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What is the difference between GORE-TEX® and CROSSTECH®?

GORE-TEX® provides breathable waterproofing and limited protection from bloodborne pathogens and chemicals. CROSSTECH® fabrics are also waterproof and breathable, while also providing liquid penetration resistance from chemicals and protection from blood and bodily fluids.

What is Sun Reflect Leather?

Sun Reflect leather is the result of a chemical treatment during the tanning of the boot. It allows the leather to reflect more light and heat than standard leather would, so our boots are comparably cooler to the touch and cooler inside, after sitting in the sun. Sun Reflect only applies to black leather boots. Watch video here.

What is HAIX® Secura Liner?

HAIX® Secura Liner® is a system not duplicated anywhere in the world.

When you think of a "boot liner", you probably think of a sock-like cloth that is tucked into the inside of the boot at the end of production. When pulling your boot on and off, the glue holding it in place wears down over time and the liner may wrinkle or even invert, pulling out with your foot.

The HAIX® Secura Liner® is firmly secured and sealed along with the upper leather beneath the sole – not just glued in place as an afterthought. Our Secura Liner® will not pull out from the boot without first ripping the boot apart, and likewise will not wrinkle and bunch up.

What is the HAIX® MSL System?

The MSL (Micro Soft Light) System is an extremely low weight, springy, dense foam insulation that fills into the center of a hollow rubber boot sole. Once it cures inside the sole, it stiffens to allow for greater shock absorption and cold/heat insulation.

What is the HAIX® AF System?

The AF (Ankle Flex) System is made of elastic cloth that is built into the inside of the boot, to secure your ankle and foot down and back into the cup of the boot's heel. It gives a slip-on boot the security and feel of a zip-up boot, and reduces the likelihood of blisters forming on the heel from rubbing. It also provides better ankle support while allowing more freedom of movement when operating machinery or bending down.

Can I attach spikes to your boots so I can climb trees and poles?

Our forestry boots are compatible with most standard spike/spur sets.

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