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Information about COVID-19 is changing rapidly that’s why it is important that first responders (including firefighters, EMT’s and paramedics) are prepared as they encounter new cases and try to keep the general public and themselves safe. This may mean they have to adjust their regular operations and standards in order to effectively allocate resources in the face of overwhelming demand due to the pandemic. We talked with several departments across the country about how they are combating the spread of the Coronavirus, as restrictions ease in many states across the country.

Stay fit with the HAIX Workout Family

With many gyms and sports clubs closed due to COVID-19, most of our daily lives are largely contained to our own four walls. For many, the only physical activity now is in the home, but with the proximity of the fridge and couch, falling into bad habits is tempting. This is not necessarily good for your health, so our HAIX® workout family has put together a few exercises that you can easily do at home. Most of the training equipment that our athletes use can be found in every household: a yoga mat, chair, backpack and a water bottle. These athletes show you how you can train at home with little effort and without equipment – so you can live the motto: "Stay Home - Stay Strong!"