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Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme, Factory Second


Sold "as-is", not eligible for manufacturer's warranty.


Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme, Factory Second

Men's model


You save lives. We make sure you stay safe with your NFPA quad-certified Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme, whether in the station, on an EMS run, on a search and rescue mission or fighting brush fires.



Sold "as-is", not eligible for manufacturer's warranty.

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Maximum safety for First Responders

You focus on what matters: Saving lives or putting your technical rescue skills to the test. Your Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme not only keeps you safe on the front lines, but it also keeps you on your feet in harsh winter weather.

Maximum protection so you can get the job done

Safety on the job is priority #1. The Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme provides certified and proven protection against many workplace hazards. From potential exposure to blood, chemicals, and electrical dangers to safeguarding against impacts and punctures, our product ensures you are protected.

Lightweight and comfortable toe protection

The composite toe cap in the Airpower XR1 Pro grip Xtreme not only feels lighter in weight to reduce foot fatigue; it also combines roomy comfort with the highest level of safety protection.

Waterproof with an added level of protection

The Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme's CROSSTECH® inner lining offers the best waterproof, breathable protection on the market and protects against chemicals, blood and body fluids.

High performance sole built for winter

No matter the weather, the newly developed Grip Xtreme sole on the Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme is your dependable companion when duty calls. Featuring embedded yellow gripping elements, it ensures superior traction on snow and ice.

Comfort to endure the longest hours

You spend long hours on your feet. We make sure it doesn't feel like it.

Performance Insole

Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme insoles work as hard as you do. With outstanding moisture absorption and breathability, your feet will stay dry and comfortable all day. The added PU cushioning will have you feeling the comfort in every boot.

Arch Support System

Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme provides much needed arch support - especially when on your feet all day. It helps distribute body weight more evenly, enhancing foot stability and reducing foot and leg fatigue.

Easy on and off

The HAIX zipper and lacing system on the Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme offers a more personalized fit and makes it easy to get your boots on and off, especially when time is of the essence. The bootjack at the rear allows you to get your boots off after a long day, eliminating the need to bend down.

Built in Climate Control

Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme features a temperature regulating Climate System that keeps feet warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Fresh air filters through while moist air releases through the mesh lining at the top of the boot with each step you take.

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme, Factory Second

Item no. 605132

Sun Reflect Leather
Chemical/bloodborne pathogen protection
Climate system
Built In arch support
Puncture Protective Sole
Composite toe
TPU Exterior Toe Cap
Heat resistant sole
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Certified for EMS, Wildland, USAR, and HAZMAT
Steel ladder shank
Grip Xtreme Sole for snow and ice
Upper material:
Bull Hide leather
Boot height in inches:
9 inches
032 Grip Xtreme
Inner liner:
CAN/CSA-Z195, NFPA 1951, NFPA 1977, NFPA 1990 (1992), NFPA 1999
Lace up, Zipper
Product type:
Factory seconds
Primary use:
EMS, HAZMAT, Station Wear, USAR, Wildland firefighting

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Yes, you can buy replacement parts for the Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme such as insoles, laces, and zippers. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program page.
Yes, your boot fit can be adjusted on the Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme by tightening or loosening the laces on either side of the zipper mechanisim. For a slightly more individualized fit, boots can be adjusted with an alternate insole. A blue insole for a narrower fit (thickest), a yellow insole for a wider fit (thinnest). Extra insoles can be purchased on the accessories page.
Yes, the front lacing zipper system of the Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme allows the individual user to adjust the fit to their own personal needs, offering more ankle support as needed, or possibly offering a looser fit in the lower leg for larger calves. Boots should be adjusted to your preference when they are received, then just zip in or out from then on. A second adjustment to the lacing may be needed after the boots have gone through their initial break in period.
The Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme runs similar in size to your athletic shoe size, but because of the built in arch support, they do run on the narrow side. The Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme comes in medium, wide, and extra wide widths. It is recommended that you order one width larger than your usual width. For example, most people who normally wear a medium, would wear a wide in this boot.
With the CROSSTECH inner liner, the Airpower XR1 Pro Grip Xtreme does offer protection from liquids, chemicals, and bloodborne pathogens. The boots are tested and certified according to NFPA 1999, 1951 and 1990 (1992) standards for biopenetration.
The Grip Xtreme sole has yellow and white gripping elements embedded into the sole which provides excellent grip on wet and dry ice. The tread profile is configured differently and is also a little deeper than the sole on the Airpower XR1 Pro.
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