Xtreme does offer protection from liquids, chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens. The boots are tested and certified according to NFPA 1999 standards for biopenetration.
For Fire Flash Xtreme, HAIX always recommends to follow our NFPA 1851 guidelines for routine and advanced inspection. Our step by step guide is here: haix.com/us/nfpa/. To clean boot, brush away any loose dirt with a stiff boot brush. Wash boots with warm water and a small amount of mild dish soap. Air dry without forced heat. Once dry, polish boots with a silicone based polish. It is not recommended to use a wax base polish as it clogs the breathability of the leather.
The Fire Flash Xtreme has a steel toe cap which exceeds NFPA and ASTM testing requirements.
Fire Flash Xtreme measures 13" when measured from the floor to the lowest part of the top line of the boot.
Fire Flash Xtreme runs about a half size larger than your normal athletic shoe size. The width runs true to size and comes in either a narrow, medium, or wide width.

Simply the best pair of boots I have ever owned!

I have had a pair of HAIX Fire Flash Xtreme for a number of years. They are simply the best boots your money can buy! I use them most for challenging and difficult chain saw work and any work outside where boot safety is a must. I will never purchase another pair of boots of any kind unless they come from HAIX. HAIX builds the finest safety boots in the world.....hands down!

Victor E. Giovanetti



Ok... as I titled, these are bombproof. Solid boot. I’ve worn many pair of Haix for structural firefighting, EMS, SAR and all I’ve owned have stood up like no other. I still have my first pair of fire flash extremes. Now, I do have to mirror what so many others have said, the laces don’t last due to the lacing system but with a call to customer svc new laces get sent out promptly. Like other pairs, the zipper pulls also have a tendency to fail but again, a call to customer service takes care of that problem as well. Those are my issues but because Haix stands by their product like a real company should the issue is just a slight inconvenience and not a deterrent. I wear these daily as a tech rescue boot. I have replaced the insole with a thicker gel insert due to some heel issues I have. All in all, I still give 10/10 and Haix will be my go-to now and for years to come. Thanks for making awesome boots.



Constant shoe lace break

Great boot except for constant shoe lace breaks. Had 20 breaks over the course of a year



Great Boots

Been using Haix Fire Flash boots since 2003, we needed a more versatile and comfortable boot as we do a fair bit of wildland as well as structural firefighting in Rural western Canada. Luckily we chose the fire flash boots for their versatility. Comfort right out of the box and adjustability with the lacing system, yes broken laces and zippers amongst a couple of the crew, but mostly due to rushing to pull them up or pulling them too tight. I had mine for almost 10 years before discovering a small leak during a spring flood. They were so worn in they flopped over instead of standing up. Never had a liner pull out. A common issue with other boots I guess. Great Boots, read the manual and take care of them and your feet will thank you. Test running the XR-1's as our new station and wildland boot. Impressed so far.

Brett O.


Simply the best pair of boots I have ever owned!

I have had a pair of HAIX fire flashX for a number of years. They are simply the best boots your money can buy! I use them most for challenging and difficult chain saw work and any work outside where boot safety is a must. I will never purchase another pair of boots of any kind unless they come from HAIX. HAIX builds the finest saftey boots in the world.....hands down!

Victor E. G.


Easily the best pair of boots I've owned since working in the oilfield

Nice comfortable fit, only took 3 days to break them in. Take care of them and they'll take care of you.



Best structural boots I've ever owned

This is my second pair of Fire Flash boots I've had now, my first pair held up for years, and this pair I have now for roughly a year. They've been to multiple incidents and still look brand new and they only get better the more they are broken in. The competitors do not compare, Haix will be my choice boot for the remainder of my career.

Jason R.


Wonderful boots

I've had these boots for 9 months now, I wear them on shift as station boots and wildland boots on 48 hour shifts, very comfortable after broken in. my only complaint is the laces seem to wear pretty quick and takes a fair amount longer to lace up than your tradition front zip forward facing eyelet configuration(if anyone has found any great lacing techniques for these i'm all ears), I'm on my 2nd pair of laces in 9 months. Other than that these are excellent for everyday use.



One Tough Boot!

I wear this boot for industrial fire and every day all season industrial environment. During the course of my day the boot is exposed to acids, bases, other chemicals, water, salt etc.,. By far the best boot I have ever had. If I had one suggestion would be to make this boot available with the ice grip ?

Brad D.


Great boots

Very comfortable, sturdy, strong zipper and they look wonderful after a shine. Only rating it an 8 because a shoelace broke after working a 300 acre wildland fire, but overall a great pair of boots.



One of the best boots I've dowrn

My department bought the Fire flash Extreme for USAR use. After an initial break in period they were some of the most comfortable boots I've worn. 8-10 hours in the field and my feet felt great. The boots breathed well and the 10" height gave me great support. Very durable boots, just wash them off and they are ready to go again.!

Doug P.


Needs side straps

I had a set of the old fire flash boots and absolutely loved them. The only thing is that I wish they had the straps like the pull on boots but other than that they are good boots and a strap for the zipper to pull up.



Haix Fire Flash Xtreme Boots

Please accept this email as a testimonial from me regarding the fit, quality, & comfort of my new Haix Fire Flash Xtreme Boots. When I first started in the volunteer fire service, I wore the rubber bunker boots that were issued to me. They were heavy, hot, & uncomfortable. Not long afterwards, I discovered that leather firefighting boots were lighter, fit better, and out performed rubber boots by far. I‘ve owned different brands of leather lace up, pull on, & zip up firefighting boots. None have come close to the fit, quality, & comfort of the Haix Fire Flash Xtreme boots I recently purchased. Their TRE Fast Fix lacing system allows for a truly custom-fit boot which I‘ve found is difficult to obtain for firefighters, like me, who have short, wide feet and large calves. In my opinion, the Haix Fire Flash Xtreme is simply the best leather zip-up structural firefighting boot available on the market today.
Sincerely, Mike Bitney,
firefighter Spooner Fire District
Spooner, WI

Mike B.


The fit is so good it feels like my running shoes

I have been wearing Haix firefighting boots for at least 8 years, and I don't want to think about what fighting fire without them was like before then. I have 2 pair of Fire Flash zip ups and one other pair that needs to be sent in to be reconditioned. It is not uncommon for our crew to go to the tower weekly for functional firefighting training and PT. and we do PT IN FULL GEAR. There is absolutely no slip on my heels when doing mountain climbers, jumping jacks, and even burpees. I can't imagine going to vent an icy roof or climbing on a stiff pitch without them. The fit is so good it feels like my running shoes. I do recommend the 10" leg height . ( I was wearing the 8" when bailing out a window when pant leg pulled up and was burned just above the boot).
- Aaron G

Aaron G.

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