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Get the Right (and Left) Socks for the Job

When we develop HAIX® boots, we spend hours ensuring the best fit, function and features on the market. From waterproofing to top-quality leather and our proprietary climate system, our boots keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

boots keep you dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

Why would our socks be any different?

HAIX® wool blend socks make a great pair of boots even better. Here’s how.

Wool vs. Everybody

There are several material options on the market. I bet you have socks of varying materials in your drawer at home, or even on your feet right now. Cotton, synthetic fibers, wool, and wool blend are a few of the popular options for athletic sock construction. But just because there are options doesn’t mean all materials are created equal.

Many socks are made of cotton, a relatively inexpensive and widely used fabric. Other sock manufacturers may even have “wool” in their name. At HAIX®, we understand the advantages of wool and the benefits of a wool and synthetic blend for durability and fit. Our HAIX® multifunction socks have a combination of Merino Wool, Polypropylene, Polyamide and Elastane.

We use Merino wool, a renewable product harvested from a specialty breed of sheep. Merino sheep are from the regions of Australia and New Zealand. The natural climates of this breed vary from damp to dry, with a wide range of temperatures, making Merino wool perfectly designed for year-round use.

Merino wool is a favorite fabric choice among industry-leading sock manufacturers for several reasons. Namely, its durability, comfort and thermoregulating properties.


We believe socks should last. Wool is a highly durable material and can be twisted and folded 6x more than cotton without breaking. Merino wool has a high “bounce-back” memory due to its natural crimped shape. This means it will easily stretch then return to its original shape without becoming deformed over time. HAIX® uses a blend of synthetic fibers to increase durability.


You might be thinking, “But...isn’t wool itchy?” Other wools have a reputation for being prickly and uncomfortable. But Merino wool is not. Merino wool is only 1/3 the diameter of a human hair and therefore cannot support its own weight. The fibers bend rather than scratch, creating a soft but sturdy material ideal for sensitive areas, like your feet.


A moist sock is never good. Moisture is a breeding ground for blisters, odor, and discomfort in colder temperatures. Cotton absorbs up to 2700% of its weight in moisture and loses its ability to insulate when wet. The foot is home to nearly 250,000 sweat glands and can produce up to 7oz of perspiration per day with high exertion.

Unlike cotton, wool is naturally anti-bacterial, which can help reduce foot odor. It is also able to wick away moisture before the sock can become saturated. In fact, wool can absorb 30% of its weight in perspiration without feeling wet. The natural crimps in the fabric trap air, which has high insulating properties, even when wet. These folds and pockets mean that moisture has room to evaporate at a higher rate, reducing moisture without the need for the body to heat up to turn water into vapor. The bottom line: wool is more breathable, warmer, drier, and more comfortable than cotton.

The Easy Choice

HAIX® socks take these benefits one step further. Our popular wool-blend socks feature a rubber-free cuff edge to prevent tightening and slipping, additional cushioning in the heel and forefoot for added comfort and a reinforced metatarsus area to help prevent movement of the sock and thus minimizing blisters.

Step away from the moisture absorbing, slow drying, poor thermoregulation of traditional cotton socks and step into our high-tech performance multifunction socks. As an active first responder, forester or other hard-working professional you deserve to have socks that can keep up with your demands. Don’t let a bad pair of socks stand between you and your best.

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