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Smoke Jumper Boots You Will Like Wearing

When your feet need protection from intense heat, water, and rough terrain, smoke jumper boots are a valuable investment. These wildfire boots are designed to provide you with exceptional support, and protect your feet from a range of hazards. At HAIX®, we offer a full line of these boots to protect your feet in wildland fires and other dangerous environments.

Durability and Performance
When you are ready to make an investment in smoke jumper boots, it is important to consider a number of factors. To begin with, you must have boots that provide you with superior durability for trekking through tough environments. Also, your wildfire boots must be able to handle the heat generated from fire conditions and remain comfortable the entire time. Additionally, it is important to have boots that will give you reliable grip, especially when running, climbing, or jumping over difficult terrain.

As you traverse uneven surfaces, you need boots that can keep your footing stable and prevent you from incurring ankle injuries. The soles of our smoke jumper boots provide you with exceptional stability, minimizing the occurrence of sprains and enabling you to achieve strong footholds on difficult or steep terrain. Importantly, the soles of these boots are heat rated up to 573°F.

Comfort is Key
The comfort level of the boots you purchase is highly important. Even the most durable boot is next to useless if it causes you pain to wear it. One of the last things you want to happen when working a long day is to endure tired or sore feet throughout the day.

Our Smoke Jumper Boot
The HAIX® Wildland Fire Boot models we offer include:

Airpower® XR1MissoulaAirpower® XR1 Womens,  

At HAIX®, we work to ensure the footwear we offer for a variety of different occupations is exceptional in terms of durability and comfort.

We offer smoke jumper boots that provide you with the functionality, durability, and protection you need. Review our selection of wildland fire boots right now or call us today at 866.344.4249 to learn more about our work boot options.

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