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The GOAT in Wildfire Prevention

Whether you’ve watched the clips, read the articles or stepped outside into a haze of well-traveled smoke, you can’t miss the historic wildfires burning in Western Canada. And if you’ve tuned in to news media lately, you may have also heard of Tim Arrowsmith.

Arrowsmith is the owner/founder of the Red Bluff, CA company “Western Grazers”. Their “grazers” are goats, which happily eat brush and other wildfire fuels. Lately, goat herding has been a hot topic around California—leading some to believe that, unlike the threat of wildfires, Tim and his fellow goat herders might be diminishing in the coming months.

Are You Prepared for Wildfire Season?

With wildfire season just around the corner, we caught up with Jason Brooks, a 54 year old NYC DEC Wildland Firefighter and Trainer with North American Training Solutions in vegetation management safety. He has also served as an Assistant Instructor on several S level classes for the purpose of federal wild land certification. Currently he is working on a project in California in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains directly in the shadow of the Dixie fire that consumed almost one million acres last season. When he is not out west, he makes his home in Northern NY in the offseason.
When you need to protect your feet from heat, water, and rough terrain, investing in the right smoke jumper boots is a great place to start.