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HAIX Shoe Polish Black

Makes leather waterproof while maintaining breathability

HAIX Shoe Polish Black
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Just like any other high-quality leather product, you need to protect your investment. Over time... more
Product information "HAIX Shoe Polish Black"
Color Black
Product type Accessories

Just like any other high-quality leather product, you need to protect your investment. Over time without proper care, leather can become hard and stiff. A dry, cracked boot is weaker and can even become less safe. This is why black leather boot polish is so important.

Our black Active Shoe Polish is specially formulated for the care of your HAIX® footwear. Condition and restore your boot back to its original luster with our silicone-based black boot polish. Apply black shoe polish regularly to maintain the breathability and waterproofness of our thicker bullhide leather (wax or petroleum-based polishes can plug pores reducing the breathability and minimize our Sun Reflect technology, which helps our leather stay cooler).

Our black leather shoe polish is easy to apply with its integrated sponge and absorbs into the leather quickly, with just a small amount applied.

Extend the service life of your boot investment today. Watch our helpful video.

Comes in 2.54 oz. tube. Also available in 5.5 lb. bucket.

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Customer reviews for "HAIX Shoe Polish Black"
12 Feb 2024


10 Aug 2022

Must have!

Small price to pay to protect your investment. The XR1 boots are expensive but one of the best boots I have owned. Heavy yes, but they protect you in the different environments we work in with fire / EMS. The silicone based polish makes them look perfectly revived after these touch missions. Takes the squeaks out of your steps but continues to protect!

10 Aug 2022

Best Polish

Outstanding polish good shine, also aids in the break in of new boots love HAIX products!

17 Aug 2021

Protecting the investment

Decided to use the Haix shoe polish to maintain my XR2 Airpower boots. Since these boots can be Rebuilt I am protecting my investment. The polish has definitely helped the zippers work better. I also ordered the Haix brush set to help maintain the boots. Very happy with both.

12 Mar 2021


My Haix XR2’s were extremely squeaky so I wrote Haix and they sent me this polish. I applied it to my boots and zips. I am absolutely amazed! Might actually be the quietest boots I’ve ever had! Love it! I’ll be using it on my backup boots as well!

27 Jun 2020

Great Polish

I have used this polish for a while it is easy to apply and buffs to a nice shine easily. It does a fair job of restoring the worn areas on the leather.

19 Feb 2020

Great Polish

I got the polish and brushes together because I needed new polish anyway so might as well get what is recommended for the boots. This was really good polish and worked very well on the new boots along with restoring an older pair I thought might be lost. Like someone else mentioned I had a problem with the bottle as well because it has a small puncture in it from a bend. I used electrical tape to fix it but don't know if it'll last. You really need to use a different style tube or handle differently. That's not cheap and to be getting damaged tubes isn't right. It didn't appear damaged in shipping but who knows.

I can't take off points because of packaging really though because the polish is really nice. Easy to apply and works very well.

7 Jan 2020


Works better than advertised

4 Sep 2018

Brings boots back to life !

Very pleased with this product, I also purchased the set of brushes for my air power XR2s and am highly impressed ! Everything is quality and should last through several pairs of these already long lasting boots. Thanks Haix! Hooked customer.

6 Nov 2017

Love it

I have no complaints at all with this polish. It is easy to apply and buffs to a nice shine without being super glossy. I think that my boots may even look a little better than when I took them out of the box. This polish has also worked extremely well at quieting a squeak that my boots had. I noticed a squeak when walking coming from the leather around the bend of my ankle that is inside the zipper. I applied the polish and did not buff this area and the squeak has vanished. When I start hearing it again, I apply a small amount to the area and all is quiet again. A must have for anyone wanting to keep their Haix boots in great condition.

Admin 6 Nov 2017

Hi Andrew,

We appreciate your feedback on the black Shoe Polish.  I am happy to hear that they buffed up to a nice shine and have kept your boots in like-new condition.  We apologize that you've noticed a squeaking sound but happy to hear that our polished has stopped the noise.  Thank you for being a loyal HAIX customer, we hope this polish continues to serve you well in the future.

3 Aug 2017


Made my boots shine. Easy application and buffs up great.

Admin 3 Aug 2017

Hi Carolyn,

We appreciate your review of our black Shoe Polish.  We are happy to hear that the polish is easy to apply and that it is giving your boots a good buff and shine.  We hope that the polish will continue to help you get the most out of your boots in the future.  Stay safe out there!

9 Jan 2017

Good polish

The boots are great and the polish was just as good. It keeps the boots looking good even after a rough shift of in and out car movement and custodies. Quick to apply and shine. I bought the brushes as well as an up date to the older brush I had used. Probably could have used the older brushes but I don't know if the qiwi will mix well with the boot polish from Haix. Thanks again for making a great boot.

Admin 9 Jan 2017

We appreciate your feedback on the polish and our boots.  We are happy to hear that you found the polish quick and easy to use.  Thank you for your loyalty.  We hope the boots and polish will continue to serve you well.  

18 Nov 2016

Shoe polish

Polish is good but packaging not so much. Folded down metal tubing and the tubing split open at the top. Tubing either needs to made of a different material or metal needs to be thicker. Polish will now probably eventually dry up in the tube.

Admin 18 Nov 2016

Hi Vince,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback with us.  Sorry to hear that you had packaging issues with our polish.  We will definitely pass it up the chain for consideration.  We would love for you to contact customer service at 866-344-4249 so we can discuss this issue with you further. 


24 Oct 2016

Good Product

Good polish, it's easy to apply and buff .

22 Jul 2016

Must have

Black boots need to be always looking clean and shiny. Haix boots will become your best friend, no joke, be good to them and they will take care of you. I polish mine once a week. ff

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