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Get a Grip! Why Should I Wear Slip Resistant Shoes?

For the safety of yourself and your coworkers, many utility workers, factory workers, linemen, parcel services, and construction workers rely on slip resistant shoes. You may have just been hired on to one of these positions and are wondering what is up with this. Here are a variety of reasons why you should wear slip resistant work shoes on the job:

Accidents happen. As obvious as it may sound, there is a real possibility that if you are not looking at the wrong time, you could slip and fall on any number of hazards, such as a water or chemical spill, oil spill, or other loose materials. Without wearing the proper workplace slip resistant shoes, there could be major issues if any workplace related injuries occur. Though you cannot prevent accidents all the time, you can minimize the damage with proper slip resistant footwear.

Reckless behavior does not need to result in workplace injury. We all have seen it. A bored employee makes a not-so-smart decision, resulting in him or her slipping and falling on the job. You can help prevent avoidable workplace injuries like this with slip resistant safety shoes from HAIX USA. Though we may be best known for our police officer boots and firefighter boots, we put the same attention to detail and quality into all of our workplace safety shoes.

In order to best protect yourself and your workers, it is essential to be prepared with the best equipment possible. Slip resistant safety shoes from HAIX USA can help you stay safe and productive on the job, allowing you to manage any small slip-ups that occur throughout the day. To learn more about our great selection of slip resistant safety shoes and more, call us today at 866-344-4249, or browse our inventory.

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