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You work hard, and your HAIX® boots do too. After a while, your favorite pair could become worn down; however, you might not have to give them up. Instead of purchasing a new pair, your boots can be given new life through the HAIX® Extended Wear Program. This program is designed for products that are no longer covered by warranty; this means there’s a way to care for your boots even after the warranty period is up.

When to Refurbish and When to Retire

We all have our favorite pair of HAIX boots that fit just like a glove. They’re broken in and feel great, but there always comes a time when you need to look at either refurbishing them or give them the boot. HAIX does have an Extended Wear Program where you can refurb your boots once they are out of warranty, but there can be a point of no return for refurbishment too. So, what do you need to look for to decide whether to refurbish that favorite pair or just spring for a new pair?