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HAIX Airpower XR2, Factory Second

Next-generation station and EMS boots with NFPA certification

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HAIX Factory Seconds EMS boots with  NFPA certification Designed for the EMT,... more
Product information "HAIX Airpower XR2, Factory Second"
Item number 6051182
Primary use EMS
Product type Factory seconds
Gender Male
Certification NFPA 1999, ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195
Technologies (SL) Secura Liner, Protective Sole, Composite Toe Cap, Protective Over Cap made of Rubber or TPU, (AS) Arch Support, Climate, Lacing, Sun Reflect, CROSSTECH®, Classified UL, Classified UL Canada, Electric Hazard Resistance
Waterproof Yes
Upper material Smooth leather
Inner liner CROSSTECH®
Shank Fiberglass TRUFIT
Fastener Zipper, Lace up
Conductivity Electrical hazard
Safety toe Composite toe
Puncture protection Non-metallic
Boot height in inches 8 inches
Color Black

HAIX Factory Seconds EMS boots with NFPA certification

Designed for the EMT, Paramedic and First Responder, you need a boot that lets you act on a moment’s notice while at the same time giving your feet the comfort they crave when faced with long days on shift duty. The quick in and out feature of the laced in front zipper allows you the advantage of a custom fit boot that can also put on in a hurry. Just adjust the lacing for a fit personalized to you. Slip on these EMS tactical boots, zip up, and go.

Built with an ultra-light composite toe, HAIX Airpower® XR2 boots offer the ultimate in toe protection and comfort with its roomy toe box. These Factory Seconds EMS tactical boots offer chemical and bloodborne pathogen protection, and electrical hazard protection. NFPA certified for emergency medical operations for the EMS responder, the Airpower® XR2 is also ASTM certified for electrical hazards. What more could you ask for in rescue boots you can also wear in the station?

Waterproof and Chemical Protection with CROSSTECH®

The HAIX Airpower® XR2 features a CROSSTECH® inner liner which allows your boot to be not only breathable, but durably waterproof. CROSSTECH® also offers the added benefits of chemical and bloodborne pathogen protection. Not only that, the breathable inner liner works together with the HAIX® climate system to keep your footwear dry and comfortable in hot or cold weather or on wet or dry days. No worries when having to work out in the rain or at a messy accident scene, your footwear will keep you protected and comfortable on all fronts.

Built in Arch Support

The HAIX Airpower® XR2 has much needed arch support built in to every boot. Proper arch support realigns the foot and ankle to their neutral position, helping, in many cases, to restore natural foot function. As a result, it will help alleviate problems in other parts of the body, like your knees and ankles. The cushioned insole offers all day wear comfort, especially when combined with the built in arch support.

Slip and Heat Resistant Soles and Quick Drying Insoles

The heat resistant soles of the HAIX Airpower® XR2 are extremely slip resistant as well as resistant to oil and fuel. Accident scenes, especially ones that involve vehicle fires, are not an issue as you don’t have to worry about your soles melting on hot asphalt or worry about exposing your soles to fuel and oil leaks. HAIX® soles keep you sure footed so you can focus on doing your job.

The insole’s moisture wicking properties guarantee to combat the issue of sweaty feet, especially after a long day on the job. Not only do they help to absorb foot sweat, the antibacterial properties help to fight foot odor and reduce the presence of fungus and bacteria. With comfort cushioning, the separate heel cup aids in keeping your foot in the correct position for foot health. HAIX® insoles and machine washable and quickly air dry so you can get a quick refresh and be back on the job in no time.

Sun Reflect Technology and Secura Liner®

European craftsmanship is unmistakable when you look at this boot. European leather guarantees your boots will stand the test of time. The added Sun Reflect technology in the leather of these comfortable safety boots prevents your boots from heating up on you when you are out in the sun. Your feet will feel the difference since cooler leather on the outside translates to cooler feet on the inside.

HAIX®’s patented Secura Liner® feature protects you from the irritation of liner pull out. Your inner liner stays securely in place since it is sealed along with the leather beneath the sole, and is not a “sock” that is glued in under the insole like you see in other boots. No other boot manufacturer offers this unique feature. Nothing worse than having your liner come out of the boot along with your foot. HAIX Airpower® XR2 is your first choice for a Station/EMS safety boot.

  • German engineered
  • NFPA certified for EMS
  • CROSSTECH® inner liner, waterproof, breathable, chemical and bloodborne pathogen resistant
  • Secura liner® will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
  • Arch Support System support your foot in its natural, ideal position
  • Sun Reflect leather keeps feet cooler in direct sunlight
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • HAIX® Lacing System offers the quick on and off of a zipper boot with the personal fit of a lace up boot
  • Lightweight composite toe cap and puncture protective sole
  • Heat resistant rubber sole
  • ASTM certified for electrical hazard resistance (EH rated)

Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

HAIX® offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Factory Seconds are boots which may have minor blemishes or imperfections. Factory Seconds boots are sold "as is" with no manufacturer warranty and are not eligible for warranty repair or replacement under any circumstances.
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Customer reviews for "HAIX Airpower XR2, Factory Second"
5 Jun 2020


so far very happy with these boots, comfortable, good ankle support and not as heavy as they look.

30 Jan 2020

Excellent Boots and Comfy After Break In Period!

Starting 2 years ago I started using Haix. Always wanted the XR2 or XR1. A lot of coworkers at my FD and Ambulance Service use these and say great things.
1.) Very stiff and uncomfortable at first then after my initial usual break in period they fit really great and are comfy. Only wish sole insert were more foamy/cushioned.
2.) I like the ratings for safety! UL, NFPA, Etc....
3.) Besides super expensive shipping took forever ordered them on Friday with regular shipping and got them 6 days later. Just like galls, the fire store, etc they took forever to be delivered which for amount of money you pay and a long delivery time is dissatisfying.
3.) High quality boots and durable my last safety composite eagles mid lasted 3 years.
Overall really great product and comfy AFTER BREAK IN PERIOD, so be patient. Fit is expected but boot are narrow so wide is best if you have any wide, think your foots wide, need to be in and out e.g (donning fire ensamble).

Admin 30 Jan 2020

Hi Robert,

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback on the Airpower XR2, FS. We are happy that you like the comfort and fit of our high-quality boots once they are broken in. HAIX uses a bullhide leather which is stiffer out of the box, but offers long-lasting durability. We apologize about your frustration with the shipping times. It takes 1-3 days to process an order and get it shipped out (we don't process or ship on weekends) and then another 3 day ship to Connecticut. You ordered on Friday, the boots were shipped on Monday and your received them three days later on Wednesday, so this is actually a pretty quick turn-around. Unfortunately, we don't have free expedited or overnight shipping. If you have any other questions about that, you can always reach out to our Customer Service Dept. We hope this won't deter you from considering HAIX again in the future. Stay safe out there!

30 Jan 2020

Haix makes the best boots out there!

I have been a long time customer of Haix. I have tried quite a few different styles but the ones I love most are the XR2. They fit well, are very supportive and are extremely rugged. Without boring anyone on all the specifics that this boot has to offer, I will say that as a fulltime Firefighter/EMT working 24 hour shifts, I have put these boots through the ringer....mud, water, brush fires, you name it, and they always come back for more. On top of it all, at the end of my shift, they are still comfortable. I have gout in my feet and ankles, which over the years has caused an increase of arthritis. These boots give me the support to help me on those days that normal boots would be extremely painful. Other people, doctors included all think I'm crazy, but even with their weight and rigidity, they have given me the support I needed. I have also purchased quite a few "seconds" too, and to be honest, I cannot find the issues causing these to be seconds. This just shows the level of care and quality control Haix has. Since the seconds aren't always available in my size, when they do come available, I always grab an extra pair and put them in the closet. Thanks Haix, keep up the great work!!!

10 Dec 2019

The Premier Boot For The Fire Service

I have trusted Haix XR2 boots for many years now. The lightweight, extremely comfortable feel helps me get through the long days on my feet at the station. The boot offers great stability on any terrain and is very durable. I will continue to buy this footwear for the rest of my career! Thanks Haix!

12 Feb 2019


These boots have been by far the best boots i have ever purchased. They are so comfortable and are true to fix to your sneaker size. My right foot was a llitle too snug and haix send me a new pair of insoles and did the trick. Customer service is by far the best i have ever experienced. You definitely can shop confidently here!

1 Feb 2019

Excellent boots, one complaint

I purchased these boots after years of consideration. I was previously only purchasing Red Wings. I love the XR2 boot and am very happy with my purchase. You can’t beat the way this boot forms to your foot. The only complaint I have is the zippers on mine get caught on the extra leather. I alleviated this by trimming some of the leather. This may have been why mine were noted to be factory seconds. This is the only reason why so did not give a 10. I may review in a few months to dicusss the durability as I have only had my boots for about a week. I definitely recommend the XR2 to anyone in EMS.

Admin 1 Feb 2019

Hi John,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Airpower XR2, FS. We are happy to hear that you like the boots so far and that you like how they form to your feet. I apologize that you have had some issues with the zippers. We recommend cutting the leather all the way back so that it does not get hung up on the zipper. Hope this helps and that the boots continue to serve you well! Stay safe out there!

7 Dec 2018

Pleasantly Pleased

I want to give these a 10/10 out of the gate. I am still breaking these boots in. I am finding that the zipper keeps getting caught on the flaps inside the shoe making it difficult to unzip. I have no issue zipping up, but when taking them off or unzipping I find is difficult. I assume these will wear in as the shoes relax but it's very frustrating right now. On'y been wearing them daily for about a week, and they get more comfortable each day.

Admin 7 Dec 2018

Hi Adam,

Thank you so much for your feedback on the Airpower XR2, FS. We are happy to hear that you were pleasantly surprised by the comfort and quality of the boot so far. I apologize that you have had some trouble with the zippers. We do recommend cutting back the leather to keep it from getting caught. After speaking with you, I believe we have found a solution to your issue. We hope you will remain a loyal HAIX customer in the future! Stay safe out there!

17 Jun 2018

Great boots poor zippers and insoles

Great station boots but I have only had them a little over a week the zippers already broke very poor very poor quality not like the ones I used to get for muni flight boots , I worked I festival where I was on my feet all day they started hurting my feet about half way through some better insoles maybe gel would be great , on the up side my feet do stay cool and dry , if they could fix the zipper and insole issue Very comfortable .

Admin 18 Jun 2018

Hi David,

Thank you for taking the time to give feedback on the Airpower XR2, FS. We are happy to hear that the boots are keeping your feet cool, dry and comfortable. We apologize that you have had some issues with the zipper and the insoles, but after reaching out to you, I believe we have found a reasonable solution to the problem. We hope this helps and the boots continue to serve you well in the future. Stay safe out there!

7 Sep 2017

Excellent with a catch.

I ordered these because I recently got hired to do full time EMS work on top of volunteering, and wanted more protection and durability than what my Bates could offer me. My Bates were 13's so I ordered the same size, when they arrived I discovered that they were a size too small. However, it was exactly what I wanted and the quality was excellent. Returned them to order a size up, no big deal. The return process was very smooth!

Admin 11 Sep 2017

Hi Carson,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Airpower XR2, FS.  We are happy that these boots are offering you more durability on the job and that you are pleased with the quality of the product.  These boots do tend to run true to size in both length and width.  Sorry to hear that you ordered the wrong size initially, but we are glad that you found the return process to be easy.  We hope you will continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future.  Thanks for your service!

30 Jun 2017

Great Boots

Purchased these boots after several coworkers recommended them. I was still a bit leery because my feet tend to sweat in the waterproof boots I have worn in the past. After wearing my Airpower XR2 boots for several months now, I can say that these are the most comfortable boots I have ever owned. They are waterproof and breathable. My feet stay dry and don't get hot or sweat. I will definitely be buying another pair.

Admin 30 Jun 2017

Hi Timothy,

Thank you for sharing your experience with the Airpower XR2, FS.  We are very happy to hear that these boots have kept your feet dry and comfortable while on the job.  We hope they continue to serve you well in the future.  We appreciate your loyalty to the HAIX brand.  Stay safe out there!

29 Dec 2016

Awesome boots

These boots have been nothing but fantastic. I ordered the factory seconds, and have held up well over the last couple months. I wore the the R1's for 2 years, and they were heavy, and uncomfortable on my feet, and I couldn't add arch supports as they made the boot too tight. I was skeptical to order another pair but heard about XR2's and figured why not. XR2's are the complete opposite. I can wear them all day, my feet are not in pain, or exhausted, and I feel like I have much better arch support then before.

Admin 29 Dec 2016

Thank you for giving us your feedback on the Airpower XR1.  We are happy to hear that they are treating your feet well so far while on duty.  These boots are made with a more relaxed arch support so that could be why you find them to be much more comfortable than the R1's.  We are so glad you decided to give HAIX another try and that you have had great results.  We hope you'll continue to be a loyal customer in the future.

Thanks Again!

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