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Wildfire Prevention Tips

Wildfires have become an increasing problem in recent years, often lasting for several months and causing billions of dollars in damage. In fact, 8.8 million acres burned in 2018 alone. In some cases, fire is good for a forest, but unplanned and unwanted wildfires that burn too hot can make it hard for the forest to recover. Wildfires are also very dangerous to people who use the wooded areas or live in nearby homes and communities. These fires have many possible causes especially during dry and hot weather conditions, but studies have found 90% are caused by humans with only 10% coming from lighting or lava.

We want to help protect the forests from wildfires so they can be enjoyed for generations to come. Great strides have been made in preventing human-caused wildfires but there is still work to do to ensure proper outdoor fire safety.

Here are some wildfire prevention tips:

  1. Follow local ordinances when burning yard waste and remove all flammables and vegetation from the area.

  2. Avoid burning in windy conditions.

  3. Beware of Fire-prone areas and restrictions for hunters on shooting and ammunition.

  4. Dispose of used matches and cigarette butts in an appropriate container.

  5. Keep lighters and matches out of reach of children.

  6. Only start a campfire in appropriate pit.

  7. Never leave a campfire unattended overnight and make sure it is completely doused with water or smothered with dirt before leaving it.

  8. Be cautious when using fueling lanterns, stoves and heaters.

  9. Make sure lighting and heating devices are cool before refueling.

  10. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires.

Wildland firefighting is dangerous, therefore good protective Gear is extremely important. The safety of our heroes is very important to us, that’s why HAIX has designed the perfect boots for wildland firefighting, built with the high level of quality that has become synonymous with the name HAIX. Whether it is the NFPA wildland certified boot, Airpower XR1, or the ever-popular wildland hiking boot, Missoula, wildland firefighters across the country put their trust in HAIX boots.

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