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Mission Desert Tan

Stable multi-functional shoe for every terrain

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The HAIX® Mission Desert Tan is your choice for footwear offering impressive technology and next... more
Product information "Mission Desert Tan"
Waterproof yes
Product type Factory firsts
Fastener 2 zone lacing, smart lacing
Leg height in inches 8 inches
Upper material Leather/textile
Color tan
Safety toe No Safety Toe
Inner liner GORE-TEX

The HAIX® Mission Desert Tan is your choice for footwear offering impressive technology and next to best comfort for those on law enforcement, army, or tactical duty. Because when you’re on duty, you never know what you’re going to encounter whether it’s uneven terrain, unpredictable weather conditions, or harsh environments. With a mission, you need footwear that can match the challenges. That’s where the HAIX® Mission Desert Tan comes in. These pair of tactical boots keeps you at the top of your game no matter where you are and what you encounter.

Two Zone Smart Lacing with Arch Support

The HAIX® Mission Desert features two zone smart lacing which allows you to spend more time on the go and on duty rather than having to tie your shoe laces. The independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot allows you to adjust the boot according to your liking while giving your ankles the support they need. Not only that, you have the ability to tuck the lace ends in a side pocket. Hassle-free just how you like it!

The HAIX® combat boot also has built in arch support and excellent shock absorption. Perfect for those moments when you’re working in rough conditions and on uncertain terrain. You can carry a large pack on your back and not have to worry about falling or twisting your ankle. The boot platform ensures that your feet hold firmly on rocky and unstable terrain.

GORE-TEX® Protected and HAIX® Climate System

The HAIX® Mission Desert Tan is protected by a waterproof GORE-TEX® inner liner to keep your feet dry and free from bacteria no matter what the situation. Emphasizing its protection is the built-in HAIX® Climate System designed to keep your feet at a balanced temperature so when it’s warm, your feet stay cooler, and if it’s cold, your feet stay warmer. This is made possible by the air circulation afforded by the vent holes at the top of the boot. The drier your feet, the better they are able to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Breathable Nubuck Leather with Vibram Soles

This HAIX® combat boot is made out of nubuck leather that’s both breathable and water resistant. In addition to that are the Vibram soles, specially designed for military applications, which are heat resistant, antistatic, and easy to clean. Vibram soles are known for exceptional durability and traction on a wide array of surfaces. The HAIX® Mission Desert Tan’s rubber on the front toe and back heel adds an extra layer of protection to help your boots last longer.

Comfortable Insole and Secura Liner Secured

The insole of the HAIX® Mission Desert Tan is comfortable, moisture repellent, and antibacterial. The quick-drying capabilities make it easy to have newly washed insoles to keep your boots fresher. Just wash them the night before and they should be ready to go the next day! This Mission Desert boot also features Secura Liner which secures your boot lining from pulling out or wrinkling over time. Because when you’re faced with unpredictable situations on the job, on duty, or in the army, the one thing you need to be able to rely on is your boots to keep you moving and protected at all times.

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Smart Lacing – Quick pull lacing system with a stopper which locks laces tight for all day hold, lace ends tuck away in handy side pocket
  • 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot.
  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
  • HAIX® Arch Support System supports your foot in its natural, ideal position
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • Vibram® Sole for long lasting durability
  • Also available in Black and Sage
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Customer reviews for "Mission Desert Tan"
5 Dec 2016

Excellent alpine boot

Very stable and secure boot. They are excellent in rocky, steep terrain and temperate to cold climates. They feel slightly narrow at first, but once broken in form perfectly to the foot. This is my second pair of Haix and the quality and durability is second to none. Now I just need another pair of Airpower P9 Desert boots for hot weather!

Admin 5 Dec 2016

We appreciate you sharing your feedback about the Mission Desert Tan.  This boot can take a little longer to break in, due to the thick, full grain nubuck leather used throughout.  We are happy to know that the boots have served you well.  Thank you for being such a loyal HAIX customer!

19 May 2015

Great boots

I love these boots, well made, good looking. I use them on my departments firing range as a firearms instructor and also off duty. Also great customer service (I broke one of the eyelets putting my foot were it shouldn't have been) Instead of fixing them they sent me new boots !!! Very cool...would buy again in a heart beat.

26 Mar 2015

Awesome Combat,Hiking,Urban footwear!!!

I bought a pair of these Not knowing what to expect? But after the 1st two weeks of breaking them in they fit like a fine pair of boots Ive had forever, they are Very Comfortable and Light for a Comabat/Hiking stlye boot Much better Than Danners which I almost bought instead of these and Im So Glad I Bought These Wonderfull Boots Instead !!! The Vibram soles are So Quiet on all surfaces and Love the Goretex as Well , which comes Standard on these boots and costs Extra on Danners as an option !!! Plus these Haix Mission Desert Tan Boots Look Really Kick _ss and your not likeley to see anybody with another pair on any military base anytime soon quite yet, there are Awesome Little Secret. Mark Ex Army Soldier :) And Happy Customer~

Admin 27 Mar 2015

Thanks for the great feedback!  Enjoy your Haix Boots, Mark!

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