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Airpower XR1, FS

State of the art Wildland and Station/EMS boot

$199.00 * FACTORY SECONDS! $289.00 * (31.14% Saved)

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Dual Purpose Boot with NFPA certification Developed with the wildland firefighter in mind,... more
Product information "Airpower XR1, FS"
Product type Factory seconds
Certification NFPA 1977-2011, NFPA 1999-2013, ASTM F 2413-2011, CAN/CSA-Z195-2014
Waterproof Yes
Upper material Smooth leather
Inner liner CROSSTECH®
Fastener Zipper, Lace up
Safety toe Composite toe
Leg height in inches 9 inches
Color Black

Dual Purpose Boot with NFPA certification

Developed with the wildland firefighter in mind, these boots can take you to the fire line and back with the comfort you need when logging long hours in the station. A dual purpose boot that is NFPA certified for wildland firefighting and EMS, you have the convenience of two boots in one.
Anatomically constructed and built with a lightweight composite toe, HAIX® Airpower XR1 boots give your feet plenty of room to move around while protecting them from toe impact and compression because there is nothing worse than a protective toe that pinches or restricts your movement.

Built in Arch Support

The HAIX® Airpower XR1's built in arch support provides much needed support to the arch, which takes the brunt of the pressure when standing. Proper support of the arch helps to prevent foot pain when on your feet all day and possible foot problems later on. 
The newly developed cushioned insole offers the ultimate in comfort, especially when combined with the built in arch support. And with the laced in zipper system, any firefighter can adjust the lacing for a more personal fit while enjoying the benefits of a quick in and out boot. Because on the job, seconds matter. 

Waterproof and Sun Reflect technology

The HAIX® Airpower XR1 is both waterproof and breathable with the added benefit of chemical and bloodborne pathogen protection. Working in tandem with the HAIX® climate system, your feet will stay dry, comfortable, and protected –even in times of extreme exposure to water. 

The Airpower XR1 offers all of the HAIX® quality you have come to expect for long lasting comfort and durability. The all leather upper material uses Sun Reflect technology which reduces the solar heating effect and keeps feet cool by reflecting the sun’s rays. 

Heat Resistant

Because the soles, heels, and uppers are also heat resistant, it is less likely to lead to boot separation which is a very common case in firefighting situations. Heat resistance keeps the whole boot functional without melting or delaminating. 

Slip Resistant Soles and Quick Drying Insoles

The soles of the HAIX® Airpower XR1 are extremely slip resistant which offers an effective grip when exposed to water and oil. So even when you’re on a rescue and you’re running on tile, hardwood, or linoleum flooring, your shoe will be able to grab hold. The insoles are anatomically formed to deliver a perfect fit and are made to provide excellent moisture absorption and as well as quick drying qualities. When your insoles get completely dirty after long days on duty, all you need to do is throw then in the wash, air dry, and they’ll be ready the next day’s work.

Secura Liner® and CROSSTECH® Protected

Secura Liner® guarantees that your boots will never pull out or wrinkle over time. The CROSSTECH® material in the inner liner also ensures that the gear is comfortable and safe against blood and body fluids.

  • Engineered in Germany
  • Dual Certified for Wildland Firefighting and EMS
  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
  • CROSSTECH® inner liner, waterproof, breathable, bacteria, chemical, and bloodborne pathogen resistant
  • HAIX® Sun Reflect leather keeps feet cooler in direct sunlight
  • HAIX® Arch Support System supports your foot in its natural, ideal position
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • HAIX® Lacing System offers the entry and exit of a zipper boot with the personal fit of a lace up boot
  • Carbon protective toe cap and exterior rubber toe cap
  • Puncture protection sole
  • Heat resistant rubber sole
  • ASTM certified for electrical hazard resistance (EH rated)

HAIX offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Factory Seconds are boots which may have minor blemishes or imperfections. Factory Seconds boots are sold "as is" with no manufacturer warranty and are not eligible for warranty repair or replacement under any circumstances.
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Customer reviews for "Airpower XR1, FS"
31 Mar 2017

Most comfortable duty/wildland boot combo

Had them as FF/EMT with Honolulu Fire Dept. Moved to Missouri and joined a volunteer department. Decided it was worth investing in boots for my own comfort. As soon as I slipped them on, I knew I had made the right choice. Thanks for manufacturing such a great boot.

Admin 3 Apr 2017

Hi Arnaud,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Airpower XR1, FS.  It's good to hear that you are happy with the high quality of our boots.  We hope they continue to serve you well in the future.

26 Feb 2017

Boot for everything

Second time buying Haix my first pair has been used for 3 years every day in my Virginia station, in the woods hunting, forest fires, well over 2k calls even hiking the planes in Wyoming on mule deer hunts. I still use the first pair to to HVAC work. Breaking them in takes a little bit but well worth it never had an issue with zippers tread or laces breaking. (Also great while on my Harley)
Will buy another pair in a few years!!

Admin 27 Feb 2017

Hi Michael,

Thank you for taking the time to review the Airpower XR1, FS.  We are happy to hear that they have served you well in various activities while on duty.  These boots can take a while to break in due to the full grain leather used throughout but we are glad that you waited it out.  We appreciate you loyalty to HAIX.  Stay safe out there!

18 Jan 2017

Great company! Decent boot.

Admin 18 Jan 2017

Thanks for your feedback on the Airpower XR1, FS.  Glad you like the boot and our company!  We appreciate your support!

7 Dec 2016

Absolutely incredible

Currently I work as a Security Officer and EMT. I was referred to HAIX by a paramedic that I worked with, as I was wearing some cheap knockoff boots. 200 dollars later, I got my Airpower XR1s in the mail.
When I put them on and walked around in them, I hated how stiff and rigid the boots were. I wore them for 3 days and got huge blisters on my big and pinky toes on both sides. I contemplated returning them, but decided to keep going. I had a pair of Danners that broke in pretty quick a few years ago, so I figured it just needed time.
Within a week these boots became the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. Most daysuccessful, after standing or walking for 8 hours, my feet don't hurt like they usually did with cheap boots. These boots have resisted water, oils, soda, booze, diesel and so much more in the short amount of time I've been wearing them. I would definitely recommend these boots to anyone who needs a good pair of boots! I will definitely buy another pair when these wear out!

Admin 7 Dec 2016

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us on the Airpower XR1, FS.  These boots can take a little longer to break in, due to the thick, full grain leather used throughout so we are happy to hear you stuck with them and now find these to be the most comfortable work boots that you've ever worn.  Thank you for recommendations and your customer loyalty. 

25 Nov 2016

Great duty boots!

These boots are fantastic! I am a firefighter emt and I wear these boots everyday at work. They're comfortable and definitely feel like they belong on the job. I would say I am very comfortable with trusting these boots with my foot and ankle safety. The only issue I had with them is this, the insoles they come with are paper thin and offer no cushioning or support. You will need to replace them. The only other problem I had was the laces were pretty weak on them so I replaced mine. Both of these problems are very easy to fix and wouldnt come close to stopping me from buying another pair. Overall I would highly, highly recommend these boots.

Admin 28 Nov 2016

Hi Davis,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.  We are happy to hear that the boots have served you well on the job.  Sorry for the minor issues with the insoles and the laces but we appreciate you not letting it ruin your opinion of the overall quality of the boot.  Thanks for all you do.  Stay safe out there!

26 Oct 2016

Great boot

Been wearing these for past 3 years and absolutely love them. Great buy

Admin 26 Oct 2016

Hi Kelly,

Thank you so much for the positive feedback on your Airpower XR1, FS.  We are happy to hear that they have served you well for the past three years and hope they will continue to do so in the future!

25 Aug 2016

Great insulated boots.

I'd ordered these after wearing the Rocky and Corcoran uninsulated boots for nearly a decade, so to be honest I wasn't prepared for what I got. They're sturdy, but warm!!

31 Jan 2016

Good Boots

Boots showed up sooner than expected, still cannot find the imperfection that made them factory seconds. I work as an EMT, am going to paramedic school, and a volunteer firefighter. I wear these boots 5 to 6 days a week all day and have been comfortable since day one. I would recommend these to anyone on their feet all day.

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