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What Makes For a Great Hiking Boot?

When you get out on the trail, the most important piece of gear you can pack will not go in your backpack; they will be on your feet. When optimized properly, both synthetic and leather hiking boots offer the protection and enhanced capability you need to take on almost any trail. While traditional running or casual shoes may do just fine on the flat, even terrains, you never know when a large hill, muddy lowland, or rocky surface will come up, leaving you ill-prepared or stranded and forced to turn around. When looking for hiking boots, there are a few things to consider for choosing the best option possible. Here are some examples of what to look for in hiking boots:

A great hiking boot will be waterproof. If you are in an area that experiences inclement weather, a waterproof hiking boot will help keep your feet dry and comfortable, despite any water hazards or rain you may experience.  At HAIX® USA, we specialize in boots for a variety of professional and leisurely activities, and offer Gore Tex® hiking boots like the Scout. Being a highly respected branded material, many well-known brands rely on Gore Tex® for waterproofing of their shoes and boots.

Make sure you have a thick, grippy sole. If you want to be best prepared to handle tough terrain, you probably want to have a thick and robust rubber sole. This will help minimize the impact when stepping on sharp or hard surfaces, especially when going downhill. In addition to your sole being thick, having optimal grip and tread will help you keep moving through any obstacle, dry, wet, or muddy. 

Comfort is key. Let’s face it, if you are not comfortable in your hiking boots, it is going to be hard to get yourself out there.  That is why choosing the best possible fit and comfort level for your feet is key. At HAIX® USA, we offer the synthetic and leather hiking boots with comfort unmatched by our competitors. With the perfect combination of support and cushioning, you are sure to be able to take on whatever the trail throws at you.

To learn more about our extensive inventory of boots and shoes for all types of activities, call HAIX® USA today at 866-344-4249, or browse our selection of hiking boots.  

If you face these obstacles in the wrong footwear, you could end up falling or injuring your ankles, along with feeling great discomfort you may end up just turning around and calling it a day.


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