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Making Your HAIX Boots "Like New" Again

Do you have a favorite pair of HAIX® boots that are just so comfortable you hate to give them up? With the HAIX® Extended Wear Program, you might not have to. The HAIX® Extended Wear Program allows you to extend the life of your “broken in” boots. You can choose to get your boots retreaded or even opt to get a full refurb to make them almost like new. Bear in mind, the extended wear program is an option after your HAIX® boots are out of the HAIX® warranty period.

Most HAIX® boots are able to be retreaded, and you can opt to choose only a retread if that is your preference. As a point of reference, HAIX® boots must maintain a certain level of condition in order to be eligible for retread as there can be a point of no return. For example, boots should still have some tread left on them if you want a retread. If the tread is worn down smooth, it is really past the point of getting a retread.  There are also certain soles that are not able to be retreaded as well, such as boots with a Vibram® sole.

Another option is to opt for a full boot refurbishment. Refurbishing packages include a sole retread, repair of stitching, repair or replacement of exterior rubber toe cap, replacement of missing hardware, as well as replacement of insoles and laces. They will also clean, shampoo, polish and deodorize your boots too. And if you want any laced in zippers replaced, they can do that too when they refurbish your boots.

You can also opt for other single services such as boot calf stretching, adding in a gusset for more room in the calf area, or replacing the exterior rubber toe cap. All replacement parts are HAIX® factory original parts, and our authorized repair centers have passed HAIX®’s rigorous standards to provide you with the quality of workmanship you expect in a HAIX® boot.

We have two authorized service centers for the extended wear program, depending on whether you live in the U.S. or Canada. For those of you in the U.S., boot retread and refurbs are done through NuShoe, and in Canada, it is done through Quick Cobbler.  Check out the Extended Wear Program details online or check with the service center itself for more information.

Customers should expect it to take 4-6 weeks to get their refurbished boots back from repair. This includes the shipping to and back from the repair center.

The HAIX® Extended Wear Program is a great option for your boots as it is feet friendly and allows you to keep your favorite boots just a bit longer.  It also saves you money versus buying a new pair and is environmentally friendly too!


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  • LOVE this service

    I’ve had 3 pair of boots refurbed over the last 15 year and they have been returned like new!! The refurb definitely extends the life of my boots that fit my feet....well like a great pair of boots!!!! Love Haix Boots.