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Airpower XR200, Factory Second


 What size should I order?

 Sold "as-is", not eligible for manufacturer's warranty.
Most people don’t realize how important good safety shoes can be while on the job. Not only from the safety standpoint, but from the comfort and usability standpoint. You need to be able to keep your mind on your job and not on your aching feet. The HAIX® Airpower XR200 EH rated work boots incorporate an array of features to meet a wide variety of job demands.  When you have a tough job to do, you need a strong boot. Out in the elements, you can rely on the quality and European craftsmanship which goes into each pair of HAIX® Airpower XR200 lightweight hiking boots. Forestry workers will enjoy the durability and strength of these versatile EH rated work boots. Two zone lacing lets you maximize the fit of your boot, while the ankle support and protection keeps you on your feet on and off the trail. The Airpower XR200 contains minimal seams for more durability as there is less chance of seam failure especially when hiking through rough brush. The rubber sole gives extra grip and slip resistance too. These EH rated chainsaw work boots have built in cut protection keeps feet safer from accidental chainsaw cuts.  Sturdy and scientifically designed with the latest in comfort and heavy-duty protection, the HAIX® Airpower XR200 EH rated work boots have an anatomically formed composite toe cap to protect your tender assets while giving you enough room for your toes to move. Built in arch support helps to absorb the weight of your body with each step you take. Made for men and women who desire comfort and quality. Upper Material These water-resistant, oiled nubuck leather chainsaw boots , have exceptional stability, yet are breathable.  The composite protective toe cap helps prevent foot injuries, especially to the toes. The para-aramid cut protection system helps keep your feet safe while working with the chainsaw. Insole, Lining and Footbed The Secura Liner® keeps feet cool with its breathable material made of GORE-TEX®, and ensures that your inner boot lining will not wrinkle, pull up, or pull loose from your boot. The inner liner is waterproof and useful for keeping feet at a balanced temperature. The Climate System ensures a continuous air circulation in the footwear. ‘With every step, fresh air will be pumped into the boots and heat will be pressed out of boots through the vent holes at the top of the boot. Designed by HAIX®, the Arch Support System keeps your foot properly supported, and protects its natural curvature, making the boot comfortable to wear for extended periods of time. When you need to move and stretch, rely on the HAIX® Flex Protection System; the heel area is reinforced with leather in order to protect the bend, yet allow the foot to make the wide range of natural movements necessary when working or hiking. Sole The midsole of these leather chainsaw boots is made of non-metallic and flexible material which is puncture resistant.  The rubber sole is oil and fuel resistant, self-cleaning, long lasting and extremely slip resistant. Built in electrical hazard protection can potentially reduce the danger you can encounter if you come into contact with live electrical circuits. Certification Certified to ASTM F 2413-2011 and CAN/CSA Z195-2014 for its safety toe, sole puncture, and electrical hazard protection, the Airpower XR200 also offers European Class 1 (20m/s) cut protection. Waterproof and breathable with a built in climate system to keep your feet at a comfortable temperature, Airpower XR200 is a perfect all around choice for many job applications. Haix leather chainsaw boots are engineered in Germany Forestry/arborist leather chainsaw boots with Cut Protection (20m/s) Non-metallic and flexible puncture resistant midsole Waterproof and breathable Oil and fuel resistant anti slip sole Electrical hazard HAIX® offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details

Airpower XR200, Factory Second

Unisex model


Working with chainsaws is a specialized skill requiring concentration and a commitment to safety. Add another layer of protection with the Airpower XR200.



 What size should I order?


 Sold "as-is", not eligible for manufacturer's warranty.
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Your Chainsaw Safeguard

Our safety-certified boots safeguard against multiple types of injury.

Safety certified

Our Airpower XR200 boots meet rigorous safety standards. They are ASTM-certified for both toe and sole puncture protection. They have also been tested for cut resistance according to European Class 1 specifications, ensuring safety even at chainsaw speeds of up to 20 meters per second.

Durable protection

Airpower XR200 built-in composite toe caps offer maximum space for comfort while protecting toes to the highest safety requirements. Durable European bullhide leather also combines with an added layer of cut-resistant material for additional reaction time in case of contact with a chainsaw blade.

EH resistance

The Airpower XR200 is independently certified to protect against contact with downed powerlines and other electrical hazards to 18kv.

Protective sole

The Airpower XR200 puncture- and slip-resistant sole provides surefooted support on the most rugged terrain and allows for the optional use of crampons and foot ascenders.

Engineered for Peak Performance

Safety and comfort combined in our rugged boot.

Cushioned insole

Lightweight, machine-washable microfiber insoles absorb perspiration to keep feet dry under even the most rigorous conditions. Replace as needed to keep boots fresh.

Arch Support

Built-in arch support distributes body weight more evenly — providing all-day relief from foot and leg fatigue, stress, and pain caused by inferior boot construction.

2-Zone Lacing

The 2-zone lacing system in the Airpower XR200 allows wearers to independently adjust the upper and lower sections of each boot for a secure and comfortable fit in any situation.

Breathable comfort

Special foams between the inner lining and the leather absorb and distribute moisture. With every step, moist air expels, and fresh air enters through vent holes at the top of the boot.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Airpower XR200, Factory Second

Item no. 604103

Climate system
Built In arch support
Composite toe
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
2 zone lacing
Waterproof inner liner
Non-metallic puncture protection
EH rated to 18kv
European Class 1 cut protection
Rubber toe protection
Slip resistant hiking sole
Upper material:
Oiled nubuck leather
Boot height in inches:
7 inches
Inner liner:
ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195
Safety toe:
Composite toe
2 zone lacing
Product type:
Factory seconds
Primary use:
Composite ladder shank

Your questions. Our honest answers.

Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Airpower XR200 such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Airpower XR200 boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program.
Your Airpower XR200 boots can be retreaded and refurbished with original manufacturer soles, parts and materials through our Extended Wear program. To freshen your boots, replacement insoles can be purchased online at haixusa.com.
Airpower XR200 runs pretty true to size in length, but a little narrow in width because of the built in arch support. We recommend going to a wider width. The boots come in either a medium or wide width.
The Airpower XR200 features hydrophobic oiled nubuk leather which allows the boots breathe while keeping the leather water resistant, and a waterproof inner liner of GORE-TEX which will keep your feet dry and comfortable
The Airpower XR200 has a composite toe cap which exceeds ASTM testing requirements. It also has a rubber edge that enhances the comfort of the transition zone between the toe cap and the boot.
The Airpower XR200 features a layer of Para-aramid cut resistant material in the front half of the boot, running vertically, to protect the top of the foot and front of the leg from contact with the chainsaw blade. Cut protection is configured to allow more reaction time if the boot comes in contact with a running chainsaw blade.

I do everything in these boots

I do everything in these boots from tree work to metal work and I love the quality, fit and look of them, and most of all I know my feet are well protected!

Careena Landriault


Great waterproof boots

I have owned several pair of Haix boots that have all been excellent. These are no exception. When they say they are waterproof, they are not kidding. None of my Haix boots have ever let my feet get wet.

Ryan K.


Not a great lacing system

2nd pair. First lasted 11 years. Comfortable and tough. The new boots are just as comfortable but the lacing system has all closed eyelets. Not great for quick lacing or unlacing. May have to have an aftermarket company replace the upper eyelets.

Douglas N.



I have had the boots for less than a week so they may get better with more wear. So far my only experience with the boots is that they are very stiff. They give great support, but they bend too in a weird spot that puts a lot of pressure on the metatarsal area due to how stiff the toe box is that is reinforced beyond where the composite toe is. I am hoping that with wear that they will bend differently. Otherwise they seem like a very well built boot that gives a lot of support.



Get good socks

Took about a week to break in for me. A couple stiff spots that sort of dig into my calf. Now after working in them, they are very comfortable. For me it was finding out how tight to crank the laces and then getting nice boot socks made the difference for me.



Exactly what I was looking for

Boot was just what I wanted. First and foremost it is extremely well built and have been worn for two months now with no signs of wear. They broke in nicely and minimal discomfort from composite toe quickly vanished. All around a very well constructed and thought out boot. My one minor dislike is the sole of the shoe could be a little sturdier. I am not a professional arborist but work on a golf course and my primary job in the winter months is tree removal. This requires a lot more walking than a typical tree removal company and the sole of the shoe is less rigid than a good pair of hiking/backpacking boots. Just takes some getting used to. All in all an excellent and comfortable boot that provides extremely improved safety from my past footwear selections. Money well spent.

Kyle E.


one tough boot

I got these from the seconds area and were not my first choice of the Haix boots but the only pair in my size. Overall really like them, excellent foot bed, but the top of my feet are sore, these boots have very thick tough upper leather and will take time to break in. The seconds on these boots was some Brown leather paint missing around the front safety toe, Order a half size smaller size than your normal for a good for. Overall very high quality boot for a great price.


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