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The Hiking Boot for Wildland Fire Fighting

$259.00 *

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Hiker Boots for Wildland Firefighting Looking for an innovative alternative to those... more
Product information "Missoula"
Waterproof No
Product type Factory firsts
Fastener 2 zone lacing
Safety toe No safety toe
Upper material Nubuck leather
Leg height in inches 8 inches
Inner liner Textile
Color Black

Hiker Boots for Wildland Firefighting

Looking for an innovative alternative to those traditional logger style wildland fire boots? The HAIX® Missoula is the boot you’ve been looking for.

The Missoula was built especially for the wildland firefighter and hiker. The lighter weight alleviates leg fatigue while on those long hikes, since the less weight you have on your feet, the less energy you have to expend while walking. HAIX® Missoula uses thicker, breathable European leather and minimal seaming to increase stability and also durability of its boots.

Two Zone Lacing

The two zone lacing not only gives you the ability to adjust the boot for a fit tailored just for you, but allows you to achieve the ankle support you need when hiking through rough terrain. It enables you to tighten the boot to the foot and leg area separately so that you get a customized and supportive fit.

Vibram® Rubber Soles and Nomex Protected

The uniquely designed Vibram® rubber sole offers a stable non-slip sole edge so you can keep your footing even when on slick terrain. The Missoula cement sole construction is heat rated to 573°F so you won’t experience sole melt or delamination when conditions start to heat up. Stitching and lacing are all made of heat and flame resistant Nomex® which protects more than three million firefighters worldwide.

Secura Liner® Protected and Superior Heel Grip

The inner liner and upper leather are firmly secured and lasted beneath the sole. with Secura Liner® your inner liner will never pull out or wrinkle over time.

It also has specially designed heels that allow for superior grip even when walking on steep or uneven terrain. The midsole also prevents instability during hiking.

Cushioned and Quick Change Insoles

The comfort cushion insoles protect your feet from pain and provide long-lasting comfort allowing you to serve on duty even for long periods. And with its excellent moisture absorption and quick drying capabilities, you’ll never feel uncomfortable moisture in your boots.

HAIX® Climate System

The Missoula’s built in Climate System let's your feet maintain balance in temperature by keeping your feet warm in cool temperatures and keeping them cool in warm temperatures. The “bellows” effect in this system keeps air circulating with every step a firefighter makes. It helps keep your feet dry from sweat for longer periods making them one of the most comfortable boots you will wear while in line of duty.

Dual Purpose Boots

The HAIX® Missoula is not suitable for HAZMAT but it is a dual purpose boot that can be worn for wildland firefighting or for hiking. Whichever of the two may it be, the Missoula is guaranteed to provide you the support, comfort, and durability needed to fulfill such events or activities.

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Make the change from tradition, and choose HAIX® Missoula.
  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • HAIX® 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot
  • Sturdy Vibram® anti-slip heat resistant rubber sole
  • Water resistant, breathable leather
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Customer reviews for "Missoula"
22 Feb 2017

Not to impressed

Well I really like them at first very comfortable then only a half season had passed and boom they started tearing at the sole and smiling. Then I noticed it was only stitched to piece of fabric that was unfit to be sewed to. Sad that somebody would sell a product like that to people who need a very durable product.

Admin 27 Feb 2017

Hi Greyson,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Missoula.  We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your purchase.  We stand behind the quality and durability of our boots.  The Missoulas do come with a one year warranty, so if they broke down on you within that year, that issue would have been covered and could've been repaired or replaced.  Keep this in mind when considering our boots in the future.  

1 Feb 2017


Let me start off by saying, I LOVE THESE BOOTS! I am a wild land firefighter in California and i switched to these boots last year after wearing Whites in previous years. These boots were absolutely amazing on my feet and i had no issues wearing them all day or night on the fire line without having to replace them. I was even able to drop down to one pair of socks while wearing these boots which was fantastic for my feet. I especially love the locking quicklace system that is on these boots, seeing as we do have to jump out of bed in the middle of the night for medical aids as well. Definitely faster than lacing up my whites. I love the insole also, cradles the foot and i can hike all day or walk on cement all day in comfort. MY ONLY COMPLAINT, and its really not that big, but I seriously wish that Haix would consider making these boots 8" from the sole instead of the ground so that they were taller. I have had a few close calls with my Nomex almost exposing the top of the boot. On top of that, the rumor is that CALFire could potentially try to ban these boots because of the height. HAIX - PLEASE MAKE THEM A LITTLE TALLER SO THAT I CAN WEAR THESE FOREVER :). Like i said, I LOVE THESE BOOTS!

Admin 1 Feb 2017

We appreciate you sharing your experience with the Missoula's.  We are happy to hear that you have found them to be comfortable, breathable and efficient while out on the job.  I will pass your concern about the height up the chain of command and hopefully we will release a taller version of this boot in the future.  Thanks for your service, stay safe!

27 Oct 2016

I am truly amazed

I have been a Wildland Firefighter since 2003. Been thru the leathers, always looking for the next best boot. Have been thru the leather break in, and working on a break in now (third year on present leather boot). Have been in La sportive which was my go to boot. But now there is Haix Missoula. I purchased these boots 3 months ago and now can say they are the best wildfire boot I have owned. Size for me ran true, I use an obeo insert and Darn Tough sock. So comfortable that I wear them all the time for all occasions, not just fire. Try them!

27 Oct 2016

I am truly amazed

I have been a Wildland Firefighter since 2003. Been thru the leathers, always looking for the next best boot. Have been thru the leather break in, and working on a break in now (third year on present leather boot). Have been in La sportive which was my go to boot. But now there is Haix Missoula. I purchased these boots 3 months ago and now can say they are the best wildfire boot I have owned. Size for me ran true, I use an obeo insert and Darn Tough sock. So comfortable that I wear them all the time for all occasions, not just fire. Try them!

27 Oct 2016

I am truly amazed

I have been a Wildland Firefighter since 2003. Been thru the leathers, always looking for the next best boot. Have been thru the leather break in, and working on a break in now (third year on present leather boot). Have been in La sportive which was my go to boot. But now there is Haix Missoula. I purchased these boots 3 months ago and now can say they are the best wildfire boot I have owned. Size for me ran true, I use an obeo insert and Darn Tough sock. So comfortable that I wear them all the time for all occasions, not just fire. Try them!

Admin 27 Oct 2016

Hi James,

Thank you so much for taking the time to give us feedback on the Missoula boots.  We are happy to hear that you have had such a positive experience with them over the past three months and hope they will continue to serve you well in the future.

Thanks again!

15 Oct 2016

Most amazing footwear I've ever purchased

Many of my co-workers recommended these boots to me after my traditional logger style fire boots tore up my feet while working. After reading the reviews and doing my homework, I decided to go ahead and purchase a pair. I can tell you that I'm very glad I did. As others have stated they are wonderful right out of the box. There is no break-in time needed and they are a good sturdy boot. They are so comfortable I don't feel like I'm wearing a work boot at all. I wear them in my office even when I'm not on the fire line. The traditional fire boots slowed down my hiking, were painful to move and stand in and left me feeling exhausted by the end of the day. The HAIX allow me to move faster, negotiate the terrain better and I can work for longer periods pain free and not feel exhausted. Another positive aspect is not having swollen ankles at the end of the day as well. I will try and see if I can sell my traditional logger style boots to one of my co-workers and I will definitely be a HAIX customer from now on. I recommend these boots to anyone who has to work on their feet all day. It's a nice looking and comfortable boot for both work and play. Thank you HAIX for existing.

Admin 17 Oct 2016

Hi Steff,

We appreciate your feedback on the Missoula's.  We are happy to hear that you made the switch to HAIX and that the boots have served you well both out in the field and in the office.  Thank you for your support and recommendation.

10 Oct 2016

Light and comfy

It took a couple weeks for the boots to break in. The boots would pinch the tops of my feet like ski boots but after the break-in period they are some of the best boots I have owned! So light weight and durable. I think my quest to find the perfect boot has come to an end!

Admin 11 Oct 2016

Hi Dan,

We appreciate your feedback.  The Missoula can take a little longer to break in than some of our other boots due to the thick, full grain leather used throughout.  While this does extend the break in period a bit, it will help ensure a much longer life.  We are glad you waited it out and are now happy with you purchase.  We hope they will continue to serve you well in the future.


4 Oct 2016

Boots seem very comfortable but squeek. I assume that is something that will eventually go away. However, their largest boot is too small. Need a 14 which you do not make, yet.

Gave a lower score because you would think in this day and age with so many of us over 6 feet, a size 12 or 13 would be standard. Let me know when you make a size 14.

Admin 4 Oct 2016

Hi Craig,

Sorry to hear that your boots are squeaking.  This is actually a manufacturer's defect and would be covered under warranty.  Since we do not carry the Missoula in your size, we can recommend getting the XR1 instead which goes up to size 16 and is certified for wildland firefighting.  Please contact our customer service dept. at 859-281-0111 and they will be happy to assist you.

And thank you for your feedback.  It is greatly appreciated.

25 Sep 2016


As for the longevity of the boot I cannot say, but this has been the best fire boot I have used. First day in them I worked a dessert fire that my crew had to hike about 7-8 miles. There was a little discomfort from never having worn the boots, but my feet felt better than my whites or ad-tecs after two seasons worth of break in for both. I only put in about 4 weeks worth of fire and fuels work, but I am very pleased with these boots. After work I can keep the boots on and do things around the house whereas my other boots had to come off immediately after arriving home. I would recommend the product to anyone thinking about a fire certified hiking boot. Very happy with my purchase.

Admin 26 Sep 2016

Hi Blake,

We appreciate your feedback.  We are happy to hear that you are pleased with your purchase and hope you will continue to be a customer in the future.


11 Sep 2016

Wildland Firefighter

The boots are amazing thanks I was impressed with how great they are. Over all will be referring and ordering these boots when it's time for some new ones!! My only down fall is that I ordered these boots before 10am and my order wasn't processed till 4 days later and it wasn't till the 4th day at the end of the day that I finally heard back from y'all, other then that I was pleased with the boots can't wait to put them to work.

Admin 12 Sep 2016

Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your feedback.  We are happy to hear that you are enjoying the Missoula's. 

Sorry it took a few extra days to receive the boots.  As indicated on our website, orders placed after 10 a.m. Eastern Standard Time are processed the next business day.  Unfortunately, you just missed the cutoff.  We are also not set up to process on the weekends or holidays which is why it  may have taken more time for you to get them.  But I see that they did ship out the next business day, Tuesday, Sept. 6th.

Again, we appreciate your review and hope that you will continue to be a customer in the future.


10 Sep 2016

Comfortable, but don't last as long as they should

I was recommended these boots by a friend because I was looking for boots other than the traditional logger style boots. They fit a little large but with a high arch insole they fit perfect, virtually no break-in time. Had them for two fire seasons & recommended to everyone I knew. Half way through the second season the sole on the right foot started to separate at the toe. Two of my co-workers had the same issue. I contacted Haix and was told the could not be fixed. They said I could buy a new pair with the promotion they were running at the time. In my opinion the boots were comfortable but should last longer than a season & a half, and I'm not on a hand crew where I'm hiking every other day. I'm going to go with another brand that should last longer. I can no longer recommend these boots to friends & co-workers, instead will have to tell them my story and let them make there own decision.

Admin 30 Sep 2016

Hi Mr. Ruano,

I apologize for the issues you had with Missoulas.  Since the boots were no longer under warranty, I was told that customer service emailed you a couple weeks back and offered you the lowest price we can on a new pair of boots.  So far, we have not gotten a response from you.  Please contact us again if you are still interested or would like to discuss this situation further.

Once again, thanks again for your feedback.

9 Sep 2016


The least comfortable boots i've had in 25 years in the fire service. They are so inflexible they are bruising my feet. Can't even wear them to walk in for a day, definitely won't be able to work in them. Very painful across the top of my foot.

Admin 12 Sep 2016


Thanks for your feedback.

We are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with your Missoula.  This boot can take a little longer to break in, due to the thick, full grain leather used throughout.  While this does extend the break in period a bit, it will help ensure a much longer life.

Please call customer service (866-344-4249) if you continue to feel discomfort, as they would be happy to troubleshoot the issue with you.

4 Sep 2016

Very Comfortable

Best boot for the price and it is very comfortable. Wear them for work

Admin 12 Sep 2016

We really appreciate your feedback.  Thanks for your review, so glad you are happy with the boot and will continue to be a customer in the future.

25 Aug 2016

So far so good!

Hey guys! I bought these boots based on recommendations from my co-workers. I'm a wildland fire fighter and was ready for a boot change. I typically wear a European 42, or women's 11. I ordered a size 9.5. And, honestly, the boot was a little wide all around. So I bought some inserts and instantly no problem! No break in time required. Super light which makes hikes easier.

22 Aug 2016

Love these boots. I ordered 2 sizes, 5.5 and 6. I ended up keeping the size 6 and adding an insert. The company was great working with returning and credit. The boots are comfy, look nice and I wore them on a 7 mile hike just after purchasing and only wea

Great boot!

21 Aug 2016

29 years of firefighting, SMJ/HS/FMO

Very comfortable boot. Excellent support on off camber hillsides. I don't like the Velcro tabs on the tongue. I also would like a lighter color, black really heats up the feet in direct sunlight.

Admin 22 Aug 2016

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, we value your opinion.  I will pass your suggestions up the chain!

12 Aug 2016

Great boots. Got into some hot hot manzanita and no problems with delaminating

Paid for next day shipping and it took a week. Waste of $68

Admin 17 Aug 2016

Hello Dave,

I do apologize for the delay. We did take an extra day getting your order out, so we refunded your shipping cost.  Thanks for being understanding.  Enjoy your boots!

26 Jul 2016

About to order 2nd pair.

Excellent pair of boots! I've gotten three seasons out of my haix, thinking I have two more. Purchasing another pair just to have them:)

18 Jul 2016

I have been wearing my HAIX Missoula boots for 2 years now. I was talked into buying a pair by a SW Hotshot crew that had worn them all season and loved them. I have been thoroughly impressed with the boots. I am a 15 year firefighter and have worn sev

I will continue to wear these boots. Very pleased.

14 Jul 2016

As advertised.

Great boots! Shipped fast, sizeing is very close, customer service was great. I did have to return the firat pair as they were too small. The included return shipping label was not usable but after a quick call to the friendly ladies at customer service they emailed me a new one, no problem. These boots are definitely the most comfortable boots I have worn fighting fire. The being in south Florida we get our feet wet quite a bit, and these boots fit the bill nicely. No water has gone through the boot and ruined the day. I was pleasantly surprised! If these boots ever wear out, I will immediately buy another pair!

Admin 15 Jul 2016

Hello Max, Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, we appreciate it.  We're happy the boots are working out so well for you!  Stay safe out there.

12 Jul 2016

Great boot

Like everyone else that has posted I have tried every brand of wildland boot out there. These were definitely a surprise. I started wearing them right out of the box and my old boots are still sitting where I left them the day these came in. The most comfortable boot that I have owned. It is nice to spend a hard day on the fireline and your feet are not blistered or sore when you get home. The price is much easier to swallow than the other brands too. I have found my favorite boot and expect too purchase another pair.

Admin 12 Jul 2016

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback, we appreciate it.  We're happy the boots are working out so well for you!

28 Jun 2016

Surprising Awesome

Ok, I have been a White's Boots Guy for 15 years and White's does make a great boot, but recently (maybe because I'm getting old) I decided I wanted something easier to lace up, lighter weight, and less rigid that my 12 inch smokejumpers to have as a spare pair of workboots. So I went with the Haix Missoula. Lets just say all the peeps on here who say "they are great right out of the box" they aren't kidding. I have wore the Haix now for 5 months through all of prescribed burn season and into summer while I cruise and mark timber in them everyday. These really are the most comfortable boot I have ever had. Zero break in time, no boot bite, just a solid, lightweight boot that I end up wearing all day long. I used to take my White's off at the end of the work day and leave them under my desk because I hated wearing them any longer than necessary. Now I put the Haix boots on at the house, wear them all day, all evening, and I am usually taking them off at bed time. They are just that comfortable. I bought them to have as a spare pair of boots and my poor old White's haven't seen any action since the UPS man dropped the Haix Missoulas off at my porch. I parked the White's in my closet and haven't looked back. I seriously don't think you will have any regrets with these boots.....I don't.

Admin 28 Jun 2016

Greetings Scott.  Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts about the Missoula. We think they're a pretty awesome boot as well! We're so glad to hear they're working out so well for you.

22 Jun 2016

These are great went through a week of re hire Academy and straight to a fire after never got a blister or sore foot. Every other guy in those whites were dying and crying about blisters and aching feet.

These are great went through a week of re hire Academy and straight to a fire after never got a blister or sore foot. Every other guy in those whites were dying and crying about blisters and aching feet.

Admin 27 Jun 2016

Hi CJ.  Thanks for the great feedback!  We're very happy they are doing so well for you.

5 Jun 2016

Not Resoleable

These boots are comfortable and perform well in the wildland fire arena. However, I am disappointed to recently find out that the soles CANNOT be resoled as originally advertised. This was a big selling feature for me.

23 Apr 2016

Good boot, would be great with a few changes

Almost my favorite boots out of Whites, La Sportiva, and Scarpa. I have put these boots through the ringer for a year from Alaska to Florida. These boots are comfy right out of the box, no time to break in. If you like a stiff boot, this may not be for you. They held up to some fairly wet conditions, and dry desert conditions as well with no signs of sole delamination. These boots are wider than most, which caused some issues for me personally. I typically wear a medium width 11.5, I added a SOLE high volume foot bed on top of the HAIX insole to take up some space, but still had a bit more room than I like in the ankle. The upper lace eyelets are closed, which adds a bit of difficulty when putting the boots on and lacing.Unfortunately, I am going to go with a narrower boot for this season

24 Feb 2016

Fantastic--my "new" favorite boot.

I've been a firefighter for nearly 20 years, and have been through a slew of wildland boot types, including Hawthornes, Whites, Redwings, Haix's heavier wildland boot, and various station-style boots. Boot-finding is an expensive enterprise because a showroom floor cannot give you anything about how a boot will work when humping steep hills, or standing around ash pits. Wildland boots have a lacing system that is also difficult due to the looping system, and in my department where we are all-purpose, trying to switch boots is a pain in the ass. I was surprised to see one of our inmate crew captains wearing the Missoulas. I asked how they lasted and felt, and he loved them. I bought a pair right away--garnering a lot of odd looks due to yellow coloring--and away I went on numerous fire assignments. The boots were fantastic for the following points: 1) The heels aren't ridiculously high like those of other wildland boots. A kinesiology master's graduate like myself can appreciate the toll those high heels take on the knees, hips and low back of countless old timers. 2) The boots are light. 3) As advertised, the inside doesn't fold or tear. 4) The lacing is very easy and fast. 5) Mine have held up on numerous assignments, countless days of mopping up and active firefighting, and many miles of hiking--often on lava fields like those found on the Eiler Fire (2014). The only con I had was the boots were a little short for my big wide feet (I do a lot of barefoot training so my feet are wide) and this was noticeable during downhill hiking when my toes would get hammered. The solution was to order my next Haix one size larger, and voila, problem solved. Bottom line, for the foreseeable future, these Haix Missoulas will be the boots I wear until I retire.

Admin 24 Feb 2016

Hi Tony,

We're happy to hear how well the HAIX Missoula is working out for you.  Thank you for such a detailed review.  We love to hear from our customers and appreciate you taking the time to give us some feedback.  Enjoy the boots, and stay safe!

26 Jan 2016

great company

I received my boots at the beginning of the 15 fire season and worked my home region in north east Washington. The first week the right boot delaminated. After identifying the problem to HIAX my boots were promptly replaced with no charge to me at all. No questions, Great warrantee and I am very happy with the boots. Ready to lead my crew again.

10 Oct 2015

Love them so far!!!

So i thought i'd give these a try a lot of other guys in my unit are wearing them and all like them. so far so good but i do wish they made them in a 10" option as well. also the can be a little tight around the ball of the foot if you tighten the laces up good. a suggestion would be to add a ratchet type of tension device that could be be attached to the eyelet and locked down when needed or a boa type of system would work as well. other then that they are great. i recommend them to everyone that asks about them. great boot so far!!!!

15 Aug 2015

Light weight and sturdy

I am a women's size 7.5 normally and I ordered the 5.5 and they fit perfect. I have been wearing them on long hikes daily trying to break them in and I have yet to experience any blisters. They were very stiff to begin but after a walk through a creek, they are starting to feel great and my feet never got wet. I love how light they are and the grip is outstanding- able to walk straight up rocky faces. I will be using them on fires and prescribed burns in the next month and am very happy with my purchase. Thanks for the new style of wild land hiking boots!

30 Jul 2015

Comfortable and durable

I purchased my Missoula Hiking boots in late 2013. I work on the Angelina/Sabine NF where we do a lot of prescribed burning and respond to wildfires on the districts and surrounding areas. I primarily operate one of our Type 5 Engines so I am constantly stepping up and out of the engine and working cat faces with the hose. I have never had any issues with wet feet like I had with traditional leather fire boots. It feels comfortable and light. I would definitely recommend this boot. If these boots wear out (which doesn't seem likely in the next 2 years) I will definitely purchase them again.

10 Jul 2015

Boot feedback from a female firefighter

Once I got my women's sizing of the boot in check with just a quick phone call to the customer service line (they run around a half size bigger). They shipped them super fast to me, which I was super pleased with.
1. As a forester, I work outside in steep terrain every. single. day. These boots have been sturdy and comfortable with no hotspots to be seen or felt.
2. When I don't have to bandage up my little girl feet... I am one happy person. Its so nice to throw on these boots and roll on!
3. When I'm on a western fire, my feet are everything. If they're not in check.. I'm not in check. These have kept me comfortable and helped with feet fatigue. Trust me, I've tried every brand of boot there is.
If HAIX keeps making boots like this.. i'll keep on keeping on buying them.

Much love to this company!

Admin 10 Jul 2015

Hello Laura,

We are very happy to hear how well your Haix Boots are working for you!  Thanks for taking the time to give us your feedback.  Stay Safe!

11 Mar 2015

Wildland Fire

I ordered a pair of these boots March 2014 and have wore them daily and on all my fire assignments (CA, AZ, NM) and absolutely love them. They are the only boots that I did not have to break in, no blisters!
Great customer service- talked to a rep when ordering and nailed it with the recommended size. These boots are very light but durable. Noticed on all my assignments, everywhere I went someone had a pair of these and they had great things to say (even the shots)! Had them for a year and are continuing to wear them. They are in good shape after a busy fire season. I will be ordering another pair when that time comes.

Admin 11 Mar 2015

Anna, thank you for taking the time to share your Haix experience with us.  We're happy to hear the Missoula is working so well for you.  Stay Safe!

23 Sep 2014

Hotshot Tested

I have worn the Haix Missoula's since May 2014 on every fire and terrain I have been on. I have been hesitant for years on wearing the hiking style boots on fires. The Missoula boots are extremely comfortable and durable. I, on two occasions have walked in extremely hot burns. The boots did get very hot like any other traditional boot will but there was no delamination to the boot. For those trying for the first time, there is a week break-in period like most boots. No issues with bites but will feel like you are wearing an ankle brace for that week. Since my purchase of the Haix Missoula's, half my crew has already purchased a pair and have made comments like "It's like wearing sneakers". The boots are easy to maintain as well, just saddle soap to wash and let dry, no need to oil. I would highly recommend these.

22 Sep 2014

Wildland Firefighter U.S. Forest Service

I got these boots after seeing them at a fire show that I went to. I got a pair of them and have had them now for a year know. I were them every day to work and they have held up great the only thing that has happened the laces just broke but easy to fix. I will buy another pair when these go bad.

20 Aug 2014

Very Comfortable

Very comfortable a nice break from traditional wild land boots. I am hoping they hold up to the remaining fire season as I am not looking forward to wearing my old boots ever again.

8 Aug 2014

Not as advertised

These boots are comfortable, but they are NOT water resistant or even "hydrophobic". Nearly ruined my mission when I discovered that my brand new Missoulas are basically a sponge. Wet feet for ten days.

Admin 11 Aug 2014

Hello Steve,
I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your Haix Missoula purchase. While the leather on this boot is water resistant (splashed water will bead on the surface of the leather), it is not waterproof (prolonged contact with water will soak through the boot).  If you would like to discuss this further, please call Haix North America Customer Service at 866-344-HAIX (4249)

3 Jun 2014

Wildland Firefighter

Just received my Missoula's and can't say on life expectancy yet but as far as comfort they are great and look to be very well built. I wear an 11 1/2 with insoles I always put in every boot (Spenco) and they fit great. I will try to put an update on here after 2014 fire season.

26 Sep 2013

I will continue to provide feedback to you as I continue to wear the Missoula. It is truly a great product

I received the boots (Missoula) last Thursday. I tried them on and they fit well. I decided to give them a good test run yesterday. I went on a hike in an area that burned in northern NM in 2011. I walked a total of about 8-1/2 miles and I must say that I was amazed at how well the boots performed. First of all, they were extremely comfortable. I was walking on surfaces ranging from wet streams to rock outcropings to general forested areas. The boots performed extremely well and I will definitely be recommending them to friends and coworkers. The typical wildland boot (White’s) take quite some time to break in and what I found surprising about the Missoula was how well it fit my foot and never once did I feel uncomfortable, regardless of the terrain.

I will continue to provide feedback to you as I continue to wear the Missoula. It is truly a great product!!!!!

Danny Montoya
Director of Engineering
Southwest Region, US Forest Service
Albuquerque, NM

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$89.00 * $339.00 *
502004_fire_hunter_usa_cmyk560992e6ac9a8 Fire Hunter USA, FS
$189.00 * $299.00 *
501605_fire_hunter_xtreme_cmyk560993f55f65e Fire Hunter Xtreme
$389.00 *
MSRP $439
Airpower R8 Airpower R8
$239.00 *
MSRP $279
111005_Missoula Missoula, FS
$189.00 * $259.00 *
605113_airpower-xr1_cmyk Airpower XR1
$289.00 *
MSRP $334
Protector_Prime_Black Protector Prime Black
$329.00 *
MSRP $369
604103-4_airpower-xr200_rgb Airpower XR200
$269.00 *
MSRP $309
605118_airpower_xr2 Airpower XR2
$279.00 *
MSRP $314
Protector_Prime_Orange Protector Prime Orange
$329.00 *
MSRP $369
507101_fire_hero_xtreme_cmyk5609959bb6317 Fire Hero Xtreme
$399.00 *
MSRP $459
Nebraska-Pro_206301 Nebraska Pro
$214.00 *
MSRP $279
111002_haix_k2_cmyk HAIX K2
$269.00 *
MSRP $329
Airpower R200 Airpower R200
$239.00 *
MSRP $269
506005_Fire_Flash-Xtreme Fire Flash Xtreme
$419.00 *
MSRP $479
505204-5_specialfighter_usar Special Fighter USAR
$399.00 *
MSRP $444
nebraska-214002 Nebraska
$139.00 * $267.00 *
ranger-gsg9-s542abae29c007 HAIX GSG9-S
$235.00 *
MSRP $274
602012_trekker_mountain_us_cmyk Trekker Mountain, FS
$89.00 * $339.00 *
605113_airpower-xr1_cmyk Airpower XR1, FS
$199.00 * $289.00 *
206215_airpower_p7_high_cmyk Airpower P7 High
$225.00 *
MSRP $254
laces-all-shoes-and-boots Laces
From $4.00 *
602506_protector_light_us_cmyk50bdc2391be20 Protector Light, FS
$89.00 * $259.00 *
602506_protector_light_us_cmyk50bdc2391be20 Protector Light
$119.00 * $259.00 *
Protector_Prime_Black Protector Prime Black, FS
$189.00 * $329.00 *
605109_airpower_r2_cmyk Airpower R2
$269.00 *
MSRP $299
603029_protector-prousa Protector Pro
$139.00 * $339.00 *
605113_airpower-xr1_cmyk Airpower XR1 Womens
$289.00 *
MSRP $334
602014_prozector_volt_2013 Protector Volt, FS
$129.00 * $339.00 *
602103_protector-xtreme_us Protector Xtreme
$149.00 * $390.00 *
mission-black_cmyk Mission Black
$199.00 * $284.00 *
602504_airpower_gold_cmyk Airpower Gold, FS
$89.00 * $269.00 *
504204_special_fighter_xtreme Special Fighter Xtreme
$229.00 * $414.00 *
605111_airpower_r1_us_cmyk571e248965def Airpower R1
$229.00 * $299.00 *
Black-Eagle_Safety_insoles_perfect-fit_medium Insoles
From $10.00 *
502004_fire_hunter_usa_cmyk5609932fb6f71 Fire Hunter USA
$299.00 *
MSRP $354