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HAIX Insoles

Keep your boots and feet fresher on the job

Insole Safety Vario Red
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If you're worried about sweaty feet, HAIX® exchangeable, breathable insoles are quick drying and... more
Product information "HAIX Insoles"
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Product type Accessories

If you're worried about sweaty feet, HAIX® exchangeable, breathable insoles are quick drying and absorb perspiration from your feet so they are dry even under rigorous conditions. The built-in "AIRFLOW" channels help to keep your feet dry and comfortable all the time. These replacement boot insoles also provide just the right amount of cushioned support so you feel comfortable even when standing for long periods of time throughout the day.

If you like your washable insoles for sweaty feet to stay clean and dry, you will find that the microfiber design is light and breathable as well as washable. Simply remove from your boots and wash in warm water (86° F) and allow to air dry.

Order your moisture wicking insoles today as a replacement or so you have an extra pair on hand.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Insoles"
1 Jan 2024

Great Insoles

To maintain the comfort and safety of your boots, insoles should be replaced, at least, every 6 months. These Haix replacement insoles are a perfect fit and restore you boots to their original comfort. This simple replacement/maintenance will extend the life of your boots at least double.

27 Jul 2023


They fit well and work

26 Dec 2022

OEM Insole Replacements

My review basically echoes all the others. It’s Haix OEM replacement insoles. What more can you say. Excellent product.

3 Mar 2022

Best replacement insoles

If you’ve bought Haix boots and want extra insoles, these are exactly the same factory ones that came with your boots. They are sized to perfection and I even put an extra set of these in my Non Haix boots

18 Dec 2021


Bought a pair of XR's off of eBay, and had to buy new insoles. Insoles are great, but the boots are Amazing! I will be buying Haix boots again. After hours searching online for a women's work boot with quality construction and a 8" ankle, I came across HAIX. They do not disappoint. Perfect fit. I did have to default to mens boots ultimately, but they fit like a glove.

11 Sep 2021

Like a whole new pair!

I recently replaced the insoles in my Black Eagle 2.0s and it feels like I have a brand new pair of boots. What a difference!

12 Aug 2021

Best option

Ordered replacement insoles for my work boots. It was the best options boots are still in really good shape. But the insoles where causing my feet to fatigue after a couple of hours. Changed the insoles and my feet are happy again.

8 Aug 2021

Great insoles

I bought these to replace the insoles in my black eagle tactical boots. The boots are 2 yrs old and we’re becoming uncomfortable. The insoles almost make them feel like new! Love brand keep up the good work!!

26 Mar 2021


I originally bought them for my station boots. I wanted a pair to exchange when I washed the other pair. Very comfortable and I will be purchasing another pair for my new HAIX hiking boots.

18 Oct 2020

Very comfortable

Supportive and comfortable

4 Feb 2020


Awesome product I change my insoles after 4 years of full time wear the originals had been worn through. These are the best boot I’ve ever owned

21 Jul 2019

Great insole for the money

Bought to replace my other ones I had in my hiax boots. Great product

22 Mar 2019

Great Insole

This is a great feeling insole right out of the bag. Put them in and it felt like a brand new boot.

12 Feb 2018


I just started wearing HAIX little over year ago. I just replaced my insole. The boots are the best I have every wore. I definitely recommend them to my friends.

Admin 12 Feb 2018

Hi Travis,

Thank you for taking the time to review our insoles. We are happy to hear that these are the best boots you've ever worn and that the insoles give you added comfort. We appreciate your recommendations and your loyalty to the HAIX brand!

21 Jan 2018

Overall decent

Seems to have less cushion than the origional insoles but overall decent replacements

23 Jun 2017

Amazing difference!

I recently replaced my medium insoles with the wide insoles to give my feet a little more room in my Black Eagle footwear and the difference was amazing! My shoes went from feeling just a bit tighter than I preferred, to feeling absolutely perfect! Can't wait to put a few miles on them!

21 Feb 2017

HAIX is the Firefighters choice!

I've been wearing HAIX for years. I wear nothing else.

Admin 21 Feb 2017

Hi John,

Thank you for taking the time to review our insoles.  We appreciate your loyalty to HAIX for both boots and accessories.  Thanks for being a longtime customer and for your service.

12 Sep 2016

The insoles fit perfectly and helped to rejuvenate my boots. My uppers and soles were in good shape and it did not make any sense to replace the entire boot but this was a great option.

Admin 13 Sep 2016

Hi Cathy,

So happy to hear that you are happy with your new soles.  We hope you will continue to be a customer in the future.


10 Jul 2016

Insole replacement

service was fast and product was perfect.

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