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HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid

Innovation meets comfort in a German-engineered 6-inch tactical boot

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Tactical Shoes with Upgraded Features Now designed and fully manufactured in Europe, we took... more
Product information "HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid"
Boot height in inches 6 inches
Color Black
Conductivity Anti-static
Fastener Lace up
Gender Male
Inner liner GORE-TEX®
Item number 340002
Primary use Law enforcement
Product type Factory firsts
Safety toe No safety toe
Shank TPU R3000
Sole 018
Technologies Absorption, Anti Slip, Climate, GORE-TEX®, Sun Reflect
Upper material Smooth leather
Waterproof Yes

Tactical Shoes with Upgraded Features

Now designed and fully manufactured in Europe, we took our popular Black Eagle® Tactical 20 Mid and gave it an upgrade. The Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid breathable work boots have updated features that we’re sure customers are going to love. Features like: 

  • The HAIX® sole is more uniform black in color, without the shiny/gloss area around the heel
  • These are still non-slip, shock absorbing, non-marking, fuel and oil resistant work boots, but as an added feature, they are now also heat-resistant.
  • New Black Eagle® tread is self-cleaning; naturally releasing dried and caked on mud and dirt as you walk
  • New insoles in these breathable work boots offer seamless comfort with softer cushioning in the heel
  • More padding in the ankle area for additional ankle support and stability
  • Fully manufactured and designed in Europe by HAIX®

The HAIX Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid is the shoe you’ve been looking for. Designed with durability and comfort in mind, these police boots can be worn anywhere whether it’s for on or off duty. It’s one of the lightest weight options in our range of boots making it easy of the feet. Wear these 6-inch black tactical boots for airport duty and you shouldn’t have any problem - these boots are metal free.

Shock Absorbent Heels and Moisture Wicking Insoles

The HAIX Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid has what it takes to perform at any activity whether it’s for work or leisure. The heel area is supported by cushioning which absorbs shock while the forefoot is able to use energy more efficiently thanks to its strong spring-back material, and the built in pronation and supination support keeps your weight evenly distributed throughout your foot and keeps your ankle more stabilized. The removable, moisture wicking insole provides just the right amount of support with its cushioning so you feel comfortable all throughout the day.

Anti-Slip Soles with Built in Stone Shield

Your line of duty or active hobby might require you to run on slippery surfaces or uneven terrain which makes the HAIX Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid such an ideal footwear to have. Its durable sole incorporates a special rubber mixture and tread design to provide a strong multi-directional grip even on slippery surfaces such as gas and oil. You never have to worry about falling, tripping, or slipping when you’re wearing the HAIX Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid. The built in stone shield doubles the protection, preventing you from feeling the impact from any rock or stone that may come your way.

Waterproof GORE-TEX® Laminate and the HAIX® Climate System

These 6-inch waterproof work boots feature a GORE-TEX® inner liner. Together with the HAIX® Climate System, your feet are kept at a balanced temperature whether you’re indoors or out. It’s made possible thanks to the air circulation process which automatically warms these breathable work boots during cool conditions and cools them during warm conditions.

Highly Breathable with Sun Reflect

The HAIX tactical boots’ insole with its moisture absorbing properties means that after a long hard day of running, jumping, and walking, your feet are still dry and comfortable. A good pair of breathable work boots is just what you need when you already have so much to deal with in your active line of work. And when it gets too hot, you never have to worry, since the Sun Reflect feature of the breathable leather reduces the heating effect of the upper leather by reflecting sunlight back so that the leather and the inside of your boot is much cooler.

One Year Limited Warranty

The HAIX Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid comes with an optional extended one year warranty. This is an added bonus to an already amazing pair of SWAT boots. Once you try on the HAIX Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid, you’ll never want to look at any other brand again.

  • Also available in: low and high
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • Waterproof/breathable with GORETEX® Extended
  • Stone shield prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot
  • Cushiony, moisture-wicking insole with “AIRFLOW” channels
  • Pronation support to prevent arch collapsing inward
  • Supination support with spring back energy return
  • Asymmetrical TPU for stabilizing the heel
  • Cushioning in the heel area for shock absorption
  • metal free
  • anti-static
  • Durable anti-slip sole resistant to oil and gasoline, non-marking
  • Optional Black Eagle extended warranty: Opt to extend the HAIX one year limited warranty for one additional year by filling out this online form

Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid"
11 Mar 2022

Excellent Boot

After going through many pairs of inferior boots I decided to make the jump to HAIX and these have proven to be a much superior boot. They took a few days to break it but they are an excellent boot. Looking forward to wearing them for many years. They provide superior support and the quick lace system is great. Thank you HAIX!

24 Mar 2021

Great boots/not what I expected.

I was hoping for a heavier duty winter boot for winter use in clearer condition (not deep snow). No fault of the company, I just was not fully aware at how light weight and warm they were. because of the lighter design they are actually pretty slick looking and handsome for a casual boot. I don't recall seeing a clear temperature rating which many companies provide. possibly an error on my part, but I did have them out walking in -15/-20 temperatures and they stayed warm and I did walk through some snow 10"-12" and they stayed dry. So overall an excellent boot! I did perform an ice walking test, which was a big concern of mine for purchasing a new boot. they did fine, but I found the soles felt hard and they slipped a bit when leading of the toe, but hey, it's ice.. The boots look and feel great and are starting to work in. The sizing is pretty accurate too, which is often a problem when ordering boots and offering half sizes is a plus!

My only issue has been with the lacing system. I bought the mid size boots and the lacing style only really feels tight around the crux of the ankle and does not go up the ankle as I had expected (more like a work boot). I also do not like the nylon loops (eyelets) and nylon laces. they're too slippery and too hard to create the tension I desire throughout the boot. when I pull the laces tight, they slip out back to their resting position. I'm pretty sure this is the intended point of the lacing system but I much prefer the flat eyelets and a waxier, less slippery lace to provide ankle support and good even tension throughout the boot. I also find the velcro flap on the tongue to be useless and burdensome, and possibly more damaging to the laces than a flat eyelet system wound be.

I still recommend these boots and give them a 9/10 because they deliver on size, grip, warmth, flexibility and style. Thanks Haix!

2 Dec 2020

Great but not perfect

This is my third pair of Haix Black Eagle boots. I can honestly say they are the closest thing you’ll find in a pair of boots that is equivalent to wearing an athletic shoe. That being said there are some things that need to be changed in order to make them perfect in my opinion. This new version has an extremely wide area in the lace area. There is more fabric now than leather in this latest version. I wish that these boots were like the previous versions with more leather in the lace area and less fabric. It seems this change causes the boot to be a little bit less comfortable in that the laces put a lot of pressure on the top of your foot near your toes. I read in another review where that was happening to somebody else. I also wish they would get rid of the fold down tab for the laces with the Velcro because the boot laces constantly get attached to the Velcro when taking the boots on and off. Its going to cause the laces to wear quicker and eventually break. The back of the boots are extremely stiff due to it being all leather. If there would be an added line of fabric in the back it would probably make the boots more comfortable and easier to break in. It takes forever for the back of these boots in the area of the ankles to break in. That being said these are the best boots that I have found to date and I keep going back to them even with these a few problems. Just can’t find anything else that is near close to an athletic shoe as these are.

27 Jun 2020

HAIX boots

I’ve been wearing HAIX boots for work for about 8-10 years, the leather is good and the souls wear good also, I just wish for the money these boots were made in the USA, that would be a real good selling point with a lot of people.

27 Jun 2020

Love this Footwear

This is my second pair of the GTX mid, this first lasted me 2 or three years. They kept my feet dry when around water and cool while in the heat of the summers.

24 Nov 2019

Best Work boots i have ever wore in ten years

This is my best working boots in my 10 years as a PSO, I was kinda skeptical of my decision getting it but in the end, i made a very good choice.
Perfect size, very comfy, and more importantly very lightweight. Also very grateful for the offered discount. By the way, I have recommended those booths to many of my co-workers.

8 Feb 2019

Fantastic boot

Fantastic boot, I had gone through two of the previous modles and loved them as well. Only complaint is the insoles are too thin, I replaced them immediately with arm and hammer memory foam insoles and now everything is perfect. I do have four titanium rods and twenty screws implemented throughout my legs so shoe comfort is extremely important and I admit to be picky about footwear due to the implants.

15 Jan 2019

Good boots but no cushioning

These are nice quality boots but the downfall is in the sole. Absolutely no cushioning. I had to buy cushioning inserts because my feet and lower legs were sore after a work day. I would expect more from a 175.00 boot.

Admin 4 Feb 2019

Hi John,

We appreciate your feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid. We are happy to hear that you like the high-quality boots. We apologize that you didn't like the cushioning in the sole. In the future, we are more than happy to send you some more cushioned insoles to help alleviate that issue. We hope this won't deter you from considering HAIX again in the future.

3 Jan 2019

Great! Only 1 thing missing

I love the wildland boot so when it came time to get new station boots I thought I would return & give these a try. I love them. They fit great, they are very comfortable, BUT there is no side zipper with the mid boot, only with the high boot. If these had the side zipper I would say they were perfect or very close to it.

27 Nov 2018

Best boots ever!

Love these boots! They are comfortable right out of the box. These boots hold up well, breathe and are waterproof. I have sloshed in creeks and riverbeds without any issues.

19 Mar 2018

Spot on

Very comfortable right out of the box. Lacing is quick and snag free. may run narrow for certain. Outsole is surprisingly grippy even on ice.

3rd pair of Haix and not the last.

24 Dec 2017

Best boots ever

I've had a previous pair of the same boots and they're great. They do what they say the do. I've stepped into 4 inch puddles with them and my feet stayed dry. Great traction in the snow and they stay cool in the summer. Great product from Haix. Can't imagine buying a different brand. Thank you.

Admin 26 Dec 2017

Hi Andy,

Thank you for your positive feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid. We are happy to hear that the waterproof barrier is working to keep your feet dry on the job and that the soles offer excellent traction in the snow. We are glad that you can appreciate our high-quality products and we hope you will continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future!

2 Dec 2017

Not Good

I was very excited to get these boots I've read lots of good things about them. However for me I do not like him first of all I have hard time keeping them tight second very uncomfortable after 8-- 12 hour shifts they made my legs cramp very unimpressed with these boots.

Admin 4 Dec 2017

Hi Damon,

We appreciate your feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid. We are sorry to hear that the boots have not worked out to your liking. We have many customers who do like the fit and comfort of these boots and we apologize that you are not one of them. Maybe these just weren't the right style for you. We hope that you will consider HAIX again in the future. 

4 Nov 2017

Good Quality, but....

I have had these boots for a few weeks now and I have some insights about them. First, the build quality is excellent. The fit and finish is perfect and the leather is quality. The boots provided plenty of support. I like the lacing system as it is easy to lace quickly. I also appreciated the LE discount offered by Haix. Shipping was fast.

On the negative side, I just cant break these boots in. I have worn them for 8 hour shifts for a few weeks and my feet hurt. I wear a standard size. I do have a taller than normal arch and I feel like the top of the boot puts a lot of pressure on my foot causing my toes to go numb. I end up lacing them really light and then my feet aren't supported. I really want to continue to wear these boots to break them in more because I do really like them, but it is becoming a safety thing for me. I fear I have wasted $155.

Admin 6 Nov 2017

Hi Jeff,

Thank you for your feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid.  We are happy that you like the leather, high quality and fit of this boot.  We are also glad that you have found this boot to offer plenty of support and that the lacing system allows for you to get the boot off and on quickly.  We apologize that you have had problems getting the boots to break-in, our boots often take longer to break-in than other boots due to the full-grain bullhide leather used throughout.  Our boots also have a more pronounced arch support which may be why you are experiencing discomfort since your arch is higher than normal.  We encourage you to keep trying to break them in and if you continue to experience issues, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service department with your concerns.  We appreciate you considering HAIX and hope this will not deter you from being a customer in the future.  Stay safe out there!

18 Sep 2017

Love them

These boots are nice and comfortable. It took about a day to break into them. I love that the boots are not bulky nice and stylish.

Admin 18 Sep 2017

Hi Delilah,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid.  We are happy to hear that the boots are comfortable with minimal break-in time.  We are also pleased that you like the look and style of the boot.  We appreciate your comments and hope you will continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future.  

29 Jul 2017

Excellent Has Been Improved

After going through a succession of boots as a security officer I was dissatisifed with Danner, Manum, 5.11 and the rest. Almost in desperation I gave these boots a chance and after 8 months, now as an ATM service tech, I know I have found the best boot for the job. From appearance to weight, weather proofing, durability, to foot and ankle safety these boots do the job. Now I see they have improved the boot in areas important to me and I am placing my new order today.

Admin 1 Aug 2017

Hi William,

Thank you so much for your feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid.  We are very happy to hear that these boots have served you well on the job when it comes to being lightweight, waterproof, durable and offering optimal protection.  We appreciate your loyalty to HAIX and hope you will continue to be a customer in the future.  

17 Jul 2017

Not for me

After trying these on for a couple hours, the pressure was too much on the top of my feet. I also missed having a side zip.
I couldn't tell what the laces were like on the site, and one of the site images appears as if it uses a speed lock system. It does not, and that image is not explained anywhere. Standard laces fit into a pocket with Velcro closure.

Admin 18 Jul 2017

Hi Andrew,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your comments on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid.  We are sorry to hear that these boots have not worked out for you and that you found them to be uncomfortable.  We do have an athletic high version of this boot that does have a side zip.  We also have a live chat, where you can ask questions about lacing or other product information.  We hope that you will still consider HAIX in the future.  Again, thank you for your feedback, I will be sure to pass your concerns along to management.  

13 Jul 2017

Overall great boot minor issues

Previous owner of P6 mid .Got 4 1/2 years out of them and unfortunately had to retire them. Amazing product and best boots I've ever owned. I am a customer for life. Tried to have them resoled but Nushoe sent them back and said they couldn't do it. Anyway, I decided to switch it up and try the Black Eagle 2.0. Overall, great boot. Very comfortable no break in period. Here's my issue. Bottom half of boot laces don't lock in like the P6 so I can't ever get them to stay tight on the lower half. The tongue/laces keeper is a little annoying. The Velcro has already started to wear and not hold after 3 months and now the Velcro pulls and catches on the inside hem of my uniform pants. Also doesn't shine up as well as the P6 mid.
Otherwise overall good boot, Probably will try the P7 mid next time instead

Admin 13 Jul 2017

Hi JK,

We appreciate your review of the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid.  We are happy that the P6's served you well for nearly five years.  It is unfortunate that we no longer offer that boot here in the U.S.  We are also pleased that you were able to break the new boots in easily and they are comfortable.  We are sorry to hear that you had problems with the laces/laces keeper and the Velcro.  I will definitely pass your concerns to upper management for consideration.  We hope this doesn't deter you from considering our boots in the future.  Thank you for your service and for being a loyal HAIX customer.

29 Jun 2017

2nd set of HAIX, overall very good

This is my second pair of HAIX boots. Overall I am very pleased with the fit and comfort. Only issue is that the laces ripped at the toe after only 5 months. Otherwise no complaints. Love HAIX, and will definitely buy from them again.

Admin 29 Jun 2017

Hi Chris,

We appreciate you sharing your feedback on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid.  We are happy to hear that you like the fit and comfort of this boot.  We apologize that you've had issues with the laces but after speaking with you, I am confident we have found a solution to meet your needs.  Thank you for your service and your loyalty to HAIX.

15 Jun 2017

Great, with minor issues.

Black EagleTactical 2.0 Mid, Size 12.5. I ordered these boots after my other pair of boots (different brand) wore through the sole. I wanted to try a Mid boot, because I was having tightness in my lower calf due to 8" boots. The Mid is great. Enough support so I don't roll my ankle, but enough movement so I don't get too much pressure on my calf/Achilles.

The footbed had great support and holds my foot nice. The sole feels like it will last a while. It is definitely the most comfortable boot without having to use an added insole. Don't get comfort mixed with soft. It is a firm sole and if you don't like firmness (think hiking shoes), they may not be for you.

Here are my minor complaints:

The lace placement is not very good. A lot of pressure on the top of my foot until Customizing my lacing style for the boot (which was trial and error, but now is livable)

After reading reviews and calling I ordered a size 12.5 since I was told they should fit like running shoes. My normal running and other shoes are 12.5-13. I should have got a 12 as the toe portion is a bit long in these boots. The boots still fits okay since it has a great heel cup and insole, just feel like clown shoes. (I am picky)

Overall good so far and if they stand up longevity wise I will order again. LEO discount would be nice but wouldn't prevent another purchase.

Admin 19 Jun 2017

Hi Nick,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 Mid.  We are happy to hear that you like the support and movement of these boots.  We are also glad that you have found these boots to be comfortable but sturdy.  As for the lacing, sorry that it was putting pressure on the top of your foot but we are pleased that you found a suitable solution.  When it comes to sizing, we do tell people to buy the size that is comparable to a running shoe but everyone's foot is different and without sizing you ourselves, that is just a recommendation.  In the future, keep in mind that we do offer a 15% discount for law enforcement officers at www.haixofficer.com.  Thanks again for the feedback, we hope you'll continue to be a loyal customer in the future.

29 Apr 2017

Quality and care

I am a first time buyer of the Haix brand. I have had the pleasure of meeting with the representatives of Haix at fire/ems conferences. The staff both in person and on the phone have been very helpful in helping me find the best boots that fit my needs. Before purchasing them, I did ask fellow firefighters /EMTs and also law enforcement about the Haix brand and all had excellent comments on Haix. The boots are excellent quality and a very comfortable fit. They also provide great support for my feet and ankles. I highly recommend this brand of boots.

Admin 1 May 2017

Hi Kathy,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the HAIX brand.  We are happy to hear that our staff both in person and on the phone were helpful in helping you find the right boot for you.  We are glad that you found the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX Mid to be of excellent quality, comfortable with great support for your feet and ankles.  Thank you for your recommendation of HAIX boots and for your service.  

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