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Surviving Winter - 5 Tips for Cops

Tip #1 –Real, legit, honest winter boots… This is the one thing you cannot go without. I prefer an insulated, all-leather boot with a Gore-Tex Duracomm liner. Bottom line, winter police officer boots are absolutely essential for police work.
Side note – when sizing, be sure to wear your winter socks to try on. It can make a huge difference.

Tip #2 – Layers. Start with a moisture wicking t-shirt. Then add a long-sleeve thermal shirt. Some may prefer a turtleneck to go with their duty shirt. Next, you’ll want a good-quality duty shirt to add on top of all those layers and because of that, be sure to get a size, maybe 2 sizes, large to fit with the extra layering.

Tip #3 – Waterproof coat. Wetness is your enemy during winter, so a good waterproof coat will help keep those situations at bay. I prefer a coat with a zip out liner, especially if it gets below zero in your neck of the woods.

Tip #4 – Gloves. Layerable, if possible. I use a simple neoprene glove as a base layer, with touch screen capabilities. You can keep these on when you’re in your car. If I need to go outside, I add my convertible mittens/gloves, overtop of the neoprene gloves. This allows me multiple levels of insulation, depending on the scenario.
Side note – some mittens have a storage area where you can add pocket warmers for added warmth in very cold climates.

Tip #5 – Teamwork & Mass. Knowing what to wear in winter is just the start. With the right mixture of teamwork and bodies, you can accomplish a task in a much more effective manner. When we are out in the elements, we sometimes use a 10-minute rotating system from inside a heated vehicle to outside.

For more winter survival tips for cops, follow Free Field Training on YouTube. 


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