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HAIX Functional Socks

Your first line of defense for dry, comfortable, and most importantly, blister-free feet

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A good pair of high tech socks is the first line of defense for dry, comfortable and, most... more
Product information "HAIX Functional Socks"
Color Black
Product type Accessories

A good pair of high tech socks is the first line of defense for dry, comfortable and, most importantly, blister-free feet. High tech, breathable work socks can be a big improvement over cotton socks.

Wool blend dry feet socks keep feet cooler and more comfortable than cotton. Cotton socks absorb sweat and dry slowly, a perfect recipe for blisters. Wearing wet cotton socks can also make your feet colder in winter and hotter in summer. HAIX® virgin wool blend socks are temperature regulating, (cooler in summer, warmer in winter) wicks moisture, and adds cushioning to keep your feet comfortable and blister-free. A wool blend sock is recommended to be used with all HAIX® footwear.

Optimal air circulation is achieved by using natural fibers made of virgin wool and man-made fibers. Reinforced metatarsus area provides protection against blistering and pressure points. Rubber-free cuff edge prevents tightening or slipping. Added cushioning in the heel and ball area of the sock adds extra protection and comfort while wearing these breathable socks.

These working socks are available in mid-calf height, sizes: S 5-7 / M 7.5-9 / L 9.5-11.5 / XL 12-14.

Material composition: 33% polypropylene, 33% polyamide, 32% virgin wool, 2% elastane.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Functional Socks"
27 Jan 2023

Excellent sock for high performance!

I bought these socks for my husband to wear when he is cutting down trees on his disaster relief team. He really likes them and I’ll be purchasing more. Thanks!

26 Dec 2022

Good Socks

Worth the money. They wor well and are comfortable with their great fitting boots, combined together my feet on the heel and ball and arch don't ache any more, real happy with the products from them.

25 Dec 2022

Great socks

These are the only socks I wear AAA

11 Aug 2022

Great socks

Quality seems excellent

10 Aug 2022

Awesome Socks !

Much better than athletic socks because they keep my feet dryer plus are better at odor control

12 Jun 2022

Best Socks

Well worth the money.

24 May 2022

Good Socks Keep you Safer...

I'm doing Forestry at +70 - Safety starts from the bottoms of you boots up - if your feet are uncomfortable, fidgeting around or loose in your boots when your sawing, rigging or chopping - your in danger. Good Socks can be important if you want to go home at the end of the day. These are Good Socks.

7 Nov 2020

big surprise

These socks have been a huge surprise. I have always heard about wool blend socks but never took the bait. When these socks came on sell, I finally got some just to try them. WOW is all I can say. I have worn these in both 80 degree weather as well as mid 20's. Not too hot nor too cold. And they feel great as well. I wished I had gotten these long ago. I threw all my old white cotton socks in the garage for rags.

1 Nov 2020

Great Socks

Comfortable in hot or cold weather, built to last and hold their shape. This is my second order of these socks, I got some 2 years ago and after the first wash I can't tell the difference between the old and new socks. I have always preferred wool socks and Haix has figured the right amount of elastics to keep them from getting floppy yet still be proper wool socks. Hey Hiax, I would double the count in my sock drawer tomorrow if you make them in white or gray!

23 Oct 2020

Awesome socks!

Awesome, very comfy socks! Normally my feet sweat a lot and my socks get damp. Not having that issue while wearing these amazing socks!

20 Oct 2020

I love these!

These socks help keep my feet dry, and they also dry quickly. They are also warm when you need them to be.

19 Oct 2020

Worth the money

Like others, I got these on sale. I'm used to very thick "hunting-style" socks that seem to provide cushion. I was a bit surprised at how thin they were, but they actually performed well. I'm in the Houston area and wondered how they'd do with the heat and humidity, but they kept my feet dry and were really comfortable. I'll get more of these when I can.

19 Oct 2020

Great socks, skeptical at first but pleasantly surprised

Bought these because they were on sale and I have always wanted a boot specific sock instead of the thicker, scratchier athletic socks I use now. The socks came and I was really surprised how thin they were. Wasn't sure about them until I wore them. These socks are great. Lots of stretch, and very comfortable. I thought being thin would be a issue but it is not. I don't know if I would of paid full price but that is me. I don't think any sock is worth $11 a pair. But these will now be my only boot sock.

18 Oct 2020

Good quality socks

Good socks. Very durable

1 Aug 2020


Just bought a pair of the protector ultra chainsaw proof boots. Boots are super stiff at first, but breaking them in with these socks means no blisters! My old boots would slip just a little bit because they were a touch loose but not with these socks. Best thing you could do for your feet no matter what boots you are wearing! Wish I bought these years ago!

14 Jul 2020


Best sock ever, you wont be disappointed

8 May 2020

Good product

Socks are comfortable and keep my feet dry.

18 May 2018

Great Socks

I use these for my daily work out at Cross Fit. They are the perfect exercise socks. Comfortable, breathable, just the best.

4 Sep 2017

Great Socks!

These socks are great and very comfortable, but after one wash of 2 pairs, two holes appeared in both of them. Other than that great purchase.

Admin 5 Sep 2017

Hi Andrew,

Thank you for taking the time to review our Functional Socks.  We are happy to hear that you found them to be comfortable.  After talking to you via email, I am confident we found a reasonable solution to the problem.  We appreciate your service and your loyalty to the HAIX brand.

31 Jan 2017

You get what you pay for.

Got a pair of these socks at FDIC in 2016 to try with my Airpower R5 and my Fire Hero Xtreme boots after talking with one of the reps. I have since ordered several more pairs because my feet are more comfortable with them than they are with cotton socks. They stay in place and allow your feet to breath, well worth the money.

Admin 31 Jan 2017

We appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback on our Functional Socks.  A good pair of socks can go a long way in keeping your feet dry and comfortable.  We are happy to hear that you have found this to be the case with our socks.  Thank you for being a loyal customer.  Stay safe out there!

12 Oct 2016

If you have the boots, you need the socks! Your duo will be incomplete until you get them.

I purchased one set when I bought my boots. Since then I have bought 5 more pairs because these socks are phenomenal. Light, flexible, breathable, and comfortable. All the ingredients needed to make an exceptional pair of socks. Highly recommended! Thank you Haix!

Admin 12 Oct 2016

Hi Daniel,

Thanks so much for your feedback on our Functional Socks.  We always recommend that people buy our socks with the boots for maximum performance in keeping your feet dry, cool and comfortable.  Happy to hear they have served you well.

25 Aug 2016

Great, great socks!

Love these socks!
I purchased these socks with a pair of Missoula's just to try them out. These are the perfect socks paired with my boots! The fibers and weight of these socks make them perfect for either liners or main socks. I'll be buying more in the future.

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