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Today’s firefighting boots need to do more than just keep your feet dry, they need to keep you protected in many other ways. Firefighting boots have come a long way from those clunky rubber boots of old. Even though leather boots have been around for years, many fire departments opt to purchase rubber boots over leather boots. Many times, the decision frankly comes down to cost. While rubber boots are cheaper, cost should not be the only factor that comes into play.
If you are one of the many brave men and women that perform the duties of a firefighter, then you know how vital it is that every article of clothing you put on keeps you protected. While this of course includes your helmet, coat, facemask, and gloves, one of the most important pieces of equipment is your firefighter boots.
The heat and intensity of fire create an incredibly harsh environment. If your job is to help fight fires, or you inspect recently burned buildings, you need to have ample protection on your feet to reduce the risk of burns, or other damage. Our eather fire boots are available in various styles to accommodate even the most difficult of environments.