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Airpower XR1 Pro


 What size should I order?

We have made some upgrades to the original version of this popular boot so that Airpower XR1 Pro is triple NFPA certified! Developed with first responders in mind, these wildland, EMS, and USAR boots can take you to the front line and back with the comfort you need when logging long hours on your feet. A multi-purpose leather boot that is NFPA certified, you have the convenience of three boots in one. Wear it in the station, on EMS calls, to wildland brush fires, and Urban Search and Rescue deployments. Anatomically constructed and built with a lightweight composite toe, HAIX® Airpower XR1 Pro boots give your feet plenty of room to move around while protecting them from toe impact and compression because there is nothing worse than a protective toe that pinches or restricts your movement. The added profiled rubber toe bumper keeps the toe area protected from cuts, scrapes and abrasions that could damage the leather. Built in Arch Support The HAIX® Airpower XR1 Pro's built-in arch support provides much needed support to the arch, which takes the brunt of the pressure when standing. Proper support of the arch helps to prevent foot pain when on your feet all day and possible foot problems later on. And the newly design ladder shank on the inside offers the maximum amount of support to the sensitive arch area when on ladder rungs. And with the laced in zipper system, any firefighter can adjust the lacing for a more personal fit while enjoying the benefits of a quick in and out boot. Because on the job, seconds matter.  Waterproof and Sun Reflect technology The HAIX® Airpower XR1 Pro is both waterproof and breathable with the added benefit of chemical and bloodborne pathogen protection. Working in tandem with the HAIX® climate system, your feet will stay dry, comfortable, and protected, thanks to these leather rescue and wildland boots – even in times of extended exposure to water. The upper material of these European leather EMS and USAR boots uses Sun Reflect technology, which reduces the solar heating effect and keeps feet cooler by reflecting the sun’s rays.  Slip Resistant Soles and Quick Drying Insoles The soles of the HAIX® Airpower XR1 Pro are extremely slip resistant which offers an effective grip when exposed to water and oil. So even when you’re on a rescue and you need to move fast, these leather rescue boots will be able to keep you on your feet. The cushioned insole offers the ultimate in comfort, especially when combined with the built-in arch support. The insoles are anatomically formed to deliver a perfect fit and are made to provide excellent moisture absorption and as well as quick drying qualities. When your insoles get completely dirty after long days on duty, all you need to do is throw then in the wash, air dry, and they’ll be ready the next day’s work. Secura Liner® and CROSSTECH® Protected. Secura Liner® guarantees that your HAIX EMS rescue boot’s liner will never pull out or wrinkle over time. The CROSSTECH® liner also ensures that the gear is comfortable and safe against blood, chemicals, and body fluids. Engineered in Germany EMS Boots Tri-Certified for EMS, Wildland, and USAR Secura Liner ® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time CROSSTECH ® inner liner, waterproof, breathable, bacteria, chemical, and bloodborne pathogen resistant HAIX ® Sun Reflect leather keeps feet cooler in direct sunlight HAIX ® Arch Support System supports your foot in its natural, ideal position HAIX ® Climate System for temperature balance HAIX ® Lacing System offers the entry and exit of a zipper boot with the personal fit of a lace up boot Carbon protective toe cap and exterior rubber toe cap Puncture protection sole Oil Resistant Boots Heat resistant rubber sole ASTM certified for electrical hazard resistance (EH Rated) Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology. HAIX® offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details.

Airpower XR1 Pro

Men's model


You save lives. We make sure you stay safe with your NFPA quad-certified Airpower XR1 Pro, whether in the station, on an EMS run, or putting out brush fires.



 What size should I order?

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EMS, Technical Rescue, Wildland Firefighting, HAZMAT

Our quad-certified boot is primed for service.

All-round Protection

The Airpower XR1 Pro offers the maximum protection against puncture injuries, electrical hazards, impacts to the toes and contact with potentially hazardous chemicals and body fluids.

Lightweight safety

The Airpower XR1 Pro features lighter-weight composite toe caps to reduce stress and fatigue while still providing the greatest safety protection for your toes.

Waterproof security

The Airpower XR1 Pro features waterproof CROSSTECH® technology to keep feet dry and protected against potentially hazardous fluids on the job.

High-performance sole

The Airpower XR1 Pro EH-rated slip-resistant sole is specially engineered to withstand temperature extremes and contact with harsh or corrosive fluids. Best suited for brush fires, EMS runs, station work, USAR, etc.

Engineered Comfort

Built-in features deliver all day long comfort.

Absorbent insole

HAIX micro fiber insoles absorb perspiration to keep feet dry while delivering lightweight, breathable, and cushioned comfort. Machine washable and replaceable for freshness.

Arch support system

Built-in arch support distributes bodyweight more evenly to relieve foot stress and leg fatigue. Work better and longer without foot and leg pain weighing you down.

Personalized fit

HAIX integrated zipper-lacing system provides a personalized fit without adjustments. Adjust the laces to your comfort preference then enjoy that fit with a quick zip every time. Just slip on, zip up and go.

Climate regulation

Special foam between the lining and leather regulates heat and moisture for supreme comfort. Every step ejects moist air and draws in fresh air through the mesh liner at the top of the boot.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Airpower XR1 Pro

Item no. 605128

Sun Reflect Leather
Chemical/bloodborne pathogen protection
Climate system
Built In arch support
Puncture Protective Sole
Composite toe
TPU Exterior Toe Cap
Heat resistant sole
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Certified for EMS, Wildland, USAR, and HAZMAT
Steel ladder shank
Upper material:
Bull Hide leather
Boot height in inches:
9 inches
Inner liner:
ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195, NFPA 1951, NFPA 1977, NFPA 1990 (1992), NFPA 1999
Lace up, Zipper
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
EMS, HAZMAT, Station Wear, USAR, Wildland firefighting
Steel ladder shank
Electrical hazard

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Yes, you can buy replacement parts for the Airpower XR1 Pro such as insoles, laces, and zippers. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Airpower XR1 Pro boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program page.
Yes, your boot fit can be adjusted on the Airpower XR1 Pro by tightening or loosening the laces on either side of the zipper mechanisim. For a slightly more individualized fit, boots can be adjusted with an alternate insole. A blue insole for a narrower fit (thickest), a yellow insole for a wider fit (thinnest). Extra insoles can be purchased on the accessories page.
Yes, the front lacing zipper system of the Airpower XR1 Pro allows the individual user to adjust the fit to their own personal needs, offering more ankle support as needed, or possibly offering a looser fit in the lower leg for larger calves. Boots should be adjusted to your preference when they are received, then just zip in or out from then on. A second adjustment to the lacing may be needed after the boots have gone through their initial break in period.
The Airpower XR1 Pro runs similar in size to your athletic shoe size, but because of the built in arch support, they do run on the narrow side. The Airpower XR1 Pro comes in medium, wide, and extra wide widths. It is recommended that you order one width larger than your usual width. For example, most people who normally wear a medium, would wear a wide in this boot.
With the CROSSTECH inner liner, the Airpower XR1 Pro does offer protection from liquids, chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens. The boots are tested and certified according to NFPA 1999, 1951 and 1990 (1992) standards for biopenetration.
Both the Airpower XR2 and Airpower R2 are certified to NFPA 1999 for emergency medical operations while the Airpower XR1 Pro is certified to NFPA 1999, NFPA 1951 for techincal rescue, NFPA 1977 for wildland Firefighting, and NFPA 1990 (1992 for HAZMAT..The Airpower XR2 and Airpower R2 are both 8' in height while the Airpower XR1 Pro is 9" in height. The Airpower XR1 Pro and Airpower XR2 are both composite toe with non-metallic puncture plates while the Airpower R2 has a steel toe and steel puncture plate. The Airpower R2 differs from the other 2 models in that it has a leather toe that is polishable. Since the Airpower XR2 and XR1 Pro are so similar, the Airpower XR1 Pro has a red NFPA 1977 label on the left boot.

They checked every box I was looking for

For years now I have been wearing Haix boots for firefighting or rescue operations and they checked every box I was looking for. Whether you want to run to a medical call, do technical rescue or simply work around the station, they are what you need. Using high quality materials, they are the most comfortable and durable work boots I have ever worn. The XR1 Pro are light weight, breathable, fast to get in or out with the front zipper and all around NFPA tri-certified. I trust Haix with my feet since they have already saved me from getting hurt multiple times before and that’s one of the...

Lt. François Brisson


The Best Boots Ever

I love my Haix, I have both Structure (Fire Hunter) and EMS/Wildland (AirPower XR1 Pro) and they are extremely comfortable when worn for long durations and from my experience, the quality far exceeds their competitors.

Brandan R.


1981 Heller Lane

As a small business owner I'm on my feet every day for at least 8 hours straight. I lift objects (sometimes quite heavy) and walk all day on concrete, with no breaks, and no sitting. I eat 'lunch' in less than 5 minutes standing up, so I can get back out on the floor without someone calling for assistance. My point is that I need the best shoe I can get just to make it through each week (I'm 70) and these shoes are the shoes that do it. Before I purchased my first pair of Haix high-end boots, I tried many other expensive shoes without success. My knees hurt, and my feet got cold in the winter (bad climate control) and sweaty in the summer. Although these are pricey shoes, THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY, as I have learned the hard way, when it comes to your health - DON"T BE A CHEAPSKATE.

Carl A.


The only boots I wear

I have worn Haix for years and recently got a pair for my husband too. The quality of the boots are undeniable, but even better, the customer service is top notch.



First Pair of HAIX Boots

With this being my first pair of HAIX boots I was skeptical with trying something new. I am certainly glad I did! The comfort level is unmatched compared to other boots I have worn! The XR1 Pro with the quad certification is definitely my boot of choice now. Comfort, style, and protection is great! Ready to put these boots to the test! I will forever be a HAIX wearer. The extended wear program seems impressive and will definitely utilize that if needed. HAIX, please do me one favor, keep quality your first priority where other manufactures have not.

Shane Blackburn- Industrial F.



Boot are wonderful, good sturdy foundation, good sole, nice support all the way up to the top of boot. Good traction from the sole. Once zipper system was figured out things worked really slick. Boot was just a tad bit too tight had to send back and order new pair. Customer service staff was really helpful in directing me with the return process. Absolutely no complaints here, just wish there was a HAIX store that I could visit instead of all online.
Steve from Alberta, Canada.

Steven G.


Rescue Boot Search Stops Here

Where has HAIX been all of my life? That’s what I ask myself all the time now. I sure wish that I had these boots back when I was on the road and out in the field 24/7.

The AirPower XR1 Pro is the absolute Perfect boot for me as an EMT. 100% water proof. Super easy on/off. Feet don’t get all sweaty because the liner actually breathes.

Also, customer service has been Outstanding! I have had a few communications with them and what I appreciate most is that you are not speaking to some 3rd party person who is reading a script. HAIX speaks to you directly. Super friendly and it’s great to know they are always there to help if needed.

Don’t hesitate to go HAIX. You’ll never go back to another boot.

Reid W.


Best Boot Ever

I was looking for a front zip boot that could cover all areas and be comfortable as well and this boot did not disappoint. I searched and searched and acme across this boot and to be honest I was skeptical but I took a chance and will tell anyone don’t be afraid to give them a try. It’s very durable and the most comfortable work boot I have wore. The features is great along with craftsmanship. The customer service people was great in helping me order my boot. The break in was not bad at all. I wore them around the house some before I started working and I don’t think I needed to do that at all. As long as I am firefighting this will be my go to boot to wear around the station and to calls. Haix does not disappoint. Do not be afraid to give them a try.

Matthew L.


Great Boot

I had some trouble finding the right size, ordering and returning several pairs and sizes. That was a bit taxing. But, now I have the right size, worth every minute of effort. They are comfortable and they are quality. I haven’t had the chance to pump in them at a fire yet, but I am confident they will perform to the degree of the quality of their make; high. If I need another set of boots in the future, I’ll go back for another pair of these.

Aaron D.


Great Product, consider the width!

Excellent boots. I would 100% recommend. When looking at sizing they come very narrow, I ordered the regular and had to exchange for the wide, the process was seamless and got refunded and the new product in less than a week (I live in a remote area, so this is great service!)

Javier D.


Great Boot but Noisy

I seen everyone’s great review and I have one too but unlike others I’ll share the negative first and then discuss all of the great things about them.

They are LOUD, SQUEAKY and NOISY. I read that review over and over and was like well how noisy can they be? Well let’s put it this way, your family and coworkers will definitely know when you walk in. Ha, Ha So, if you are one to try and slip back in the house at night after a call without waking up the family then you best take them off before coming inside the house. I thought after I broke them in, after a few times getting wet or after baseball glove oil that would do it.. nope 1 1/2 years almost daily wear they still squeak. Ha, Ha

Now the amazing part of the review and boot. As I stated above I have had these for about a year and a half wearing almost daily, I have been on way to many wildlife calls to count, also still look good enough to wear to public functions and governmental meetings. I heard a lot of people recommend going ahead and buying a spare zipper as they often fail. I have not had that problem. Maybe I got lucky, or maybe I’m just easier on my gear than some. Possibly a little of both but mine are still going strong and appear to be in good shape.

Comfort… I told someone just today that they are the most comfortable boot that I have ever worn. With boots I use to not be able to wait to get home and take them off, with these I only take them off before getting in the bed or on calls when bunker gear is needed. They are just that comfortable.

This is an honest review of 1 1/2 years wear in the same pair of boots and I didn’t really hold anything back. Ohh price… well honestly I feel that with most products especially clothing you get what you pay for. You can buy cheap and replace two or three times or you can spend the money for longevity and comfort. I sway towards the latter.

If you can deal with the noise then I very seriously doubt that you will be disappointed.

Good luck and be safe out there. Remember, everyone goes home.

Byrd #801

Byrd 8.


Amended review AirPower XR1 PRO

I ordered my first pair of boots and had to send them back due to size issue. I submitted a review based off of how long it took to receive my replacement pair. However, since that review I have received my replacement boots. Wow, just amazing all the way around. Straight outta the box, and some studying of the lacing system, these boots were ready to go to work. I am Fire/EMS and spend about 42 of my 48 hours on my feet, I have no doubt these boots will be standing strong long after my hours have stopped. Anyone reading reviews and doing research on HAIX boots. Buy with confidence as they are a great product to add to your tactical arsenal. Let me quickly mention, I have several feet, leg and back issues that are not affected by these boots in any manner. Thank you HAIX team and customer service!!!!

Severus S.


Simply the best shoes on the market.

I have been purchasing Haix boots for my fire department job for the past 10 years. The best footwear I have used in my 40 years in the service.



Worth every bit

I have been using haix for about five years now , the xr 2 and my xr 1 boots are the only boots I will buy . I wear the xr1 every single day . Most days I wear them for 10-12 hours . I like a majority of the features and cannot find any negatives. I wear these for everyday use, as well as part time and volunteer ems . Overall I would not consider any other brand , I intend on continuing to buy the xr1 indefinitely.



Best Boots I’ve Purchased

I have been wearing Haix since 2016. Prior to Haix I have worn Pro Warrington, White’s, & Cosmos. The Haix have been a game changer. I have a wide foot and always struggle finding a boot that can accommodate as well as meet the certification needs for firefighting. The Extra wide offering from Haix provides me with a perfect fit. When I wear these boots I feel like I am cheating because they feel so good. For every day station life and running calls they are perfect. For initial attack on Wildland fires they work really well. I have no issues wearing them on mobile attacks. I will say that in places wear you can’t mobile attack and you need to use hose packs I switch to my Danners.

Like I said these boots fit perfect. They feel like you are wearing athletic shoes.

The only complaint I have with Haix is that the extra wide is not available in more styles of the boots and shoes offered.



The BEST boots

After wearing out a set of decent boots in a year, I did some research, and found Haix to be the most recommended, online, and in person. Now that I own a pair, I see why! All the safety features are outstanding, but the biggest thing to me is my feet don't hurt after a 24 hour shift. As a bonus, the front zip allows me to take them off knowing they'll be back on in under ten seconds if a call drops.



Airpower XR1 Pro

This is my fourth pair of haix boots and you just cant beat the quality

Marty Darrel C.


Great Fit and Finish

These arrived and fit as stated. The construction looks first rate.

David U.


Worth every penny!!

I use to work as a paid on call FF many years ago and thats when I learned about Haix.
currently I work for a power as a substation High Voltage Electrician. I’m on my feet all day on gravel and these are the best shoes to wear.. I’m surprised they don’t lean towards the Eletrical field more..
these boots are not meant to climb poles (which I do not) but if you on the feet all day, it is worth the money..
Great job!!

Felix E.


Boots are great!

I've only been wearing them for about 3 weeks now but I love them. I am on my feet for close to 14 hours a day and my feet stay comfortable and dry all day long. I haven't had them on any wildfires yet. I'm interested to see how they do then. There was very minimal break in time for these boots also! I would highly recommend purchasing them.



Tough Boots

This boots hold up well to abuse. I am a firefighter and have always heard great things about the boots. I was use to going through at least 3 pairs of duty boots a year and have had my Haix boots for 2 years now. My only complaint is that I have had to send them off to be repaired due to the sole and toe cap cover separating from the boots and currently am having the same issue again. Tough boots but wish this would have happened.

Austin P.


XR1 Pro

Great boot with good ankle support. Very comfortable.

Chad A.


Haix XR1Pro

Clarence P.


Great boots

This is the second pair of boots for myself. The fit and comfort is second to nothing. I work as a Correctional officer and volunteer Fire fighter / First responder. Both being on my feet all day long these boots are a life saver due to the comfort. Very durable and breathe very well.

George B.


HAIX AirPower XR1

Amazing boot for the money!! I normally buy cheap boots about every 6 months to a year. I decided to spend the money and buy a really good boot this time to keep from wasting money. The only thing is these boots are very stiff and it’ll probably take a month to break them in good. That being said they are well worth the money. The only advice I’d give is order a half size bigger than what you think you need and order them wide. Very satisfied with my purchase!!



Confidence in your boot to get you through a challenging situation.

HAIX Airpower XR1 Pro fits extremely well and has a utility and hardened toughness that instills a type of equipment confidence that promotes success in the field. The boot design is heavy constructed so I made time to break them in wearing them inside. Amazingly after a short period of time the boots fit as if they were custom made. On different types of terrain and as Autumn unfolds the boots don't care if it's raining or shinning outdoors and they feel good and protect without inhibiting movement and keeping fatigue under control. Overall great fitting boot design with lots of utility built in.



Best Boots I have put on my feet

This is my second pair of these boots. I used to wear redwings but their quality and service is of $100.00 boots not $400.00 boots. The quality of HAIX is second to none the workmanship is on point as well as fit and function. My new favorite Boots

Marty Darrel C.

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