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HAIX Mission Black

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HAIX® leather boots take footwear to the next level in comfort and technology. You never know... more
Product information "HAIX Mission Black"
Boot height in inches 8 inches
Color Black
Fastener 2 zone lacing, Smart lacing
Gender Male
Inner liner GORE-TEX®
Primary use Law enforcement, Military
Product type Clearance, Factory firsts
Safety toe No safety toe
Sole VIBRAM® 016 Sole
Upper material Leather/textile
Waterproof Yes

HAIX® leather boots take footwear to the next level in comfort and technology. You never know what situations you might encounter while on a mission so it's better to be prepared with the right kind of footwear that
works well even on uneven terrain, in unpredictable weather conditions, and during athletic challenges. HAIX® Mission boots are just what you need to keep you at the top of your game.

Shock Absorbent with Two Zone Lacing

HAIX® Mission leather boots has a built in arch support and exceptional shock absorption. Offering you superior support and stability even on unstable terrain. Exceptional ankle support allows you to carry even a large pack of gear and not have to worry about twisting your ankle. The stable boot platform will help you get, and keep, a toehold on rocky, uneven terrain.  
The two zone lacing of these HAIX leather boots allow you to adjust the footwear to your personal liking with the ability to tuck the lace ends into a side pocket. The eyelets allow for smooth movement so you can pull the lace with ease. Even after hours of tension, you can be assured that your laces are still tight in place. Just perfect for those moments when you have to be on the go. Because when you’re on duty where you’re required to be on the go anytime; HAIX Mission Boots are able to do the same too!

Secura Liner® with HAIX® Arch Support System

The inner lining of the HAIX Mission Black is held in place by Secura Liner® making them resistant to pulling out or wrinkling over time. In addition to that, there’s the HAIX® Arch Support system which keeps your foot in its natural ideal position. Proper arch support helps to lessen foot pain. Taking care of your arches now can help to prevent foot and back problems later on.

GORE-TEX® Inner Liner and HAIX® Climate System

HAIX® Mission tactical boots offer a waterproof GORE-TEX® inner liner to keep you comfortable and dry no matter what. The laminate is waterproof and breathable and is resistant to abrasion thanks to its fleece midlayer. Rest assured, you’ll be able to wear HAIX leather boots all year throughout all seasons. These HAIX® boots come with a built in HAIX® Climate System keeping your feet at a balanced temperature by regulating it through the vent holes at the top of the boots. This means that your feet are kept cool in warm conditions and warm during cold conditions thanks to the air circulation that occurs with every step. And since the GORE-TEX® liner is waterproof, the drier your feet, the better they are able to maintain a comfortable temperature balance.

Vibram® Soles with Comfortable Footbed

The Vibram® sole was designed for heavy duty or military use by providing a strong grip and a stable tread. Your feet won’t feel every loose rock or stone in these boots. Because when you’re on the job, you never know what you’re going to step on. Heat resistance, antistatic, and self-cleaning sums up the long lasting durability of a Vibram® sole. Rubber on the front toe and back heel provides an added layer of protection and durability. These HAIX® Mission Boots have what it takes to go the distance. The cushioned insole of the footbed is moisture repellent and anti-bacterial which means you could be working all day and your feet are still fresh. Machine washable and quick drying, your insole can be freshened up quickly and easily. It’s always better to be safe and protected with a highly durable and protective tactical boot like the HAIX® Mission Black.

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Smart Lacing – Quick pull lacing system with a stopper which locks laces tight for all day hold, lace ends tuck away in handy side pocket
  • 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot.
  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
  • HAIX® Arch Support System supports your foot in its natural, ideal position
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • Vibram® Sole for long lasting durability
  • Also available in Desert and Sage
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Our comment on "HAIX Mission Black"
IMPORTANT NOTE: This style has been discontinued and is sold "as is" with no manufacturer warranty under any circumstances.
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Customer reviews for "HAIX Mission Black"
9 Dec 2018


This think looks like your normal pair of cheezy duty boots. It is not. The wrap around the toe is a great feature. The boot has a very think sole and insole so you stay high off the asphalt. This helps a lot when its cold or hot to keep you comfortable. Goretex is must for me so I am a big fan of this boot so far. BTW, these will feel super uncomfortable for 2 days. After that they will feel like the most comfortable boot ever. All my Haix boots have been that way.

15 Apr 2017

Haix mission- great boot

This is a great boot. I have had about 2 months now. Boot very comfortable straight out of box, needs little break in time. The only thing I would like to see changed with the boot is to place the string pocket on the inside of the boot so it would be easier to tuck string away. That is the only thing about the boot I would change. I highly recommend this boot for anyone in the ems, fire, or law enforcement. Thank you Haix for another great boot

Admin 17 Apr 2017

Hi Keith,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Mission Black.  We are happy to hear that you found them to be comfortable right out of the box. Because of the full grain leather used throughout, this boot can take a little longer to break in.  We appreciate your recommendation of this boot.  I will certainly pass along your suggestion about the string pocket to management for consideration.   

9 Apr 2017

Best Boot Ever!!

I had purchased these boots (Sage) upon the recommendation from my husband friend who is a Fire Fighter, to go hiking on the Appalachian Trail in 2016. I really enjoyed them greatly. They helded up beautifully on the trail, No Blisters. I did go up a size due to swelling while hiking and in hopes of not loosing any toenails. They are so comfortable that I even wear them at work in a hospital setting. So now I am purchasing a 2nd pair of Mission boots in Black. I really have enjoyed the boots and I tell everyone who ask how they are where I purchased them. "Haix the best boots ever". Thank you.

Admin 10 Apr 2017

Hi Lucreca,

We appreciate your feedback on the Mission boots.  We are happy to hear that they were comfortable and held up well while hiking the Appalachian Trail and that you liked them so much you also wear them at work.  Thank you so much for recommendation and loyalty to HAIX!

29 Aug 2016

Great boot

Can wear all day long or slip on and off with ease due to the lacing system. Not my first pair of haix boots and won't be my last (although they hold up very well). My only complaint is haix casual line. THEY DON'T HAVE A BIG ENOUGH SELECTION, or I would only own haix brand footwear.

Admin 29 Aug 2016

Thanks for the comment Joedirk.  We are always working to expand our product line.

14 Aug 2016

Solid Boots

I was skeptical at first with the sizing suggestions and the lacing system. But, both are spot on! (I would suggest putting the lace pocket on the opposite side of the boot it would be easier to use since a lot of folks cross their legs or put their foot on the opposing knee while lacing up). I am extremely pleased with my purchase. My fear is that they will be discontinued (they are in the clearance section) now that I've found a new solid work boot. Thanks for a great boot!
A 26 year LEO vet

4 May 2016

Awesome Duty Boots

Just received these boots in the mail.. I was a little concerned about the lacing system on the mission boots. I am pleased to say that I have zero issues. They have an awesome clench system allows you to tighten them down snugly. They appear to be well made and are very comfortable. I'm currently breaking them in but they aren't too stiff so it won't be long.

15 Feb 2016

Great Boot

These boots are great. I do have to tie a knot in the laces to keep the tensioner from sliding while I'm walking but I am usually on very rough terrain and this might not be an issue in better terrain. These are still my favorite pair of boots though. Mine didn't require much break-in to become comfortable. I'm very impressed with them and will definitely buy another pair if anything happens to my current pair.

11 Jul 2015

Great functional boot

Ive had the boots a few months now and after the initial break in I'm quite pleased with them. I work in a pretty diverse environment ranging from pavement to rocky mountains of the desert. The leather polishes up pretty well with the exception of the toe cap but my agency doesnt seem to mind. the dual zone lacing is nice for when you need to cinch it down or loosen it up when needed. My agency gives us Danners and these are hands down a far better boot. So far they have proven to be super reliable with one exception; The sole on mine seems to be a little soft and is already showing considerable wear. No fault to Haix its most likely the environment i am working. I cant help but recommend these to my coworkers. all in all its a great pair of boots.

1 Feb 2015


I've had the boots for 2 1/2 months and I have been really impressed with the comfort of these boots! I have worked several fourteen to sixteen hour shifts while wearing them and have yet to experience any foot discomfort. I am a K-9 Officer and I am constantly on my feet and on the move, and not sitting in a vehicle; and the Mission Blacks have far exceeded my expectations! I concur with a previous review, that the initial break in of the boots was a little rough and seemed to take a little longer than with other manufactures, but has been worth it! I am anxious to see how comfortable they are going to be in the extreme South Texas heat? My only criticism of the boots are they are a heavier than other boots that I have worn before from other manufacturers. The Mission Blacks are my second pair of Haix Boots that I own and very happy with both pair boots! Keep up the good work Haix!

23 Jan 2015

Exceptionally stable platforms

I purchased my first pair of mission boots about a year ago upon the recommendation from a friend and have since purchased a second pair of the black duty boots. I wish I would have found these years ago!! I have severe ankle issues (two ruptured Achilles' tendons and varus heel from nerve damage suffered in my legs). The ability to lace the foot separately from the ankle provides greater support and stability overall. The boot runs a little big (order half size smaller) than your normal fit. I wear heavy wool socks so the generous foot bed is perfect for my Barney rubble type feet. I work in a high desert climate, so these boots get exposed to pretty harsh conditions, rocky terrain, and wide ranging temperatures. Excellent ankle support and all around traction. I'm a customer for life!!!

Admin 23 Jan 2015

Thanks for the feedback Jim, and enjoy your Haix boots!

20 Dec 2014

Best Boot I've worn in years

I wear these boots in a correctional setting on hard solid floors everyday, as well as outside in inclement weather as a volunteer firefighter. This really is a well designed and put together piece of tactical footwear.

There is minimal break-in time. They wear like a sneaker. Have great traction & support and are durable as heck. They look sharp with an aggressive style as well. My only suggestions are it would be nice if it had a polish-able toe for those in the uniform services, and the Lace locks don't always stay very well. These two issues are by no means a knock on this boot. I'd still buy another (and actually have bought a pair called the Scout in brown leather online.)

Other than that the tech and materials used in the boots construction are spot on and make a durable product well worth the investment.

10 Nov 2014

Best Tactical Boot EVER!

I've had a pair of these for approximately 6 months now and I will tell you this...with 20+ years of police experience and 16+ years of experience on a major Metropolitan "full time" tactical team, these are unequivocally the best boots I have EVER worn! They are more supportive, more comfortable & more durable than any other boot I have tried. These boots have been worn on every mission since I got them. Whether dressed down, or full heavy tactical, they are always comfortable, supportive and surprisingly quiet! These are my "go to" boot and show practically no wear after all I've put them through. If they make this boot in a taller insulated version, I'd definitely buy a pair for winter use.

The only feature that I found that needs modifying is the lace holding "pocket". It's far too small to hold the laces & needs to be twice the current size to be effective. Other than that, thank you HAIX for such a great tactical boot.

Admin 10 Nov 2014

Thanks for the suggestion and for taking the time to review the boots!  I'll be sure to pass along your notes on the boot.  Stay safe!

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