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Humble High-Wire Rescue: Bryce Carden

Spend more than a few minutes talking to Louisville Metro Firefighter Bryce Carden and you’ll understand why you would gladly welcome his arrival if you find yourself in need of technical rescue. He is full of life, full of gratitude and chocked full of humility. But if you call him a hero, he’ll just shrug and say “I wouldn’t wanna do anything else”.

Brian Edwards

You can’t spell “firefighter” without the word “fit”. And you can’t spell “Brian Edwards” without the word “earn”. He knows that respect, professional competency, and conditioning are not given, but are a gift we can give ourselves. And he willingly spreads the gospel of good health everywhere—and to everyone—he meets.

The Future Looks Right at FDIC

Some things should never change within the fire, rescue, and emergency medical services.
Some things must. Situated firmly at the intersection of the past and the future of this industry, FDIC is “more than your traditional trade show”. FDIC celebrates continuing education, the latest innovation and professional dedication, drawing strength from yesterday to have the courage to face tomorrow. But how does honoring the past address needs in the future of fire and rescue?

The Best Defense is a Good Offense

Firefighting is a challenging and high-risk profession that requires courage and dedication from those who choose to take on the role.

From Concept to Fire Boot

As with every HAIX boot, the development of a firefighter boot requires real teamwork: a collaboration between artisan shoemakers, design experts and quality specialists in an intensive exchange across departments. And the boot can only meet HAIX's high standards when these collaborators work meticulously with the production, sales, and marketing teams as well.

Putting Fitness to the Test

Sean Sullivan is a retired Captain with Frankfort Fire & EMS in Frankfort, KY Department and currently is a Master Sergeant Assistant Chief 445th air Force Reserves out of Ohio. He has been a firefighter for 26 years and started in the Combat Challenge back in 2007. A buddy in the department talked him into doing it and they thought it would be fun. Turned out it was a double-edged sword.

Interview with Chief Miller

Chief Joel Miller, also more commonly known as Chief Miller, is a well-known fixture in the social media realm which caters to firefighters. He has many irons in the fire that keeps his days pretty full. He is an active duty Fire Chief in the great state of Louisiana, runs the largest fire Instagram page in the world, is a Fire Department social media consultant, and owns Chief Miller apparel where you can get can get some cool firefighter t-shirts, hats and other apparel.

Capturing the Flames

Tod Sudmeier is a retired firefighter and photojournalist from Redlands, California specializing in fire and emergency service photography. His photos have appeared in several publications including The Firemen’s Grapevine, Southern California Fire Journal, 911 Magazine, and Wildland Firefighter. His work has also been used as part of San Bernardino County Fire’s Annual Report and many training presentations. We spoke with Tod about his passion and how he is able to bring fire scenes to life through his photography!

Real Action at Rescue 5 on Staten Island

Our four-part series on FDNY continues as we take an in-depth look at some of the unique divisions of the world’s most famous Fire Department. In series one, we focused on the legendary team from Rescue 1 in Manhattan, which responded to the 9/11 attacks. For series two, HAIX® got up close and personal with the team at Rescue 5 on Staten Island.

Detroit's Heroes Wear HAIX!

There is a new sense of optimism in Detroit as the city starts to recover from hardships in recent years. Fire stations were being shut down and firefighters were forced to use poor gear, but now the city is investing money again. Rescue and emergency services is high on the list of government priorities and impressive progress is being made. Mike Nevin, the President of the Detroit Firefighter Association, believes HAIX® is the number one option to keep his colleagues safe on the job and he is excited they will be outfitted in HAIX® boots in the future.