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Brian Edwards

You can’t spell “firefighter” without the word “fit”. And you can’t spell “Brian Edwards” without the word “earn”. He knows that respect, professional competency, and conditioning are not given, but are a gift we can give ourselves. And he willingly spreads the gospel of good health everywhere—and to everyone—he meets.

Four Rounds with Rudy Reyes

The lights dim. A spotlight hits the tunnel. The crowd roars. A man in a hooded satin robe trots down the ramp, punching the air. This is life’s main event. And that man is Rudy Reyes—former Recon Marine turned television host—a fighter whose work is never finished. Through self-discipline, and a lot of love, Rudy isn’t just battling his demons; he’s on pace for a TKO.

You may recognize him as the host for FOX’s show “Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test.” Or perhaps you’ve seen him on the HBO miniseries “Generation Kill.” He has been in commercials, on podcasts, on survival shows and in feature films. Often, he’s playing himself—his large- than-life personality is more suited to the screen than he ever thought possible. Rudy Reyes has a list of awards and accolades that he could stack to the ceiling, climb up and look down upon people he meets.
First responders are often viewed as the strongest and bravest among us, but many people forget that first responders need support too. 

While many people run from dangerous and traumatic situations, police officers, firefighters and emergency medical personnel are run towards them, which, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, puts them at a higher risk of trauma. Because first responders are considered the bravest and strongest among us, some first responders say the struggles first responders have with mental health often goes unnoticed. This issue of untreated mental health, which firefighter Blake Stinnet says is often overlooked, can have devastating effects.