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Safety From The Ground Up

June is National Safety Month! HAIX® prides itself on keeping first responders and essential workers safe no matter the conditions. Whether you are on an emergency call or keeping manufacturing operations running smoothly, we have a line of dedicated safety shoes that aim to please.

We specifically engineered all of our Black Eagle® boots to be lightweight, thanks to a more flexible, athletic fit, which can help reduce foot and leg fatigue over time. Our Black Eagle® Safety line is no exception. Both our Black Eagle® Safety 55 Mid Side Zip and Black Eagle® Safety 42.1 Low boots include many key features engineered with safety in mind.

  • Composite safety toe: Keeps the toe safe and the boot much lighter than other safety boots
  • Electrical hazard (EH) rated sole: Protective up to 18kv
  • Non-metallic puncture protection: Protects your entire sole in all situations
  • Slip-resistant sole: Rubber outsole for increased traction in unstable conditions
  • Arch support: Helps distribute body weight more effectively while improving comfort

Black Eagle® Safety 55 Mid Side Zip

The Black Eagle® Safety 55 Mid Side Zip has the safety and security of a lace-up, 5-inch boot with the convenience of a side zipper for easy donning and doffing. Available in both men's and women's sizes, the Safety 55 includes all the key features listed above with the addition of GORE-TEX® CROSSTECH® hazardous fluid protection. This NFPA 1999 certified boot is a great multi-tasker.

"I bought these as my first pair of HAIX last week. I hesitated to order boots online without trying them on, but recommendation from friends got me over it. It turns out the sizing instructions were spot on. I wore the boots 10 hours a day for four days straight, in the office and in the field with no discomfort. I put them on, adjusted them, then forgot about them. Until a fire extinguisher dropped on my toes and I felt nothing. :) They can be adjusted perfectly, and the zipper is extremely convenient. Consider me a satisfied customer.” -Glenn

Black Eagle® Safety 42.1 Low

The Black Eagle® Safety 42.1 Low also includes the safety features listed above with the added benefit of incredibly lightweight construction and waterproofing thanks to GORE-TEX® technology. This 3-inch work boot functions more like an exceptionally designed safety tennis shoe. Our proprietary smart lacing system also means you can set your fit and forget it without repeatedly tying and untying your boots—perfect after a long shift.

”I wanted sole and toe protection without having to wear boots. This shoe offers the protection I want in a far lighter shoe." - Steve T.

Exceptionally lightweight and expertly protective, either of these innovative boots will help keep you safe and sound starting from the ground up.

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